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    Italy Travel Tips (That Aren’t Obvious)!

    Italy Travel Tips (that aren't obvious)

    I was BLESSED to be able to visit the wonderful country of Italy back in November 2016. And I’m so happy to share some of my Italian travel tips with you now!

    That April we happened to be cruising around Groupon at dinner awaiting a Bill Burr show and BAM… We saw a 9 day, flights included, trip for $999 out of NYC. So, we obviously looked into the fine details. It was 3 different cities, 3 different hotels, transportation between cities and walking tours in every city – ALL INCLUDED. Myself, John, my sister & her boyfriend were like holy crap we need to do this. We left dinner and went out to the show that night (it was a Thursday) and come Sunday we were on Groupon booking the trip for the week of Thanksgiving. BOOM BAM DONE. The 2 boys had to get their passports but otherwise we were good to goooo. Continue reading

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