Splurge or Save?

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It is that time of year… the time to buy the most utterly cutest, just gotta have it, I will die without fall essentials.  For my ladies out their like me, you can’t always get what your little heart desires (maybe next year). So, this season I’m gonna cut costs where I can! Well, I’m going to try. Sometimes the diva in me just can’t have the knock off brand. Goldfish > Whales lol. This is the time of year I truly miss working at BCBG in L&T!! The extra 25% off discount doesn’t seem like much until you realize you just bought a $400 Michael Kors bag for 160 bucks. Yup, that happened & it was amazing.


Christmas is almost upon on us so keep in mind some splurge worth items might be worth noting to mom, dad, grandma, the boyfriend… :) This is the time of year for killer sales so keep checking your apps and your fav stores online! Here are a few of my favorite items I have my eye on right now –


Splurge or Save: Bags
Splurge or Save: Earrings
Splurge or Save: Fur Vest
Splurge or Save: Boots

Don’t forget Lord & Taylors F&F ends in 2 hours!

What are some items you have your eye on right now? 😉

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  • Alicia Zell
    October 30, 2014

    If you were to ask me…..the difference between $50 and $100….I would go for the $100 one….but, the difference between $70 and $2000 well that’s just crazy decision Making….We all know our own limits and we ” should ” splurge a little sometimes for the ” pieces we really love and will have a long life in our closet or jewelry box”…..also, remember there are plenty of store’s with discounted brand name apparel….BEING A SAVY SHOPPER IS = $$$$$$$$ FOR MORE SHOPPING!!!

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