Amazing Chili Recipe!

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The name for this should be: World Famous Chili

If you didn’t know, I am a TWO-TIME CHILI COOK OFF WINNER. My company has an annual chili cook off the week of Thanksgiving where 25 employees enter a chili. THAT’S right I beat 24 other chili’s, TWICE!! It’s really an accomplishment seeing as I used to hate chili growing up. Beans freak me out and veggies were just never my thing. But once I got a bit older and wiser, I started to like my dad’s chili pilled high with cheese and Fritos scoops for dipping (obv picking around the beans – that will never happen).

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.11.43 PM

Here is proof of my win

My winning recipe last year was a mac and cheese chili. PHENOMINAL if I do say so myself. I couldn’t even test it a second time because my crockpot was licked clean. **takes a bow** So this year I was out to take home the big W again. The trash talking around the office was at an all time high (no joke, so much trash talk) and I had the biggest target on my back. The only thing that cautioned me from the start was the new rules for this year competition– no pasta, rice, quinoa, cheese, and bunch of other crap. INNOVATION IS MY KEY TO SUCCESS. I went to the drawing board Pinterest to see what was out there. After some poking around I decided to go with a classic chili, my dad’s classic chili recipe. I added a few outliers to his recipe (to make it my own) but in the end the crux of the chili is the family recipe.

Going into chili day I was not as confident as I was the year before. Going into a competition with a classic is tough and nerve-wracking. The key to success and getting peoples votes (yes we all vote at the end, quite official actually) is to have a creative name. A name the people remember. A name the people keep talking about. A name the people chant and want more of. Okay sorry.

Well last years name was: Mac that Ass Up

This year’s name…


And let me tell you if the office was Twitter, Chiline Dion was #trending worldwide.

Despite the haters, I won with 26% of the votes. We have over 150 people in the office so yeah there is that. suckers.

Are you ready for the recipe now?



Amazing Chili Recipe


Okay here is what you will need:

1 pound of hamburger meat (80/20 but 90/10 if you feel like going for it)

1 pound of hot sausage patties (you will only use half so if you can find smaller, holler)

½-1 green pepper

½-1 small yellow onion

½ jalapeño, seeds INCLUDED

½-1 cup of celery

A chunk of garlic, chopped

1 bag of sharp cheddar sheese

1 LARGE can (28oz) of crushed tomatoes (If you like really chunky chili you could do something chunkier or half and half)

1 can (15 oz) of red beans (I HATE beans so I only put in half a can)

1 packet of chili seasoning, mild

Some brown sugar

Some cayenne pepper

Some cumin

Salt & Pepper


Get a large pot.

Brown the meats together in the pot. Use all the hamburger meat and then 3-4 patties of the hot sausage. Salt and pepper the shit out of it!!! Once that is brown but still has a few red chunks pour out a lot of the juices from the bottom of the pot. You can keep a little but try to get a lot out. After that, add in the veggies (pepper, jalapeño, onion, garlic, celery) to the meat. I put “½-1” in the directions because I only used a half of each but if my dad made it he’d probably use a full pepper and a full onion. All personal preference.

Make sure those are all chopped up decently. Once you give them a nice mix in with the meat, put a lid on it and let steam together for 3-5 mins.

Give it a few good stirs in the meantime.

Once that’s all mixed together and the veggies are no longer firm, add the chili mix right to the meat and veggies. This is key (I personally think). Stir that powder in real good and let sit for a few mins after.

Now add the beans. ADD IN THE BEAN JUICE (gross sounding, I know). Mix that all in. Maybe throw a few shakes of salt and pepper here… Now the fun part – add the full can of crushed tomatoes. Run the inside of the can under a little water to grab the leftovers on the side and pour only a little into the chili mixture. You definitely do not want too much water. Now mix!!!

At this point, it’s going to smell amazing, feel free to taste test. Cheese is always amazing so add in 2 handfuls of cheddar cheese and stir it in.

Wait about a min or so before doing anything else. Now the best ingredient – brown sugar. I add in like a finger grasp full into the chili. Mix it up real good then add in a tad bit more. I never measure this, go with your gut. Now I will add in a few dashes of extra cayenne, one healthy dash of cumin, and then a taste test.

