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Fall Wish List

Okay, here we go. It’s officially fall here in the wonderful upstate NY. It should be snowing in about 13.9 days. Just kiddinggg. But, if it does snow in 13 days everyone who reads this owes me 20 bucks LOL 🙂 I know I never got to doing a summer recap part 2… maybe I’ll through some stuff into a TBT post soon to showcase a few more fun things that had happened! Moving on into fall, I would like to showcase all the things that I want that I will probably will never have 🙁 Very sad I KNOW.


Fall Wish List
+ Steve Madden Boots. typical white girl necessity but COMMON they are needed.
+ Cranberry. I am alllll about the cranberry color this fall. From nail color to lip color it’s a great shade that adds alittle pop to any outfit.
+Flannels. Does there really need to be a comment for this one? PS I will probably be getting mine at F21 this year as I am poor.
+MK Orange Hamilton. This puppy is on sale at Lord & Taylor and is calling my name… Allie… Allieee.. bring me homeeee… See you heard it too!! Great color and can definitely be transferred between seasons.
+BCBG Gold Bracelet. Not many of you may know this but I worked at BCBG MaxAzria for about a year and therefor fell in love with everything outside my price range. I loveee this bracelet though and may have to go ham on it when L&T has the Friends & Family soon. Gold & silver pleaseeee.
+ Oliva Pope Trench for The Limited. This needs to be mine. I have never wanted a coat more in my life. Olivia has such amazing style on the show and it totally transcended into every Limited piece. I’m also a big fan of the regular length jacket, too.
+Kate Spade Earrings. You all know Kate Spade is my bitch and I love everything Kate Spade has. I currently have a yellow pair of these classics but I think I need a regular diamond-esk pair just because.
+Killin It Tee. I came across a killin it tee on a blog I found a few weeks ago (One in photo found here). I just don’t know if it’s my ego talking but I would wear this everyday if I could. Check out the site because they have some other really cool stuff!


Cannot wait to magically win the lotto so all of this can be mineee! hahah. Just remember coupons are your friend & always look online at other department stores because you never know what sale they are running. A great app I have that my girl Jhana over at Mermaids & Bandana’s showed me was Shopular!! #deals #deals #deals


Happy fall everyone and look out for my much anticipated Derek Jeter tribute post. Coming this week…
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