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How to Clean Roshe Runs!

how to clean roshe runs

I am (admittedly) terrible at one thing in life – cleaning. I can really clean for about 45 mins and then I’m bored. Well, now living with John and having an entire house to maintain, I’m tryyyyying to get better. Work in progress. Day by day.


My Nikes Roshe’s were SOO filthy from going to the gym, walking the dog, and trucking through the rain. They were are beautifully light grey color before they had seen the outside world. I’m sure yours where perfectly beautiful too. So, you bet your butt I wasn’t going to toss them in the back of the closet and go out and buy new ones — they obviously had to be cleaned. Without further ado, here are my steps on how to clean Roshe Runs –

how to clean roshe runs


  1. Clean the sole

    • Go out and buy a pack of Magic Erasers. These are PERFECT for cleaning the white sole of your shoe. See below. I heard this trick for a few people so I decided to try it out for myself. Actually worked wonders!How to clean roshe runs
  2. Prep your Roshe Runs for the wash

    • This means take out the laces but before you do just look twice as to how they are laced… the bottom lace goes into the last holes, not through to clean roshe runs
    • how to clean roshe runs
  3. The wash process

    • Take out the shoe liner inside… they just pop right out.
    • Now you are ready for the good stuff.
    • I used a small amount of OXY CLEAN detergent in a small load cycle. I also put the washer on cold water.
    • I wouldn’t suggest bleach as it will probably pull the color out depending on your Roshe’s.
    • Let the machine do it’s job.
  4. The follow up

    • Once the washer is done, check them. Mine were pretty dirty around the front white sole that comes up in the front. So, I used some SHOUT and sprayed the fronts and then put them back in the washer for a second cycle (using the same steps as above, along with the SHOUT spray).
  5. Examine

    • Now that the washer has done it’s job (hopefully), examine the Roshe Runs and see how purrrrty they look!
    • DO NOT put them in the dryer as that could effect the glue and material used to assemble the shoe. Just air dry them. It doesn’t take too long at all (3 hours maybe).
    • Once they are dry, put the shoe liners back in them. Reassemble the laces and you are GOOD TO ROCK AND ROLL!how to clean roshe runs
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