Amazing Chili

From here you are done!!! It now depends on personal preference if you want a little more brown sugar or a little more heat with the cayenne!

Viola! The worlds best chili is literally in front of your eyes. Don’t forget the extra pile of cheddar cheese to top it all off. I made a batch of Jiffy corn muffins to go on the side and man, they just put the cherry on top!

Let me know if you have any questions on the recipe! You can email me – [email protected] or just leave a comment. If you do make it soon, let me know how it turns out!!


Kim HW gif


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Black Friday Sales Guide

Here is the ultimate Black Friday Sales list:

Loft – 50% off almost everything

Urban Outfitters – 30% off SALE items

Target – 40% of clothing, accessories, shoes & TONS MORE

Express – 50% everything until NOON

Victoria Secret – Bras – Buy one get one 50% off,  VS boyfriend pant or hoodie are $30, PINK half zip or gym pant $30, Buy PJs get pair of free slippers

Kate Spade – 25% off purchase (code: MERCI) AND 75% off secret sale (requires email to log into sale)

Lulu & Georgia – 20% off $250+ (adorable home stuff!) (code: GIVEME20)

Michaels – 40% off reg. price (online) purchase from 4am-4pm (code: GIVE40W)

– 30% off ENTIRE (in store) purchase, sale included, from 4pm-2am (code: THXFRI305)

Sephora$10 deals (some brands included: mini sets from Tarte, Living Proof, Smashbox & Boscia)

Ulta – TONS of beauty deals (some brands included: Chi flatiron, Tarte set, Urban Decay primer set, Philosophy gift sets & much more)

Hollister – 50% off entire store & free shipping

Abercrombie – 50% off entire store & free shipping

Old Navy – 50% off entire store & 60%, 50%, 40% off online select styles

Lord & Taylor – TONS of sales, $20 off $150 ONLINE (code: BONUS) & free shipping

Macy’s – TONS of sale (just got a $190 vacuum for $79!!!)

Ann Taylor – 50% off everything

Forever 21 – up to 70% new arrivals, tons of deals starting at $4 & free shipping over $30

ASOS – 30% off everything

Gap – 50% off entire store (online code: BLKFRIDAY)

J.crew – 30% off entire purchase & 40% off sale items

NY & Company – up to 75%, extra 10% off with code: 5195, $10 doorbusters until midnight TONIGHT!

H&M – Deals from $5 (PS check out there home section…perfection) & 20% off $60 purchase (print coupon or code: 3231)

Nine West – 50% off boots, pumps, purses & more

Aldo – 50% off original boots, shoes, bags & accessories & free shipping

Bath & Body – buy 3 get 3 FREE entire store & $5 Wallflower 2-pack ONLINE ONLY till midnight

American Eagle – 40% off holiday collection, BOGO free PJ pants & 10 for $32 undies

Pottery Barn – 20% off one ONLINE item, 30% off almost all holiday esk items & 30% off all throw blankets

BCBG Max Azria– 40% off ENTIRE STORE (this doesn’t happen often)

Nordstrom – TONS of sales in every department

Steve Madden – 25% off everything until midnight with free shipping BUT check back tomorrow for a different deal

Banana Republic – 50% off sweaters & 40% off rest of your purchase

Bauble Bar – 30% off (code: THX)

Sole Society – 30% off SELECT items until midnight BUT check back tomorrow for different deal


GO GO GO! Enjoy the sales!!

