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Christmas Tree Reveal! | #blogmas14


xmas tree 8.2

I won’t lie here. I still live at my parents. Living that life until I have enough big girl money to move out. Probably not for another year – don’t tell my dad – he keeps thinking he’s going to charge me rent. He’s obviously kidding but I’m not trying to overstay my welcome 🙂

SO, that means my mom pretty much decorated the tree I am about to reveal to you. Our Christmas has DRASTICALLY changed over the year. There are only like 2 baby picture ornaments and then the rest is like out of a pottery barn magazine. I remember the days when we actually put candy canes on the tree & me and my sister would fight over what flavor candy cane we would get.

Obv I would choose the fruity tutty ones with the multi color swirl. They da bombbb.

Without further ado the 2014 Christmas tree!

xmas tree 5

xmas tree 1

xmas tree 4

xmas tree 6

xmas tree 9

xmas tree 11

How does it look? Good job mom? I think so!

Tomorrow is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show so be ready to hate yourself (even though everyone is beautiful blah blah)


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