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MM eating 1.5

If it is not known yet then here you go – I’m a food addict. I could literally eat out every single day and not think twice. But for real, I could eat Chipotle like 5 times a week. Obviously that is not possible because I didn’t win the lottery and I would like to be skinny so as much as I’d love to do that I probably shouldn’t.

This past weekend (and a few weekends ago) we went to a somewhat new restaurant in downtown Cuse. It is actually directly across from my office (bad news). I had only been once before and John has been dying to go, so we did it! The place is called Modern Malt (follow their insta – it’s amazing). It’s a ‘diner’ that services breakfast all day AND has a FULL bar. I mean win-win right?

Let me just say that Saturday at 6:30 there was a 45 min wait. Worth it because I had the most amazing Moscow Mule. They make their own ginger beer and let me tell you it was perfection. John had one as well but his was made with Jack. Risky but it paid off.

Moscow Mules MM

John has an ongoing thing that dinner outings be the no phone zone. I get, I get it but sometimes I want to take pics of my food or look up how many movies Jack Black has been in. It’s like 50 plus if you are wondering. You probably weren’t.

So, I only got 1 pic of our food, the first time around. We got the Chicken and Waffles and the Hello Buffalo Poutine. AMAZINGNESS.

Dinner Modern Malt

The Hello Buffalo is literally life changing. This past Sunday we went and got it again!! But this time we went to town and tried out a few new things too.

Mimosa’s – check

MM mimosa


Strawberry Cheesecake STUFFED French Toast – check

MM cheesecake FT


Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Check

MM pancakes

Attempted Couple Photo’s – check

MM eating 3

MM eating 2

Modern Malt is a gold mine! You have to check it out but don’t forget to call ahead – so worth it!!

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