DIY Day of the Dead Makeup | Halloween Recap

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We are officially into November which means we are officially into THE Christmas season. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday don’t get me wrong but there is just so much surrounding Christmas. So much money really surrounding it actually. But let’s not jump the gun just yet.

Let’s recap. I LOVE couples Halloween costumes. Me and John kill it when it comes to our costumes the past few years (brushes shoulder). Here is last years outfits –

80’s ski lodge goers (very similar to Hot Tub Time Machine)

80s halloween costume

Howard & Bernadette from Big Bang

Big Bang Theory Costume

Both of them were INSANELY comfortable costumes. Anything 80’s is so fun. I’m about to have an 80’s theme party for every event – maybe 80’s themed Christmas this year? Anyways, comfort was not the case for this year… we went for the wow factor. Either way it was a totally fun filled, too much drinking, lets get McDonalds for the 3rd time type of weekend.

We went as the great Gatsby Friday night (you DON’T want to hear the story about how my original dress didn’t get here on time)
DIY great gatsby couples costume

Here is my fav picture!

DIY great gatsby couples costume

Now onto the topic of this actual post!

Sugar skulls, day of the dead, creepy makeup where you don’t have to smile, whatever you want to call it…

Here is tutorial on how and what you’ll need to nail your Day of the Dead makeup!!

DIY day of the dead makeup

Here is what you will need:

  • A face
  • GOOD white face paint (got mine in a tube from Party City)
  • Face paint crayons, go for the set that has reds or blues in it
  • Black soft eyeliner pencil
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Small eye makeup brush
  • Foam makeup applicator
  • Black lipstick (I didn’t have any so I used a dark maroon)

To start –

DIY Sugar Skull 1

You can prime your face with SUPER LIGHT foundation. I did it on my face but didn’t on Johns – not a huge difference. Now go ham with your first layer of white face paint. It’s not going to cover perfectly on your first try/application.

  • Leave large circles around your eye with no paint
  • Leave front part of your nose with no paint (I didn’t do this off the bat but you should)
  • Get close to your lips (check specific paint directions to make sure it’s okay) with paint

DIY sugar skull 2

Apply another white layer once you feel like it’s decently dry. If you do it too soon you’ll see the paint not sticking to your face. I actually grabbed a small paint brush and touched up a few spots but I got the smoothness from putting a DECENT amount of white paint on the foam applicator and dragging it over my face once the first layer was dry.

Now it’s the fun part. Grab your black eyeliner or your black face paint crayon and start filling in around your eyes. Do the insides first and then the outsides so you can make sure you’re symmetrical. Can’t have a lazy black eye. You can get as close or as far away from the eye as you want. I got really close with black eye shadow (not the liner) just so it wouldn’t irritate my eyes later in the night.

DIY sugar skull 3

Now you’re feeling it. You can see the big picture!!!

It’s time for the eye design. You can do this like 3644829 different ways so yolo it if you want. I took the black eyeliner and went around the eye leaving a thin white line in-between the black eye and your new line. PS – you WILL go up on your nose with this circle. Now you have to add the ‘sunflower esk’ design. I took the red face paint crayon and just went around free hand with small half circles. Once you do a few you may have to whip off the crayon as there probably will be white paint on it from your face. I coulda done a better job here but I just went for it. Now grab your eye shadow brush and dip it into some back eye shadow. Apply it on your cheek bone or just under. Go for the darkness that looks good on you.  After you do both sides of shadow and eye design grab the black liquid liner. This will save your life.

DIY sugar skull 4

Now you are just going to outline all the half circles with the black liner. You NEED A STEADY HAND. If you don’t have one go find someone who does.

Next is your nose. I just did a basic upside-down heart shape on my nose making the point in the middle of my nose. There are a few different ways you can do your nose. Google or Pinterest it. This way was the easiest. It’s easier to apply right to your skin not the white paint so try and take it off with a Q-Tip before filling in. I again used the black soft eyeliner to color in. After that is done, I used my liquid eyeliner for a few designs on my forehead and my chin. Again copy me or look up different designs.

Next is the mouth! Finishing touch! I used the liquid eyeliner for this to get thin lines. I drew from the corner of my mouth up into the black cheek shadow. Again free handed it. Then I put a little white paint around my lips and filled the middle with dark maroon Bobbi Brown Lipstick (or black if you have it). Grab your liquid eyeliner one last time and draw the small stitch lines on your lips and cheeks!

