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Homemade Mojitos

Okay, I will say it, I HATE BEER! I do not like the taste or the smell, nothing! Yes I know they have lime flavored beer and pumpkin flavored beer blah blah blah but my heart is with the hard liquor. This past weekend John & I whipped up some homemade mojitos that totally hit the spot!

Mojito done edit

What you will need is :

+RUM! (white rum, we used Bacardi)
+Limes (or lime juice)
+Mint bushel
+Club Soda
+A Muddler
+Super cool glasses

mojito supplies

To start, cut up a lime into 4th’s and put in the bottom of a glass or bowl (Bowl may work better because there is more room). Then take about 7-10 mint leave and toss those in with the lime.

mojito limes

mojito mint

From here you will take your muddler and start smashing away at the lime and mint. I suggest getting as much lime juice as possible while trying to keep the mint leaves as whole as possible (ours became shredded – worked out okay tho).

mojito Collage

And this is what it’ll look like when your done muddling!

mojito muddled

Now, we added in the RUM! Add in anywhere from 1-2oz of your desired rum. Then throw in a few ice cubes! Now give your concoction a good stir. From here you will add in some sugaaa (1-2 spoonfuls depending on how you like it)! Side note: we decided on making a simple sugar for the next batch. That is just water and sugar mixed and then heated on the stove until it hits a syrup like state. Either way is totally fine.

mojito almost

SOO, you’re almost done. After you add in the sugar give it another good stir. From here you will finish off with some club soda. The amount all depends on how much ice you use. Finally, garnish with a fresh lime (lightly squeezed on the top of the liquid first), give it a good mixing and a take a nice swigggg!

mojito taste test

It was delicious!! Not too much alcohol, perfectly sweet, & easy to drink 🙂 BTW, don’t mind the killer decor in Johns kitchen…

There are tons of recipes out there that allow you to be crazy and add in fruit and fun things. This time around we wanted the classic beverage. We will definitely be making this again this weekend:)

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