Gift Guide: Scarves

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Holiday Gift Guide Cover Photo

Gifting season is in full effect and I keep telling myself to start saving and start looking for gifts here and there. Well, saving is WAY EASIER said than done. And, it’s so hard to keep an out for others when everything IS SO PERFECT right now. #shoppingaddiction. And now it’s already Black Friday so that didn’t work…

Last year my friends and I did a gift exchange. Highly suggest doing this if you have tons of people to buy for but you still wanna tell your besties you love them. We each chose a name and set a limit for price on gifts. We waited a few days after Christmas to exchange so it didn’t get in the way of everyone’s family events but this year we may work it before and who knows, probably make it into a wine night! Anyways, Black Friday is an amazing time to pick up gifts so keep an eye out this weekend!! Scarves and accessories are the perfect things to pick up on this big sale day since they end up being pretty cheap. Tons of stores sell out and won’t necessarily get everything back in again. Soooo, go do some damage girl –


Holiday Scarf Guide

Shop them all here:

Express | H&M | Target | Loft | Forever 21 | H&M | Old Navy

Scarves are a perfect gift for anyone! So seriously pick up a few because they are ALL on a great sale (and you know you like them, you know you waaaant them). If you don’t end up using it as a gift then BOOM new scarf for you. Really works out.

Look out LATER TODAY for a FULL Black Friday sale list. I highly suggest doing your research right now so as soon as you put it in the cart (online or literally) you can charge to the checkout (get the pun there LOL)!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friends Thanksgiving gif

How To Make Homemade Salsa Dip

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I’m no chef, heck I’m not even close to an amateur chef but let me tell you I can follow a written recipe like a pro!! Chips and salsa & cheese and crackers are pretty much all I need in life to survive. Stuck on a desert island and I could only bring 3 things… (this counts as one) chips & salsa dip, (this counts as one) cheese & crackers, and then some sort of weapon or wine. This is under the assumption I wouldn’t be stuck there for very long.

A few weeks ago I was craving some fresh homemade salsa dip. My mom wanted me to bring something to my aunts for Labor Day so I did a bit of pinteresting. Found a recipe I thought fit my pickiness and off I was. I had gotten 2 HUGE tomatoes at the farmer’s market earlier that week (for like 2 bucks mind you) so I needed to hit Wegmans for a few tiny ingredients… literally and figuratively.

For the most part, I tried to mimic this salsa recipe. I ended up added a thing or 2 that I liked from doing a little more research.

How to make fresh homemade salsa

I know mason jars are suuuuper cliche right now but no joke they are a fabulous storage option for your fresh salsa. Keeps it fresh and allows for easy travel if you’re going to a party or just bringing it into the office! Okay onto the the salsa ingredients –

Fresh salsa Ingredients

2-3 Large Tomatoes (add another one if you like more tomato)

1/2 Yellow Onion (I’m not into onion so really go with your heart)

1/4 or 2 strips of a Green Pepper

1/2-3/4 Jalapeño depending on your desired hotness level

1 clove of garlic

3/4 cup of chopped Cilantro

some salt and pepper to taste

5 gentle squeezes of Lemon & Lime juice (half or 1 Tablespoon of each if using fresh)

Homemade salsa dip


Feel free to double this to make a bigger serving! Once you make it a time or 2 you’ll find your ingredient niche and add or subtract a few of the measurements above. Everyone likes it a little different!

To start, grab your tomatoes. I had an Oster chopper thing and put a few cubes of tomato in that to get some liquid going. After that, add to a bowl. Now hand chop the rest of your tomatoes. I wasn’t exactly sure how much tomato I wanted so I chopped a little, adding other ingredients, and then chopped a little more. After you have your tomatoes under control, grab the onion (and your tissues lol). Again, I chopped up a few cubes of onion and threw that in the Oster. Had to hand chop a few pieces that didn’t get chopped finely enough, though. Then grab the green pepper. I cut a few healthy stripes off the pepper and chopped it up. I estimated the size of the chop from how it is in the normal Tostito salsa. From there I gave it a good ole stir. That’s when I decide if I need more tomato or maybe need more blended tomato (the great juices!).

tomatoes for fresh salsa

Then I tested my patience with the chopping of the jalapeño. I wanted it chopped pretty fine so I went in with the knife and chopped, chopped, chopped. Keep the seeds with it!!!! That gives the salsa the heat!!! I repeat, put the jalapeño seeds in the bowl!! Now the garlic. I hate myself for not buying the pre-chopped kind so again I went in and chopped, chopped, chopped. Threw that in the bowl and gave it another good stir. All your hefty ingredients should be in there now. Grab your cilantro and start chopping that up. Throw that in. Shake in some salt & pepper and then add the lemon & lime juices. Again, give it a stir. From here I taste test and add more as my little taste buds desire. Remember that your chip is most likely going to be salted so no need to go heavy with the salt. To finish, add a bit of cilantro to garnish on top & you’re good to go!