DIY sugar skull 5

YOU’RE DONE!! These seems easy… it took me close to 2 hours soooo definitely plan out some time for this! Grab your flower crown and now you are ready to go.

DIY sugar skullDIY sugar skull coupleIt turned out amazing for both of us! People didn’t even know it was us. It was so fun! And the  best part, no terrible pimples or anything the day after from the makeup!!

Now you are ready to do your own Day of the Dead makeup! Good luck :)


Here is exactly what I used –

black soft eyeliner | black liquid liner | eye makeup brush | foam applicator | Bobbi Brown “Crimson” lipstick

Fall Foods We All Need To Try

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fall recipes to try

Fall is among us… they say. 91 and humid as [email protected]^$ does not scream fall but it should be arriving towards the end of the week. I know I will 1000% regret that statement in 2 or 3 months but for now let’s go with it.

Fall means football, apple picking blah blah blah. Let’s be real here. It means we are allowed to be a fat ass because we need to beef up for the winter (no pun intended there with the beef comment). I have a few things I reallllyy want to make this fall. 1. because anything homemade rocks 2. its fun & 3. I want to impress John with my betsy homemaker skills. I pretty much do #3 already but a little overachieving never heard nobody.

I definitely need to try some pumpkin this and some apple that but I also wanna give some dinner choices a chance. If Chipotle was an option every night it would have already happened, so no need to ask. #ChipotleIsMyLife

Cin Sugar dips


My friend BLee over at RaeByDay made these TO-DIE-FOR churro balls & cream cheese frosting dip the other day so these were inspired off of that heavenlyness.



General Tso Chicken


Barbacoa Tacos








Is your mouth watering yet? I just ate but could easily eat every single one of these!! Pinterest is the empire of everything amazing.

Coming up this week on PoL is a homemade salsa recipe that is amazing and perfect for these upcoming football sundays!

Enjoy :)

A Man Post

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Men. The ultimate creatures. LOL. They do so many strange things that we, women, would never understand. One thing that comes to mind is the idea of wearing ‘shorts’ under your pants as ‘underwear’. Ladies can we all agree they make the best PJ shorts?! But really, I cannot image what it’s like to wear something so loose under your clothes. I’m going to go into a bit of detail here, so mom, you can stop or continue reading at your own risk.

My amazing man bunning BF is a boxer wearer. Like I said doubles as fantastic PJ shorts. He constantly has this bunch of fabric up around his pant line. I mean what guy really doesn’t? Oh this guy probably doesn’t….

male underwear





ANYWAYS. I know having a good pair of underwear on literally sets your day up for success. Everyone has that few pairs that either give you a wedgie WITH EVERY STEP, or the ones that slide up your back and make you look like a whore when you bent over, or the worst thing ever possible… the frontal wedgie pair. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?! Well, having a good pair on (if you get lucky that morning) is like having a good hair day! A few weekends ago me & John attended my friends wedding! We were having a fantastic hair and underwear day :) We had some free time in-between wedding and reception so we had a little photo shoot.

John model 1


john model 2


Alyssas wedding us

I’ll share my outfit attire and dress details in a post soon! This is about my man here :)

I will say John has a fantastic sense of style. He LOVES dressing up and picking out fun blazers & crazy socks but then comes in my work… the finishing touches. We make a great team! Like I said, a lot goes into a casual night style outfit (John has perfected it). Everything from hairstyle to shirt color to underwear and socks – he kills it. Here is a style board to give you some ideas if you suck at life-

Mens night outfit

To start – you need good underwear. Yes, you can buy underwear anywhere but I highly suggest checking out Tommy John. It’s always awesome to hear about new brands. John loves finding out new brands because he knows before anyone else. Man after my own heart. Well, they have a bunch of underwear options but the cotton truck is the one that John keeps coming back to on the site (he suggests he should model LOL). They look perfect for a night out on the town and fit the bill for maybe some after party hours… heheh :)

After the underwear comes the pants. Skinny dark jeans are a staple. Just like us ladies! I like Gap or Banana jeans because the quality is always there. John is into the bottom cuff so it may be worth looking into a length a tad longer to compensate. Khaki’s are also a greta option. I’d stick to straight or skinny leg! Khaki’s might work better for a slight more dressy occasion. (DONT FORGET TO IRON THEM COUGH JOHN COUGH)

Underwear check. Pants check. Now shirt! This is alwayssss a topic for debate with us. Do you stick with a classic or go with a print. We always end up going with a print!! Checkers or a decent stripe mostly but feel free to step outside your comfort zone. Just be careful when it comes to putting a tie with it… recently for John, the bold pattern with a blazer/suit jacket is doing the job perfectly – no tie!

