Activities You Should Try This Fall!

Fall is here!!! I’ve been a little MIA with work and being a dog mom but I’m here now. I just made my first batch of my award winning chili last week! It was perfection, as always. I just had my dad’s amaaaazing apple crisp for the first time this season too, so I’m obviously packing on the extra cals for winter (JK I need to be losing weight, Italy trip is in 7 weeks and I need to look like nothing short of a Kourtney Kardashian).

Fall is normally a fun time here in Central New York. The leaves start to change, everyone and their brother flock to the apple orchards, and you get your winter tire put on. Super fun stuff. But in all seriousness we do love it. The air is so crisp in the morning and it’s finally staying below 70 degrees during the day, needless to say we’re all loving life. There are a few things everyone neeeeeds to do this fall so I thought I’d put together a fun list of activities!


5 Activities You Should Try This Fall

Visit a local winery or brewery

John and myself are huge cider fans! We love visiting Critz Farms in Cazenovia every fall because they have THE BEST raspberry cider. They also have pumpkin picking and a cool corn maze on the property so it’s really a win-win. Also think they do apple fritters. Apple fitters are LIFE. But visiting these local places are not only fun but a lot of times pretty cheap!! Tastings are normally a few bucks.



Go apple picking

Yes, yes, I know it sounds basic. But it really is a fun activity and something we can only do once a year! I really want to make a homemade apple pie from scratch this year so picking a bunch of apple for delicious fall recipes is fun and gives you something to do on a rainy weekend day. I personally love Owens Orchard out near Auburn but Beak + Skiff is a local PHENOMENON so we may go their because they sell alcohol. But Owens has cheese, amazing cider donuts and more cheese. But we’d love to try somewhere where we can bring the pup so we will see!!



Stay in for a movie night

Seriously nothing is better then laying in bed for hours watching movies or a new Netflix show (cough Amanda Knox Docu cough). John and I are big movie people so convincing us to stay in and watch a movie is not hard. We actually just got a new bed so any excuse to just lay in it and never get up is a okay with us!! I actually have a full review on our Casper bed coming up soon so stay tuned but in the meantime how adorable is this Halloween Movie Night guide? So fun! Obviously wine is a necessity but I have to be honest, it’s rare for me to stay awake for an entire movie. I get SO SLEEPY.



Go for a long drive to a new or favorite restaurant

When the skies are so blue and the clouds are puffy and it’s like perfectly sunny, nothing is better then going for a drive! We like to take the back roads because John is a car guru and is known to really rip through the country side, lol. But really it’s quite fun and always a good photo opt moment too! Do some research on restaurants in the neighboring town or city and adventure on over to it (I suggest doing it before you really get hungry because nothing is worse then being hangry where there is no civilization). I’ve been really wanting to take a trip out to Albany or Saratoga so I’m hoping we have time for it this fall!



Plan a weekend getaway

We all need a weekend away, amiright?! Maybe it’s a girls weekend or just you and your partner, either way it’s the perfect time to look into a long weekend trip. Before it starts to get really cold grab your booties and your felt hats and go somewhere! I’ve been dying to get back to NYC to see some friends and explore before it’s tooo cold so I’m really hoping we can make it down there before the Italy trip! I’ve also never been to Boston (I KNOW) so I’m sure it’s beautiful this time of year there too. If you end up having to fly anywhere seriously look at Google Flights, I always used to only check Kayak until someone told me about Google Flights. It’s super awesome and really couldn’t believe I had never heard of it. Just another option!



Hope you enjoyed and have time to at least do a few of those things in next month or so 🙂 I’m currently really upset that I couldn’t keep my fall flowers alive so I’m thinking I’ll hit up Michaels this weekend and fill them in with fake ones to make my neighbors think that I’m SOOO GOOD at gardening. Keeping up with the joneses, I’ll tell ya.

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