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This is my first post! I’ve been waiting months to actually type this. Well, it has taken me months to actually decide what would go in my first post. I figured I would just introduce myself with a bunch of stupid facts!

My favorite color is pink. Typical, I know.

I love cheese more then anything. Cheese can go on anything and everything!

I am from New York. Not the city. That’s 5 hours away… there is a whole state called New York people.

I graduated from LeMoyne College in 2013! (Woo!)

I just bought my first car as a big girl in the real world – a 2009 Audi! (Now I’m poor)

My boyfriend’s name is John. He’s the smartest & funniest person I know (after myself, of course).

I 100% have a shopping addiction that I’ve currently been getting a decent handle on.

I love to go out to eat. I could, like, everyday.

I’m in love with my dog, Patches. He also goes by Meester.

I am super terrified of Ketchup. I’m not un-American. It’s the most gross substance ever.

I’m addicted to reality TV. Anything Bravo or E!

I’m a huge Yankee fan! Derek Jeter is my future husband…

I was a mascot! It fucking rocked. Pictures will follow sometimes soon.

I loooovee fashion and clothes and anything beautiful.

I tend to workout on occasion. Trying to make that a better habit…lol

EOS eggs are my favorite – all 3 dollars of it.

Pandas are my favorite animal.

Everyone always calls me Al.

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