Onto the blazer. As many of you know, Lord & Taylor is my place so we always check there for sales and deals!! Check there blazers page or even look into the sweaters. Mens Forever 21 is always a fantastic place to check – and its cheap (holler for a dollar). Another option is a killer sweater. It does more than a blazer sometimes, especially in the winter/spring!

shoe ee card

Shoes are do or die. Quick story – when I first met John working at Old Navy he was wearing these TERRIBLE Nike skate shoes. I loved everything about him until I saw the shoes. And, I literally thought omg idk if I can get over those shoes. Well, I did. And the story continues :). Okay, shoes. I’m a big fan of wingtips and so is John. He has a few pairs, different colors and styles. The style I’m currently loving and I know he is too is Cole Haan’s Wing Oxford sneaker shoes.  They F*^$!ing rock!

Then comes accessories. Do what you need. Don’t overdo it. A watch is always professional and bracelets can do some great things. Girls you know how to dress and accessorize make sure your man gets it too. Also if you are transitioning from day to night throw your sunglasses on your shirt or in the top pocket of your blazer :)


There you have it folks! Dress your men well and everything else in life will follow. SO John just literally threw a shoe across the living room and PERFECTLY nailed the glass of water on the table. I need to go use a few profanities and grab some towels.


Loft Friends and Family Style Event

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Loft Event 3 edit

I’m just going to say that it pays to know people. If you are like me, you probably know a few managers or associates at your favorite stores. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s something to be proud of!! I mean how do people think you get all the amazing outfits your do… DUH pre-sale-secrets!! Well, this past weekend a friend at works wife had a Style Event at the Loft! She’s the manager at the store here in Syracuse and let me tell you — They had such a fun style event for their Friends & Family Sale (40% OFF) Sunday morning before the store opened at 11 (Panera bagels included helloooo)!

I have been on a crazy Loft binge lately. Their tops and shorts and petty much everything just fit perfect and are exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve gotten nonstop complements on these shorts. Actually wish I bought like 2 pairs of them in each color. None the less, when I got a Facebook invite for this little shingding I had to commit. I’m in need of lightweight fall tops so I figured this was a perfect time/sale to find a few new fall staples!

Here is what I walked (more like joy skipped) away with…

loft Collage 1 loft Collage 2


Dolman Stripe Top & Black Top

(HIGHLY suggest these – easily the greatest tee I’ve put on ever)

This adorable Tassel Scarf.

This perfect Cardigan, in tan. (ON SALE)

These Stud Earrings.

This Slouchy Tee.

& another casual top that’s not on the site yet!

Ready for the greatest part…. drumroll PLEASE



#winner #winning #Iloveshopping

Calm down. I know you are excited for me!! lol. Here are a few pics from the event!

Loft Event 2

Loft Event 4

Loft Event 5

Loft Event 6

Since the event conveniently ended at 11 me and a few friends headed over to Cantina Laredo for some brunch! Complementary mimosa or bloody mary with brunch and only 2 bucks after that — we were on that like white on rice.

Loft Event 7

Loft Event 8

Loft Event 9

Loft Event 10

Jalepeno eggs with avocado & cheese, cheesy potatoes & some amazing cinnamon sugar fruit cup tortilla. AMAZING.


I hope everyone had a great weekend! We are in the midst of like four 90 degree days so I’ll be hibernating in the bedroom where the AC unit is located.



8 Photos of Happiness

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A fabulous friend of mine over at Raebyday nominated POL for the 8 Photos of Happiness Tag put on by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet!! Thanks Britt & Cara! Well, happiness means all sorts of things. There are the true life’s happiness photos and then there are the I-love-to-shop photos of happiness. I’m going to show off a mix of both because both scenarios motivate me to live life to fullest.

fam photo vacation

1. Family – My first photo of this challenge is the best family photo we have ever taken!! This, no joke, was my first real vacation. 1 week in the Caribbean. IT ROCKED. But this just reminds me of pure happiness.

