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The Grammys | Wardrobe Review

The Grammys. Something I seriously thought had something to do with my Grandma when I was little. Well, last night was the night where all the musicians get together and sing and fake clap for the winner in their category.


I mean wouldn’t you be pissed?


I’m not hear to congratulate Sam Smith on 7 Grammys, I’m here to give you my opinion on the fashion.

Tay Swift

Grammy tswift


PER.FECT.ION. This gown is tailored (pun intended) perfectly to her. The length, the shoes, basic hair… killed it.


grammy bey

grammy bey 2

For starters she can do no wrong! Her first looks is brilliant. The deep V is always great when you have perky boobs. Her second look is just precious. Glitzy, glam, and short. And the shoes… be mine?


57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals


Again, the deep V. Beys boobs looked better. BUT Gaga looks normal and it’s wonderful!! Great look for her even though I’d bet 500 bucks she’s trying so hard to suck in in this pic.


Chrissy Teigen

She needs to be my friend. Dress looks great on her. LITTLE bit of under boob going on but hey could be a lot worse. Also obsessed with her hair – nothing crazy.


grammy gwen

I freaking love a jumpsuit. She is totally working it. Well done Gwen, but not 100% sure if thats a nude underlay orrrr how’s that work…


grammy kat graham

I don’t really know who you are but DAMN. I love love love this look!! I haven’t been a fan of the leotard dress thing ever since Kris Jenner tried it out butttt this looks freaking phenomenal on her. #girlcrush


grammy G 2

I’m not sure. Like I said, mama loves a jumpsuit but I’m not sold on this one yet. She does have the figure so why not show it off.


grammy sia

What in God’s name. Patches was thrilled when I told him someone replicated his look at the Grammys…

Katy Perry

grammy kt perry

She’s looking goooood! Not in love with the length because it’s given a Cankle look but no one is perfect.

Big Sean & Arianna

grammy arianna big seanHer dress was beautiful. Would love for her to give up the pony tail. It’s been like 4 years. He looks good. Can’t go wrong with the all black suit.

Charlie XCX

grammy charli xcx

THIS IS TERRIFYING. Like someone let the psycho out of the circus. I also think my moms prom dress was that same material.

Rita Ora

grammy rita ora

Don’t understand peoples obsession with her. Looks like Liza Minnelli meet Miley Cyrus 2013. Dress is eh.


grammy miley

Speaking of Miley. Look at this chick getting her shit together!! Not bad Miley, not bad!


grammy nicki


Well those are some fake ta-ta’s. I can’t stop staring. Dress looks pretty good on her but kinda looks like the left overs from Bey’s dress #2. lol. Her hair does look AMAZING.

Pharrell & Guest

grammy pharrell


CAMEL TOE. Who thought someone would actually wear their BF’s Adidas sweats out of the house in the shoes from last night. And, a shorts suit? I’m confused.


grammy madonna


I SERIOUSLY CAN’T. I know Deb is closing but I expected something a little fancier from Madonna. The DIY looking hat does just add that jazzy feel no one was looking for.


grammy iggy2 words – White Chicks.


grammy rhi 2The dress everyone is talking about. I love pink & I love poofy BUT this is just way way way way too much. The top looks way to small & her hair is missing a few cans of hair spray. If I was her I would have most definitely wore Uggs underneath that though.

The West’s

grammy kim kanyeOkay. The dress robe has grown on me. The only thing I think went wrong was those bedazzled front pockets. Ripe those off and I might have enjoyed it more. BTW I wanted to cut my hair like this SO when I do, just know I didn’t do it to copy her. She was copying me 😛


Overall, Tswift takes the cake for me. Then Kat Graham. Then Bey.

What did you all think of the Kanye, Sir Paul & Rihanna’s performance?

(I think it was amazing!)

What’s next? The Oscars? Bring it Leo 🙂


PS I’m about to start doing this every morning in the mirror. #FIERCE

giphy rihanna


 All pictures where taken from E Online, Daily News & US Magazine.

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