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Sir Patches

Sir Patches is a prince to say the least. From his sweaters to his Vera Bradley leash set, he knows how to rock the neighborhood. Mind you he is very scared of anything other then people: Other dogs – no way, Squirrels – only barks from inside the window, leaves – super intimidated but always scares them away… you get the point. I wanted to introduce the pooch to the blogging world.

Breed – Shih Tzu
Weight – 10 pounds
Age – 15
Color – light brown
Personality – diva
Place of choice – the backyard

Without further ado —

Patches day 1

The day I got him for my birthday

Patches mirror

Patches Couch

Patches Chair Selfie

Patches chin

Patches close up

Patches Good Morning

Notes my mom sends me… much too often

Patches Grass

Patches Sun Selfie

Patches Dogue


These are just a few of Patches’ many faces. He is 15 years old so he’s an old little guy but he still has some pep in step!! He’s gotta be deaf now because he never listens to me. Or he is just ignoring me. Or both. He is the best dog in the world. Never yippee or crazy. He was the runt of the litter so he actually is extremely calm and small for a Shih Tzu. He is literally the greatest dog in the world and obviously my siva side kick.

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