Mia me Steph

2. This is one of my grandmothers – we call her Mia! She didn’t want the age aspect associated with the term ‘grandma’. Understandable. This was taken on Steph’s Ball day a few years ago but it really is one of the happiest photos of the 3 of us! Everyone says I was a spitting image of her when I was younger.


graduation me & John

3. BOYFRIEND – Obviously he is included but this picture is literally one of my favorites. Not only because we look good AF but I accomplished so much that day. Graduating college. I was the first grandchild on both sides of my family to do so and I am so glad he was by my side for it. #proudofmyself #Phins


me and kelc prom

4. BFF – This picture will go down as one of the best candids of all time. Kelcey has been my best friend since second grade when I approached her in my short sleeve purple turtleneck shirt. I can’t even type that without laughing! But we have been through practically everything together and I think this pictures exemplifies our friendship. This candid was taken on Prom when our bus driver slammed on the breaks while we were posing for a picture and a friend of mine snapped the photo. Hands down one of my favorite pictures of all time.


Patches Good Morning5. Patches – Patches is my baby. He has my heart. We have a very weird connection that I would not change for anything in the world. He is currently 16 years old and it pains me to see him grow old but we have literally had the most BADASS life together. He is the happiness dog and his happiness & joy makes me happy every time I walk in the door. My entire phone is filled with pictures of him but especially I love when my mom would send me these pictures of him holding up love notes :)


me outside stat

6. New York Yankees/Derek Jeter – if you know me even alittleeee bit you know I’m a die hard Jeter fan. The Yankees literally put so much happiness into my life throughout the past 15 years! There is nothing in the world that compares to walking into The Stadium – and nothing compares to seeing Jeter’s last game.


me tina Disney

7. DISNEY – Okay, I’ve only been to Disney once… and this was it. It was literally the happiest, most fun day ever!! They literally say its the happiest place on earth – and they ain’t lieeeee’nnn. And I got to spend the day with one of my favorite friends, TINA. We need to go back and I need to purchase another $10 Mickey balloon :)


PicMonkey Friends Collage

8. Friends – I have no clue where I’d be without these people (and more!). They bring true happiness to my life and I hope I do the same to theirs. I love them all so very much.


To zee nominees…






If you lovely ladies decide to participate, just follow the steps below.

1. Post your 8 photos of happiness.
2. Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog.
3. Link to the creator of this event, Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet.
4. Nominate some of your favorite bloggers to participate :)




Shopping Addict | #Nsale

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Nsale closet pic

Some people have problems going to bed at night and some people have problems not buying something when there is a sale. That’s me – the sale part (I sleep at least 9 hours every night). I have been trying a lot more decently to hold back on purchasing as I’m attempting to pay down my L&T card – don’t worry it’s nothing outrageous. I am also try to save up for a few other things coming up :)


Well, like twice a year the yee ole Nordstroms (queue the britsh accent) has thy anniversary sale. A girl can’t resist looking or making a list of the things she wants/might need. First off, I have no freaking clue how some of these bloggers buy the things they do, and at scale. My lists are pretty much I-want-this lists but to some bloggers it’s a receipt. CRAZY. I wish that was me but it’s not. Womp Womp.


Anyway, I have been on the search for a new bag for months. I’m having one of those buyers guilt moments where I don’t wanna spend all that money but I reallllly, realllllyy want it, so I can’t stop talking about it kinda things. Enter the bucket bag. My dream bucket bag is actually on sale for $227 but after personalization and the shipping cost that must include 4 nearly naked men, dressed in Egyptian pharaoh outfits, carrying the purse to my house on a golden cushion covered with sheer majestic curtains raised above their heads, it ends up close to 300 bucks! That is a student loan payment or a car payment. SO that’s where my dilemma lays. Behold this lovely bag apart of the Nordstroms Sale! $32 bucks… it’s not exactly like the other one but for 32 bucks I think it’s worth trying out.  Check it out in black here!


Nordstrom Sale Picks


Everything else is a decent deal! The earrings are fantastic. I bought the multi color festive ones over the winter for Christmas & New Years – received tons of complements. The gold are classic and the perfect size to spice up an outfit. That Marc Jacobs is perfection…but again that buyers guilt lurks in the background.


I love bar carts! I got John his bar cart at Marshalls but let me tell you they are not cheap! Not even at Marshalls so this is definitely something you should invest in a little. This gold one though is great and classic – I have seen it on tons of other blogs.


Alright so you probably think I’m confused and crazy for including winter boots on this list. But do you remember last year how EVERY STORE WAS SOLD OUT OF ANYTHING THAT WAS REMOTELY CLOSE TO THESE BOOTS?! Yeah, I do. SO they are on sale now people!! And they are freaking adorable. Legit might be buying winter/fall boots in the middle of July.