Fresh salsa dip


This fresh recipe is perfect for a last minute dish or even just to satisfy those tastebuds at home. This has been a huge hit at my house! I’ve made it 4 or 5 times since Labor Day and will most likely continue throughout the winter.


Here are a few other fresh salsa recipes I came across on Pinterest – Try this, this, this blender one, or this avocado salsa one!!


Enjoy some fresh salsa, you deserve it!


Fresh Salsa dip


8 Photos of Happiness

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A fabulous friend of mine over at Raebyday nominated POL for the 8 Photos of Happiness Tag put on by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet!! Thanks Britt & Cara! Well, happiness means all sorts of things. There are the true life’s happiness photos and then there are the I-love-to-shop photos of happiness. I’m going to show off a mix of both because both scenarios motivate me to live life to fullest.

fam photo vacation

1. Family – My first photo of this challenge is the best family photo we have ever taken!! This, no joke, was my first real vacation. 1 week in the Caribbean. IT ROCKED. But this just reminds me of pure happiness.

Mia me Steph

2. This is one of my grandmothers – we call her Mia! She didn’t want the age aspect associated with the term ‘grandma’. Understandable. This was taken on Steph’s Ball day a few years ago but it really is one of the happiest photos of the 3 of us! Everyone says I was a spitting image of her when I was younger.


graduation me & John

3. BOYFRIEND – Obviously he is included but this picture is literally one of my favorites. Not only because we look good AF but I accomplished so much that day. Graduating college. I was the first grandchild on both sides of my family to do so and I am so glad he was by my side for it. #proudofmyself #Phins


me and kelc prom

4. BFF – This picture will go down as one of the best candids of all time. Kelcey has been my best friend since second grade when I approached her in my short sleeve purple turtleneck shirt. I can’t even type that without laughing! But we have been through practically everything together and I think this pictures exemplifies our friendship. This candid was taken on Prom when our bus driver slammed on the breaks while we were posing for a picture and a friend of mine snapped the photo. Hands down one of my favorite pictures of all time.


Patches Good Morning5. Patches – Patches is my baby. He has my heart. We have a very weird connection that I would not change for anything in the world. He is currently 16 years old and it pains me to see him grow old but we have literally had the most BADASS life together. He is the happiness dog and his happiness & joy makes me happy every time I walk in the door. My entire phone is filled with pictures of him but especially I love when my mom would send me these pictures of him holding up love notes :)


me outside stat

6. New York Yankees/Derek Jeter – if you know me even alittleeee bit you know I’m a die hard Jeter fan. The Yankees literally put so much happiness into my life throughout the past 15 years! There is nothing in the world that compares to walking into The Stadium – and nothing compares to seeing Jeter’s last game.


me tina Disney

7. DISNEY – Okay, I’ve only been to Disney once… and this was it. It was literally the happiest, most fun day ever!! They literally say its the happiest place on earth – and they ain’t lieeeee’nnn. And I got to spend the day with one of my favorite friends, TINA. We need to go back and I need to purchase another $10 Mickey balloon :)


PicMonkey Friends Collage

8. Friends – I have no clue where I’d be without these people (and more!). They bring true happiness to my life and I hope I do the same to theirs. I love them all so very much.


To zee nominees…






If you lovely ladies decide to participate, just follow the steps below.

1. Post your 8 photos of happiness.
2. Thank your nominator and provide a link to their blog.
3. Link to the creator of this event, Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet.
4. Nominate some of your favorite bloggers to participate :)




Food Finds | Modern Malt

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MM eating 1.5

If it is not known yet then here you go – I’m a food addict. I could literally eat out every single day and not think twice. But for real, I could eat Chipotle like 5 times a week. Obviously that is not possible because I didn’t win the lottery and I would like to be skinny so as much as I’d love to do that I probably shouldn’t.

