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I’m just going to say that it pays to know people. If you are like me, you probably know a few managers or associates at your favorite stores. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s something to be proud of!! I mean how do people think you get all the amazing outfits your do… DUH pre-sale-secrets!! Well, this past weekend a friend at works wife had a Style Event at the Loft! She’s the manager at the store here in Syracuse and let me tell you — They had such a fun style event for their Friends & Family Sale (40% OFF) Sunday morning before the store opened at 11 (Panera bagels included helloooo)!

I have been on a crazy Loft binge lately. Their tops and shorts and petty much everything just fit perfect and are exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve gotten nonstop complements on these shorts. Actually wish I bought like 2 pairs of them in each color. None the less, when I got a Facebook invite for this little shingding I had to commit. I’m in need of lightweight fall tops so I figured this was a perfect time/sale to find a few new fall staples!

Here is what I walked (more like joy skipped) away with…

loft Collage 1 loft Collage 2


Dolman Stripe Top & Black Top

(HIGHLY suggest these – easily the greatest tee I’ve put on ever)

This adorable Tassel Scarf.

This perfect Cardigan, in tan. (ON SALE)

These Stud Earrings.

This Slouchy Tee.

& another casual top that’s not on the site yet!

Ready for the greatest part…. drumroll PLEASE



#winner #winning #Iloveshopping

Calm down. I know you are excited for me!! lol. Here are a few pics from the event!

Loft Event 2

Loft Event 4

Loft Event 5

Loft Event 6

Since the event conveniently ended at 11 me and a few friends headed over to Cantina Laredo for some brunch! Complementary mimosa or bloody mary with brunch and only 2 bucks after that — we were on that like white on rice.

Loft Event 7

Loft Event 8

Loft Event 9

Loft Event 10

Jalepeno eggs with avocado & cheese, cheesy potatoes & some amazing cinnamon sugar fruit cup tortilla. AMAZING.


I hope everyone had a great weekend! We are in the midst of like four 90 degree days so I’ll be hibernating in the bedroom where the AC unit is located.



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