The Sale doesn’t go live until Friday the 17th (for normal, non-card holder folk). So get your credit cards ready and have a quick hand cause shit will go fast. Luckily this chick gets paid on Friday so we shall see where the wind blows…
paris taste gif

Back at it FOLKS

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I’m here now. I know you missed me and my misspelled words. Well, I came back to a lovely 108 spam messages. No thanks to the Stephen Curry jersey, the Michael Kors discounted site, the seo plug-ins, the kidney transplant (for real), or anything in Russian. Pretty amazing how that is someones job… so sorry for them.

It has been a few months since I’ve been here. I have people asking me where I have been so I guess this is the first time in my life I can say I’M BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Feels great. So cool.

Anyhow, things have been swell. Just had a lovely 4th of July weekend (sunset photo’s coming soon). I got to see some family friends and their ADORABLE LITTLE BABIES. 3.5 to be exact. 1 is due in the fall!

A few weeks ago we went to Detroit for John’s birthday and for Father’s Day! I fought off a few thugs, took down a cocaine ring, and sold john’s car for a Chrysler with pink 18’s & a whole street block. TOTALLY KIDDING. That woulda been kinda cool but none of it happened. Not even close.

This is what actually happened –

It was so nice to get away for the weekend & just hang out! Took 8 hours to get there but most definitely well worth it! The weekend before that was my BFF’s bridal shower!!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL shower. Amazing food (I mean amazing) and fantastic cocktails. And obviously a beautiful bride to be!!

Alyssa Shower 3

Alyssa Shower 2

Alyssa shower 1

Alyssa Shower 4

The perfect occasion to wear my Lilly for Target dress that I fought off a 12 year old for :)

Her wedding is coming up in August so look out for amazing pictures from the wedding.

Other than that I’ve been looking online at far to many things. Almost gave in and bought my self a Gigi New York bag but it didn’t happen. Someday soon she will be mine. In other fantastic news my BIRTHDAY IS SUNDAY. The month long festivities can begin now.

Don’t have much planed for the big 2-4 but we shall see where the week brings us. Last year I saw BEY in concert soooo ya know…

I have some fun sh*t in store for this here ole blog so stay tuned! PS go check out my friends new blog!!! It’s about her new puppy she’s about to bring home – follow her:)

Gift Guide: for her | #blogmas14

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Who is ready for Christmas?!?!

Ladies, it is so easy to gift us. I know I will 100% enjoy a gift card to one of my fav spots & be able to pick out exactly what I like. Some females make take offense to it but look, they want you to get what YOU want! If it is not a gift card, I love fun gifts that I will talk about for months to come. So, I put together a gift guide that I think is a safe bet to get any gal and will hopefully make you a fabulous gift giver. It can be great for your sister, your friend, your co – worker or even your momma.

Just remember ALWAYS get a gift receipt!!! It’s the polite thing to do & it helps out the cashier in the store if they do return it. 7 years of working retail talking here – GET A GIFT RECEIPT PLEASE.

Okay, start your shopping :)


Gift Guide For Her
NARS lip gloss set – $39 – everyone loves tinted lipgloss this year. Throw a bottle of vino with it & you have the best. gift. ever.
Kate Spade Sparkle Earrings – $38 – Okay, I gave in and bought the multi colored ones myself on Black Friday.
H&M Home Blanky – $80 – just look at it. Anyone would drool over being able to wrap themselves in that Sunday morning.
VS Jammie Set – current sale for $39 – I am all about the matching pj sets this year! Again, throw in some wine… winner.
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda – $34 – every girl is trying to get her life organized. Designer planner? why not!
Mackenzie-Childs Mug – $38 – I know I would love anything from there. That’s the stuff you hand down to your kids :)


As always, keep your eyes out for good sales! Weekends will normally be the time for extra % offs or free shipping!
Look out, tomorrow I will have a gift guide for guys!!
#blogmas14 with Ash & Tay

Favorite Fam Christmas Photo | #blogmas14

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It’s kinda funny. I went looking thru pictures for this post and found myself sitting there dying laughing look at tons of old photos!! It is so funny how 1. cameras have changed and 2. how good people look now adays in front of a camera. After about an hour of looking thru photos I realized our fam never did Christmas photos. I actually never sent out my thank you notes for my graduation party either. So don’t count on getting anything on time/ever from us lol.


