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Saturday Breakfast

Yesterday, I woke up and had 1 thought – pancakes. Pancakes, bacon, juice… the whole nine yards. So, I took it upon myself and made these delectable M&M pancakes with bacon! John 100% cheered this idea on from the get-go. He had a bunch of work to do so I catered the breakfast to him : )

Breakfast 10 2

To make these, I bought M&M mini’s and regular pancake mix. Super easy but slightly better then regular chocolate chips. Nothing beats a super unhealthy breakfast on a rainy morning!

Breakfast 1

Breakfast 3 2

Breakfast 2

Breakfast 4

Breakfast 5 2

Breakfast 6 2

Breakfast 9 2

Breakfast 7 2

Breakfast 8 2

Breakfast 12

Amazing breakfast indeed! Might try some with fruit in them next. Strawberries and maybe a little whipped cream??

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