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Men. The ultimate creatures. LOL. They do so many strange things that we, women, would never understand. One thing that comes to mind is the idea of wearing ‘shorts’ under your pants as ‘underwear’. Ladies can we all agree they make the best PJ shorts?! But really, I cannot image what it’s like to wear something so loose under your clothes. I’m going to go into a bit of detail here, so mom, you can stop or continue reading at your own risk.

My amazing man bunning BF is a boxer wearer. Like I said doubles as fantastic PJ shorts. He constantly has this bunch of fabric up around his pant line. I mean what guy really doesn’t? Oh this guy probably doesn’t….

male underwear





ANYWAYS. I know having a good pair of underwear on literally sets your day up for success. Everyone has that few pairs that either give you a wedgie WITH EVERY STEP, or the ones that slide up your back and make you look like a whore when you bent over, or the worst thing ever possible… the frontal wedgie pair. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?! Well, having a good pair on (if you get lucky that morning) is like having a good hair day! A few weekends ago me & John attended my friends wedding! We were having a fantastic hair and underwear day πŸ™‚ We had some free time in-between wedding and reception so we had a little photo shoot.

John model 1


john model 2


Alyssas wedding us

I’ll share my outfit attire and dress details in a post soon! This is about my man here πŸ™‚

I will say John has a fantastic sense of style. He LOVES dressing up and picking out fun blazers & crazy socks but then comes in my work… the finishing touches. We make a great team! Like I said, a lot goes into a casual night style outfit (John has perfected it). Everything from hairstyle to shirt color to underwear and socks – he kills it. Here is a style board to give you some ideas if you suck at life-

Mens night outfit

To start – you need good underwear. Yes, you can buy underwear anywhere but I highly suggest checking out Tommy John. It’s always awesome to hear about new brands. John loves finding out new brands because he knows before anyone else. Man after my own heart. Well, they have a bunch of underwear options but the cotton truck is the one that John keeps coming back to on the site (he suggests he should model LOL). They look perfect for a night out on the town and fit the bill for maybe some after party hours… heheh πŸ™‚

After the underwear comes the pants. Skinny dark jeans are a staple. Just like us ladies! I like Gap or Banana jeans because the quality is always there. John is into the bottom cuff so it may be worth looking into a length a tad longer to compensate. Khaki’s are also a greta option. I’d stick to straight or skinny leg! Khaki’s might work better for a slight more dressy occasion. (DONT FORGET TO IRON THEM COUGH JOHN COUGH)

Underwear check. Pants check. Now shirt! This is alwayssss a topic for debate with us. Do you stick with a classic or go with a print. We always end up going with a print!! Checkers or a decent stripe mostly but feel free to step outside your comfort zone. Just be careful when it comes to putting a tie with it… recently for John, the bold pattern with a blazer/suit jacket is doing the job perfectly – no tie!

Onto the blazer. As many of you know, Lord & Taylor is my place so we always check there for sales and deals!! Check there blazers page or even look into the sweaters. Mens Forever 21 is always a fantastic place to check – and its cheap (holler for a dollar). Another option is a killer sweater. It does more than a blazer sometimes, especially in the winter/spring!

shoe ee card

Shoes are do or die. Quick story – when I first met John working at Old Navy he was wearing these TERRIBLE Nike skate shoes. I loved everything about him until I saw the shoes. And, I literally thought omg idk if I can get over those shoes. Well, I did. And the story continues :). Okay, shoes. I’m a big fan of wingtips and so is John. He has a few pairs, different colors and styles. The style I’m currently loving and I know he is too is Cole Haan’s Wing Oxford sneaker shoes. Β They F*^$!ing rock!

Then comes accessories. Do what you need. Don’t overdo it. A watch is always professional and bracelets can do some great things. Girls you know how to dress and accessorize make sure your man gets it too. Also if you are transitioning from day to night throw your sunglasses on your shirt or in the top pocket of your blazer πŸ™‚


There you have it folks! Dress your men well and everything else in life will follow. SO John just literally threw a shoe across the living room and PERFECTLY nailed the glass of water on the table. I need to go use a few profanities and grab some towels.


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