I did however come across some stellar Christmas-esk pics that are perfect for this.

This one was the closet holiday photo I could find but… my dad isn’t in it lol. 20 bucks he took the pic


X mas - Mom & Us

And now I will embarrass myself and my sister pretty good…

xmas - me & steph

Remember how you’d always hang the Christmas cards and photos on the window cil or back of the door?!? Oh, and remember how tucking everything in was a thing… ouch.

xmas - sweater tree

possibly the MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO EVER. My gramma or my great aunt or someone sent us these lovely Chirstmas (fleece) sweaters. So we had to take some photos by my grammas fake tree and send them to someone. Great aunt I’m assuming? As you can tell, this was a fabulous tomboy phase I was going thru at the time. wind pants and all. Also, sorry steph. LOL.

xmas - panda

I reallllyyy loved that panda bear. They are my favorite animal. And those PJ, they were my fav PJ’s. Oh, notice on the right – I got mall madness that year!!! I am literally laughing at the fact we actually put candy canes on the tree too

xmas - roller coaster tycoon

THEN THIS HAPPENED!!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!! This is 100% sheer excitement captured in 1 photo. This was no act folks. I remember almost crying I was so happy 😀

xmas - snowman 2

My favorite part of this picture is that Steph & the snowman are wearing the same hat, different color!!! DYING! And it looks like our swing set had seen better days… woof.

xmas snowman 1

here is one more. Poor frosty – a head and then a large body. No 3 tired body parts this time.

xmas - santa 4

I will tell you, I was TERRIFIED of Santa. I loved the idea of him coming but when it came to him talking, looking or holding me, I practically peed my pants. My Power Ranger pillow was way more appealing at the time…

xmas - santa 3

Then it happened.

xmas - santa 5

I was terrified and not enthused. And Steph got caught in the act – NOSE PICKER

xmas - us  santa 1

Take 87 – a winner! Look at those smilesssss!

xmas - santa 2

Then there were the store Santa photos. KILLER wind suit mom & dad.

xmas - snata 2

Deer in headlights. Would have loved a 3-2-1 countdown

Now I will share with you my favorite Christmas photo. All late 90s kids will understand –

xmas - walkman

DAMN STRAIGHT! THAT IS A BRAND NEW WALKMAN!!!! I’m wearing my other favorite Barbie Pjs that obv look a tad small. ALSO notice I got Parent Trap on VHS TOO?! MOM & DAD WENT HAM THAT CHRISTMAS!


I apologize for not having a family holiday photo but I think I made up for it :)

I encourage everyone to go look thru old photos. It was a freaking riot!

I have a few gift guides coming to you tomorrow & Thursday. hollllaaa





Breakfast Quesadilla

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I love food. I love to make food. I love to eat food. Alot.

It’s a problem! But hey, you only live once right? 😉

This past weekend I whipped up some pretty cool breakfast dilla’s for me and the bf. I originally got the idea off of Pinterest but tweaked it a tad to my likings. I hit the local Wegmans for a few ingredients and boom I was ready to scarf face.

John has an unexplainable love for bacon. Like it is pretty intense. So to get my dilla’s started, I cut up some bacon, thru it in a pan and yelled for John to come finish everything. JUST KIDDING. I wish that happened tho – so romantic.

Step 1- Bacon

Quesadilla 1

Step 2- get them scramble eggs going!

quesadilla 2

Step 3- After bacon is done, cook them eggs!

quesadilla 3

Step 4- if you know me even alittle bit, you know I love cheese. So, butter the skillet, grab your tortilla and then add CHEESE

quesadilla 4

Step 5- slap some eggs on top, then grab a handful of bacon

quesadilla 5

Step 6- Obviously add some more cheese for the top. Add a few scoops of salsa to the top (my fav part) then close the tortilla.

Step 7- very carefully watch and flip the dilla so it doesn’t burn. burnt dilla’s are the WORST (especially when they do it at Taco Bell. Pet peeve)

quesadilla 7

After a few flips & the tortilla is cooked to a brownish color, you can enjoy! Be sure to make sure the tortilla edges are a bit crunchy before taking off the skillet though.

And there you have it folks… Breakfast Dilla’s for all

quesadilla 8

YUMMMM! These were a hit. Serve them with a small dish of salsa on the side incase the indulger wants to dip.



PS black friday is right around the corner. Stop back for the list of sales for this spectacular weekend :)