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October is Ova

It’s November in Syracuse. Alls we people think about is when the f is the snow coming. We actually live in Game of Thrones. It’s filmed in my backyard. lol Just kidding. but if it was acceptable to wear what they wear in the Cuse I’d be more then okay with it.


Winter is coming and it’s not joke. Here is a Throw Back Sunday from last year I pulled out the archives

snow pic



























That is a comin folks.

Well back to the topic I wanted to blog about…

October! The month of:

1. finally getting to wear your boots

2. carrying around a starbucks cup is way way cooler

3. testing out my bad ass seat warmers in my new car

4. apples

5. pumpkins

6. doing 1 & 2 while doing 3 &4

7. breaking out the flannels

8. putting on my fleece sheets (high suggest those)


Obviously my iPhone didn’t sit the bench in all of Octobers festivities. Here is what my camera happened to catch-

October collage 1+ Went on a wine tour aka saw some chickens & drank some wine in a school bus…

+ Car ride with Ed the Dog to Franklin Square

john photo

+ Loveeee this picture I snapped for john working on a photo project!  🙂 (Ed for an attempted photobomb on the left)

October collage 2

+ Okay, no joke, you NEED to check out the Bacon Bandits. Its exactly what it looks like. Bacon Mac & Cheese. My middle name. Bacon everything

+ HOMEMADE breakfast at work by Muching Moose! (pumpkin scones, egg bakes, sausage in a blanket & apple french toast casserole)

+ Mia’s 47th birthday, that is literally what we put on the cake


October collage 3

+ Pumpkin picking & Corn Maze!! Check out what this places corn maze design was this year here


Halloween collage 1


+ Most of the clothes we got at out local Goodwill. Leggings & Leotard F21.

+ How freaking cool is my friend Lindsay’s make-up!!?

Halloween collage 2


+ Again, our local Goodwill freaking killed it

+ PS that is all Johns real hair. blow dried & straightened!!


Halloween collage 3+ My friend Rachel went as a Chola. Shit was the funniest thing everrrrrrrr! She completely nailed it. Tattoos, earrings, khaki’s

+ My sister went as Kelly from Saved By the Bell. Obv she got the boobs in the family.


I always get really into halloween. Gotta go big or go home. Can’t be predictable.

November is off to a dashing start.

Christmas is in 43 DAYS FOLKS

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