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Hey, Hi, Hello 2015!


Welcome to 2105! It has been about a month since I blogged last. Had to enjoy the holidays and run around the mall like a chicken with my head cut off. The usual. Well, I’m going to do a lovely recap of the past few months before I get into the “resolution” shenanigans. Hopefully you will begin to see a better quality in photos from now on becauseeeeeee my amazing boyfriend got me a DSLR for Christmas!! YAYAY!

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone camera is pretty decent but I want to actually tap back into my passion for photography! Isn’t he a doll? I practically cried when I opened it. I thought he just wrapped something else and used that box. NOPE. A camera that is all mine (and his when he wants to borrow it :)! SO, be on the look out for freaking Annie Leibovitz esk photos 😉

Does anyone follow A Beautiful Mess? If you do – they effin rock right? If you don’t – GO FOLLOW THEM NOW! Back in November they did this DIY clutch post that I absolutely fell in love with. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and went buckwild picking out colors and fabrics. After a few trial and errors I did it! I gifted it to my friend for Christmas and she loved it!

DIY clutch 1 DIY clutch 2

Pretty cool right??! I couldn’t find any cool broaches/locks like they used but I will def search Amazon for something next time! Another DIY present I did this year was a canvas quote. I found a really cool wine quote on Pinterest and transformed it into something chic 🙂

DIY painting

DIY Christmas’ rock! I said I was doing some DIY stuff back in December but I didn’t want to give anything away at the time! Trying to get in touch with my crafty side this year too!

snow Dec

We had a decent snow storm but were really lucky to not get as much snow as Buffalo. They got 8 FEET OF SNOW. Thats like almost double my height. Needless to stay it was enough snow to work from home part of the day and then go into work and wipe out on the slippery snow covered sidewalk…

Funk N Waffles

Okay, now here is the real shit. If you have never been to Funk N Waffles you realllllyy need to. They just opened a new location is downtown ‘Cuse. SUPER CONVENIENTLY located right across the street from my office. I mean like max 30 steps.

outting 1

Had a few too many fun outings the past few months. Got a handful of decent pictures lol.

patches lights 1 patches likghts 2

If Patches wasn’t cute enough I obviously had to wrap him in some Christmas lights like he’s my 14 month old child. Such a ladies man 🙂


Classic ugly sweater partayyy. Lost my PERFECT ugly sweater so resorted to a sweater my sister actually wears occasionally lol. PS fantastic photobomb by my friend PJ…

new years 1 new years 2 new years 3

Ahh, then there was new years. All the pre meditated excitement all for a total of 3 hours at the bar because you drank to much to quick. Saved tons of money though!! The whole bottle of champagne I drank before midnight 100% caught up with me lol.

new years after

Had such a nutritious start to the new year on the 1st.

kayla workout

I made up for it!! Have you heard of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout? This is my 2,635 go at it BUT I am determined to make it work this time! I’m 2 weeks in and feeling good about it. Follow her on Insta for insane motivation to be fit!

taquitos 2 taquitos

Homemade Taquitoooooo’s! My first time trying this out and it was alright. Not 100% the healthiest thing but NO ONE IS PEFECT. lol. cream sauce pasta 1 cream sauce pasta 2

Hehe then there was this. Linguine with Cream Sauce & Garlic Tuscan Bread… yum yum yum.


cuse game 1 cuse game 3 cuse game 4

Enjoyed 2 Cuse Basketball wins in the new year (so far)!! Nothing beats Cuse basketball in the Dome. Less than 1 month till the Duke game! #cusenation

cuse game 2

Sorry for the photo dump but I’ve got a lot to share I guess! I’m excited for 2015! It has started out quite wonderfully so far 🙂
I’ll leave you with J Law because she is fanfreakingtastic

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