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Dry Skin? Derma e Review!

Derma e review 1

Derma e review 1

The winter months can be so hard on our skin, especially living up here in the tundra Upstate, NY. I actually have terrible skin problems in the changing months… aka right about now. This includes but is not limited to elbows so dry they are actually a cut, dry feet to the point where my sock get stuck on, and lastly confetti in my hair: dandruff. I have been battling the worst dandruff the past few months but THANKFULLY it’s just getting better now.


A few year ago John was having some skin problems so after a handful of doctor visits he found out he had Eczema. He had wicked dry skin patches on his eye lids, chest and inner arm. It was so irritating for him itchy, flacking and, the worst, the redness. I don’t think it would have bothered him as much if it wasn’t on his face. Strange enough, it was just the eye lids. He was prescribed some sort of steroid cream that he still has to this day for when anything gets dry. Some people will have this so bad their entire life while others will have it seasonally or randomly. Psoriasis is kind of the same way but something a bit different. A friend of mine has Psoriasis and she did SO much to try and treat it but it’s just something you have to live with. We all probably remember the episode Kim K found out she had Psoriasis (the world ended) but it’s a real thing that effects so many people!

Kim K psoriasis

After talking to a friend at work about this new brand I was trying out, she told me that it’s one of the only brands she has switched to and liked! So I knew I was in for something good. The brand is called derma e, a vitamin-rich, high performance antioxidant skincare product line. Always being aware, derma e also adheres to the highest ethical standards when it comes to animal welfare and our impact on the planet (woohoo!!).

Derma e review 2

I obviously tried out the Shampoo and Conditioner first,  and it was an interesting experience compared to other “dandruff shampoos”. I have to say this shampoo smelled like Listerine for your hair!! In a good way!  It was a cool and refreshing smell that felt great when washed in – same for the condition. I used about the same amount I would with any other shampoo and conditioner. I have had dandruff shampoos leave a terrible grease feeling at the top of my head after washing. Not with derma e. It was soooo nice to dry my hair and see it voluptuous at the end, not flat!

Derma e review 3

Next was the Psorzema Cremé. The Creme is perfect for dry skin, eczema or psoriasis problems! I have THE WORST dry elbows no matter how much I moisturize but after putting on the Creme the visible dryness was gone (the ugliest part) and they felt quite clean and fresh. The Creme is a bit thicker then your normal lotion or hydrating lotion. Which if it’s think, then I know it’s gotta be doing something! I will say the smell of the Creme is a bit “dull”. Not much pretty fragrance to it but if you live with or know anyone with eczema you know you can’t have fragrance filled ANYTHING. Dry sheets included (and no it doesn’t make me mad……..). To learn more about the product check out a helpful video here!


Overall reviewing derma e was just a great experience. When you have dandruff/dry skin & eczema in the same household it’s hard to find something that works for both of you. I look forward to adding these products into our routine! So, since derma e rocks they are letting me give the first 10 of my readers and friends 3 FREE foil packs of the Psorzema Creme! Go thru this link and sign up 🙂 It can be for you or someone you know how suffers from dry skin. How awesome is that!?

Derma e review 4

Everyone have a lovely week! The nice weather is finally coming, I hope!!

++This post was sponsored by BrandBacker but the above opinion is my own.++


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