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It’s kinda funny. I went looking thru pictures for this post and found myself sitting there dying laughing look at tons of old photos!! It is so funny how 1. cameras have changed and 2. how good people look now adays in front of a camera. After about an hour of looking thru photos I realized our fam never did Christmas photos. I actually never sent out my thank you notes for my graduation party either. So don’t count on getting anything on time/ever from us lol.


I did however come across some stellar Christmas-esk pics that are perfect for this.

This one was the closet holiday photo I could find but… my dad isn’t in it lol. 20 bucks he took the pic


X mas - Mom & Us

And now I will embarrass myself and my sister pretty good…

xmas - me & steph

Remember how you’d always hang the Christmas cards and photos on the window cil or back of the door?!? Oh, and remember how tucking everything in was a thing… ouch.

xmas - sweater tree

possibly the MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO EVER. My gramma or my great aunt or someone sent us these lovely Chirstmas (fleece) sweaters. So we had to take some photos by my grammas fake tree and send them to someone. Great aunt I’m assuming? As you can tell, this was a fabulous tomboy phase I was going thru at the time. wind pants and all. Also, sorry steph. LOL.

xmas - panda

I reallllyyy loved that panda bear. They are my favorite animal. And those PJ, they were my fav PJ’s. Oh, notice on the right – I got mall madness that year!!! I am literally laughing at the fact we actually put candy canes on the tree too

xmas - roller coaster tycoon

THEN THIS HAPPENED!!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!! This is 100% sheer excitement captured in 1 photo. This was no act folks. I remember almost crying I was so happy 😀

xmas - snowman 2

My favorite part of this picture is that Steph & the snowman are wearing the same hat, different color!!! DYING! And it looks like our swing set had seen better days… woof.

xmas snowman 1

here is one more. Poor frosty – a head and then a large body. No 3 tired body parts this time.

xmas - santa 4

I will tell you, I was TERRIFIED of Santa. I loved the idea of him coming but when it came to him talking, looking or holding me, I practically peed my pants. My Power Ranger pillow was way more appealing at the time…

xmas - santa 3

Then it happened.

xmas - santa 5

I was terrified and not enthused. And Steph got caught in the act – NOSE PICKER

xmas - us  santa 1

Take 87 – a winner! Look at those smilesssss!

xmas - santa 2

Then there were the store Santa photos. KILLER wind suit mom & dad.

xmas - snata 2

Deer in headlights. Would have loved a 3-2-1 countdown

Now I will share with you my favorite Christmas photo. All late 90s kids will understand –

xmas - walkman

DAMN STRAIGHT! THAT IS A BRAND NEW WALKMAN!!!! I’m wearing my other favorite Barbie Pjs that obv look a tad small. ALSO notice I got Parent Trap on VHS TOO?! MOM & DAD WENT HAM THAT CHRISTMAS!


I apologize for not having a family holiday photo but I think I made up for it 🙂

I encourage everyone to go look thru old photos. It was a freaking riot!

I have a few gift guides coming to you tomorrow & Thursday. hollllaaa




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