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Weekly Pins!

I am a Pinterest addict. I pin every night before bed which leads to me dreaming of thing I will never have. It seems like every night I have an epiphany and alls I look for are healthy recipes and workout graphics. For some reason it makes me feel good about myself? Like by pinning these things it makes me skinner? I WISH! Either way I’m trying right…


Here a few things I am currently loving on –

Pin Collage 1.jpg


+ For starters Kate Spade is my bitch. She doesn’t make a single hideous thing. And that watch needs to be mine.

+ Those delicious fruit yogurt bars look amazing! (And healthy) They say to use pistachio but this girl is not a fan so I’d probably sub in some almonds.

+ That ring set is to die for. Wedding ring or not it is ah-maz-ing. My wedding ring needs to be not only amazing but stackable. Love the idea of stacking rings for each kid.


Pin Collage 2.jpg


+ I am in loooveee with this dress! I would way rather have a high neck and show some leg then have my boobies out everywhere. Obsessed with the whole look from here hair to her sunglasses to that beautiful bag.

+ Apple slices with toppings. Brilliant idea. Sorta looks like a donut and I am in for anything that looks like a donut. Seems like a great mid morning snack.

+Miley. Many people hate her, but I fucking love her. Yeah, she’s been going a little coo-coo on her insta buttttt she was too busy filming Hannah Montana while the rest of use were making beaded bracelets and putting on nail decor. She’s just playing catch up.


Nothing beats the dream world of Pinterest. Can I tell ya what pisses me off sometimes about Pinterest though… the idiots who re-pin just images and I can’t go to the actual site where the pic came from. MAKES ME SO MAD! I want to (pretend) read the info, recipe, or what have you. Happy hump day.






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