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PCA Skin

When it comes to makeup, I wont lie, I don’t know much. It took me quite some time to figure out what I was doing and what looked good on me (I’m still learning)! When it comes to skincare, I still don’t know much either but, I know how much more important skincare is then makeup.

PCA Skin


I was never good about taking my makeup off until college (have to get that party girl makeup off somehow!). I luckily found make-up remover clothes (because anything more then that is too time consuming and I’d fall off the wagon). Well, I was looking to expand my current skincare routine and step it up as I’m about to be 25! I recently tried out a product from PCA Skin © and have to tell everyone about it! I thought when my mom used eye cream it meant that she had too many wrinkles (sorry mom, I didn’t know) but in actuality she was taking precaution and helping PREVENT wrinkles! PCA Skin Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel is a super easy step to add to any morning or night face routine. I first used it in the morning after putting on my daily moisturizer. I actually think that may have been a not-so-great move because my eyes were a tad irritated as the area around my eyes, I have found, is extremely sensitive.  It recommends to use it with a clean face after washing, so I would follow that directly.

PCA Skin

The gel is a whitish, clear color that goes on ever so smoothly. You don’t need anything more then two small drops! A lot goes along way and along way saves you money 🙂 I applied it to my entire eye area – under eyes, sides, and eye lid. I was very careful not to get too close to my lashes and under eye because of my known sensitivity. I was really impressed with the smoothness and lightweight feel of the gel when applied. We all know some products go on and they just feel tacky or don’t feel blended enough, and that just sucks. This was not the case for the Revitalizing Eye Gel.


After a week the gel is said to strengthen, firm and lift all areas around the eye. Sign me up right?! The product is recommended for all skin types and uses the latest science in formulation. It can be scary to steer from your normal products but it’s fun to see what other products can do for you! PCA Skin has so many other products from anti aging serums to men’s skin products. Not until looking at their site did I know how professional their products are. They have a really great blog that explains a lot of skincare problems I don’t understand that I should learn more about. Check that out here because I know I can’t be the only one!

PCA Skin

Overall, I’m glad I tried something new. The slight irritation I had is a bit worrisome but it very well could have been the moisturizer or the new pup too! I’m actually allergic to dogs that shed but nothing an allergy pill can’t fix 🙂 Anyway, you can take a look at PCA Skin products online or you can look and see if they are available near you. Very impressed to see doctor locations on the locator list, definitely added more professionalism to their products.


They are offering something special for my friends and readers! PCA Skin is proving FREE shipping on any order with the code “BRANDBACKER”. Who doesn’t love that 🙂

PCA Skin

Enjoy this beautiful month of May!!


++This post was sponsored by BrandBacker but the above opinion is my own.++


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