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My Christmas Wish List | #blogmas14

I’ve been a naughty blogger. I have an excuse tho! SNOW STORM. Nor’ Easter Damon? Not sure why they even name them lol. Every time I hear it on the news tho, I think of DamIEn…

ANYWAYS, I’m back and ready to tell you all my wish list!


Holiday Wish List
1. A VACATION! To somewhere were there are beaches and margaritas for days
2.Kate Spade Sparkle Watch because why the heck not
3. Nike Roshe’s for hitting up the gym in style
4. Tiffany’s ring that I will never get because it’s a whopping 1,500 bucks. Ouch.
5. North Face Snow Boots to take on the winter weather here in the ‘Cuse
6. Starbucks gift card to fund my food & drink obessesions
7. DSLR camera so my iPhone doesn’t have 1,400 pics on a daily basis…
If he doesn’t, it’s okay. I know my mom checks out my posts 🙂 HI MOTHER!
Tomorrow I’ll be chatting about winter activities. (cough there will be snow cough and dogs cough)
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