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In The Navy

I love to paint. Well, I love the idea of painting. This past weekend my lovely boyfriend moved into a new house and I got to help pick the color of his room!!! Guess what color I picked??  Navy! Navy walls, either it be every wall or an accent wall, I am totally loving on it right now. Thankfully, John trusts my interior skills so he pretty much let me pick the whole decor. We decided on 1 navy accent wall and 3 crisp, white side walls! Obviously I didn’t just pull this shit out of my butt, I searched all over Pinterest and other blogs for the right color. He/we have yet to pick out a new comforter and accent colors for the room but I am thinking a grey comforter that has a splash of orange and then find a white or navy throw for the bed. As for the carpet, I think a nice light tan, super shaggy rug would look great!! Cozy, yet still manly.

Here are some of my inspirations I found —

Navy room 1 Navy room 2 Navy room 3 Navy room 4 Navy room 5



I’m sorry, I really don’t remember where I found all these pictures!! I was in such a hurry to find good ones when I snap shotted some of these. Now here is the ideal room I’m going for…

In The Navy
I’ll be back to update ya on how it actually comes out!!
Happy hump dayyyyy!
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