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This is my first time every taking part in a blog hop sort of thing! I am excited and ready to post everyday… hopefully lol. The 2 lovely ladies at The Grits Blog & Tay Meets World are putting this extravaganza on! We will see how it goes!


Day 1 – Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How old are you? Just kidding – it is so rude to ask someones age. Well, I would love to get your input on a very pressing subject that bothers me every year. What cookies do you ACTUALLY like?! Like there is no way you are eating gluten free, soy free, lactose free, dairy free, flavor free cookies because lets be real here, you are a hefty guy. I know you shouldn’t be picky when people give you stuff for free but if I had to eat that tasteless concoction I would 100% be dry heaving in peoples sinks.

It’s true! A cookie needs butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, something unhealthy… I’m justing looking out for you! I know my favorite is a nice warm, melty chocolate chip cookie. CLASSIC. Now if I want to get crazy, I enjoy an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, a nice sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting, and any kind of Italian cookie really. I just thought I would let you know.

Now I have a slightly less pressing question – milk. I hope that people aren’t serving you Organic, almond, coconut, whatever milk. KEEP TO THE BASICS! A safe bet would be a 1% or a 2% right? Gah, sometimes your job seems so hard.

I hope you are still reading, if you’re not I completely get it. But I would like to ask ever so kindly for a few things this year. I know there is about a 90% chance I landed on the naughty list this year but hey it’s worth a shot –

+ matching flannel pajama sets

+ a new purse (kate spade, marc jacobs, louis vitton, chanel.. you know)

+ a DSLR camera set

+ a vacation (cough caribbean cough)

+ a delta sonic membership (if they have those)

+ a personal trainer & chef 

That is all I got! And if you have any hookups in the lottery circuit – hook a sister up. OH and if somehow all my student loans would disappear, that would make my life. I really should write to you more then once a year, to keep in touch and see how things up North are going. Give Mrs. Claus my best & tell the reindeer to be careful at my BF’s house this year. Ed the dog loves visitors so just make sure Rudolph and him can play for a few minutes (or Ed will be upset). Well, I look forward to your arrival! Fly safe Santa.





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