Weekend Recap!

I have not nearly spent as much time out in the sun this summer as I would like. AKA I’M PALE. I am not tan. My tan lines are sucky. I haven’t been to a beach. Now I’m sad.

This weekend was one to remember… or not remember if ya know what I mean (white girl wasted). Friends from work had a killer pool party. It was a perfeccccct day for pool party! Not only did they have a pool, they had an octagon shaped pool. HOW COOL. The day /night was filled with margaritas, friends, sparklers, and more margaritas. Needless to say I took advantage of my friend Natalie’s home made margarita goodness. Here are the awesome pics from the party –

friends 2
friends 1
Party pool
Party pool 2
party pool 3
party pool 4
Party sparkler
+my fav pic of the night!! ^^ Sheer excitement

What better way to follow up a drunken night? TGI Fridays for sunday dinner!!
PS. 10 dollar all you can eat appetizers… only applies to ONE appetizer. Talk about disappointment

Had such a fun weekend with friends and the BF! Here’s to a great week!

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