Breakfast Quesadilla

I love food. I love to make food. I love to eat food. Alot.

It’s a problem! But hey, you only live once right? 😉

This past weekend I whipped up some pretty cool breakfast dilla’s for me and the bf. I originally got the idea off of Pinterest but tweaked it a tad to my likings. I hit the local Wegmans for a few ingredients and boom I was ready to scarf face.

John has an unexplainable love for bacon. Like it is pretty intense. So to get my dilla’s started, I cut up some bacon, thru it in a pan and yelled for John to come finish everything. JUST KIDDING. I wish that happened tho – so romantic.

Step 1- Bacon

Quesadilla 1

Step 2- get them scramble eggs going!

quesadilla 2

Step 3- After bacon is done, cook them eggs!

quesadilla 3

Step 4- if you know me even alittle bit, you know I love cheese. So, butter the skillet, grab your tortilla and then add CHEESE

quesadilla 4

Step 5- slap some eggs on top, then grab a handful of bacon

quesadilla 5

Step 6- Obviously add some more cheese for the top. Add a few scoops of salsa to the top (my fav part) then close the tortilla.

Step 7- very carefully watch and flip the dilla so it doesn’t burn. burnt dilla’s are the WORST (especially when they do it at Taco Bell. Pet peeve)

quesadilla 7

After a few flips & the tortilla is cooked to a brownish color, you can enjoy! Be sure to make sure the tortilla edges are a bit crunchy before taking off the skillet though.

And there you have it folks… Breakfast Dilla’s for all

quesadilla 8

YUMMMM! These were a hit. Serve them with a small dish of salsa on the side incase the indulger wants to dip.



PS black friday is right around the corner. Stop back for the list of sales for this spectacular weekend 🙂

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