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DIY Christmas Gift | #blogmas14

I’m so bad. I fell off the face of the earth the end of the week with the Blogmas14 posts! EK! Well I’m back and ready to rumble.

However I am going to share a gift guide for men before I get into today’s prompt 🙂

Men. Hard to shop for. Hard to surprise. & Hard to know what they reallllly want. Nope I will not be making a naked calendar (at least this year lol). I’m not sending you on an elaborate vacay, as much as I’d love that #poorgirlprobs. So what is left?

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

1. Cole Haan LunarGrand Long Wingtip shoes – $268 – Um how freaking sweet are these bad boys? They come in a few other really cool colors. They are great for any guy who likes a sportier look but doesn’t want to wear sneakers.

2. Banana Republic Quilter Jacket – $240 (40% off NOW!) – I love the look of a quilted jacket on a guy. Over a nice sweater… meow. Great for the fall & spring & for out an about errands. Probs not durable for a Syracuse Winter tho…

3. LL Bean Slippers – $69 – LLBean has THE BEST SLIPPERS!! They have the best fur inside and the greatest bottoms so you can venture outside in them if need be. The best 70 bucks you’ll ever spend, I swear.
4. Chipotle – I don’t think my guy would be upset if he opened his stocking to a Chipotle gift card! Also a brilliant last minute gift if you throw a bottle of alcohol with it. Chipotle is my lyyyyyfe.
5. Arthur George Socks – $30 – I mean I’m obv a Kardashian fan so I gotta represent Rob. I will say his sock line is bad ass. Great gift for a suit wearer or a guy who knows how important the sock game is.
6. Ray Ban Club Masters – $ 150+ – These are a classic! They look really shnazzy on most guys. They come in a few different colors so it’ll fit your guys look. Also a fun pre-gift if you are gifting a vacay this year (hate you).
7. Panoramic Pic Pod Mount – $28 – How sick is this?! It’s like a tri pod for your phone camera! Perfect for a guy who loves to snap memories or a guy who loves photography on the go.


Yay! Go buy some gifts for your guyssss without any sweat 🙂
I cannot wait to give John his Christmas present this year!!!! He is going to love it! Will share pics later on.
Now onto todays prompt!
This Christmas I am allll about the DIY. I am not going to get into detail about them though because I want my gift receiver to still be surprised!!
I will say, my girlfriends will be getting some DIY & I know they are going to love them! Also, my family secret santa this year is going to get a fun DIY something too! 🙂
So, since I love being the best gift giver, I will have to show off those gifts after they receive them. I have done tonsss of Pinteresting recently so I will show some killer ideas if you are looking for one or two….


pinterest diy coasters


DIY Coasters!
These seem super fun and something you can really personalize! Again, I’m an alcohol… package with some Wine & BOOM!
Look here.
pinterst diy letter
DIY Sequent Letter!
Anything sparkle or sequence, sign me up!! Such a fun, quick project that you know will look great on your besties desk or dresser 🙂
Look here.
pinterst diy braclet
DIY Chevron Bracelet!
UM HOW CUTE IS THIS?? Brings you back to the boondoggle days. But this is way better!
Look here.
pinterst diy alcohol words
DIY Quote Art!
Okay, you can buy this off Etsy or you can make your own fun painted version! Use this as a template and get crafty 🙂
Look here.
pinterst DIY be yonce
DIY Beyonce Art
This list wouldn’t be complete without something Bey themed! Again, buy a canvas & get crafty ladies!!
Look here.


Phew that was a long post. That’s what I get for being a slacker and not doing anything this past weekend. I have about 3 gifts already done and taken care of so far. THAT IS A FIRST! Trying to strategically price out gifts this year instead of going buckwild at the mall all in one day.
Tomorrow is the reveal of the Christmas Tree!
At my apt in college – our christmas tree stayed up until March… until all the needles happened to fall off
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