This past weekend (and a few weekends ago) we went to a somewhat new restaurant in downtown Cuse. It is actually directly across from my office (bad news). I had only been once before and John has been dying to go, so we did it! The place is called Modern Malt (follow their insta – it’s amazing). It’s a ‘diner’ that services breakfast all day AND has a FULL bar. I mean win-win right?

Let me just say that Saturday at 6:30 there was a 45 min wait. Worth it because I had the most amazing Moscow Mule. They make their own ginger beer and let me tell you it was perfection. John had one as well but his was made with Jack. Risky but it paid off.

Moscow Mules MM

John has an ongoing thing that dinner outings be the no phone zone. I get, I get it but sometimes I want to take pics of my food or look up how many movies Jack Black has been in. It’s like 50 plus if you are wondering. You probably weren’t.

So, I only got 1 pic of our food, the first time around. We got the Chicken and Waffles and the Hello Buffalo Poutine. AMAZINGNESS.

Dinner Modern Malt

The Hello Buffalo is literally life changing. This past Sunday we went and got it again!! But this time we went to town and tried out a few new things too.

Mimosa’s – check

MM mimosa


Strawberry Cheesecake STUFFED French Toast – check

MM cheesecake FT


Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Check

MM pancakes

Attempted Couple Photo’s – check

MM eating 3

MM eating 2

Modern Malt is a gold mine! You have to check it out but don’t forget to call ahead – so worth it!!

Weekly Links & Weekend Deals

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I really love how Running with Spoons does a weekly “link love”! I always find myself clicking away at some really cool shit. So, I’m gonna give it a whirl and showcase some really cool stuff I’ve found or saw throughout the week!

If you go over to Running with Spoons, you’ll see she has links for a few categories like fitness, food, and blogging. I’m going to pick a few fun topics every week. It will most likely change (because sometimes cool stuff doesn’t have a category) for the first few times as I get my shit in order.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 2.48.34 PM

-Food & Drink-

Strawberry Moscow Mule Recipe – Found the perfect recipe after drooling over the one I had at Gordon Biersch last weekend! Now I just need to ask where the F*#^ is spring?!?!

Slow Cooker Spin Dip – If you know me, you know I can pound a bowl of Spin Artichoke dip to my face, easily. This is perfect for some NCAA parties or a girls night.


Contouring for Beginners Tutorial – Such a great, easy tutorial! She uses some pricey make-up but I’m sure it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives at the drugstore or Ulta.


RocksBox – I have been seeing this all over the inter-webs!! I think I need to do it. I mean what bad could really happen…. :)

Mario & Luigi Coming to your Smart Phone – This is beyond exciting!! It will not be the original Mario (slightly disappointing) but I’m sure they will not let us down.

Only 273 of 11.57 Million Still Perfect – NO ONE, I mean no one in their right mind could have predicted the insane upsets on just the first day of the NCAA tourney. Those 273 had to have done it with their eyes closed.

Man Hacks the Entire Travel Industry – How in the world. Literally. Very interesting, crazy video on how he fly’s for free, gets his money back, and is a straight boss.


Best Time to Post a Photo on Instagram – Really great info on the perfect timing for optimal likes. The bottom chart lets you change stats by days of the week.

Spring Blogging Prompts – This will be really helpful for me as I’m still learning!!

A Few Tips to Stay Organized – Simple, to the point tips that will are really helpful to note. Hoping to get on a better blogging schedule this spring.

Now here are some sales I don’t think you can miss!

Kate Spade Saturday – 50% off EVERYTHING

H&M – 20% off purchase ONLINE

Lord & Taylor – 20% off reg & sale. & buy more save more (shoes & sportswear)

Victoria Secret – 7 for 27 pantieeeesss

Gap – sign up for emails get 35% off purchase

10 Reasons I Hate This Winter

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snow Dec 2

Greetings from the tundra.

It hasn’t been over 32 DEGREES ONCE THIS MONTH. Do you know what that is like? It’s like sitting in your freezer with a towel on for weeks on end. I used to never wear gloves because it wasn’t cool… my gloves are my freaking best friend currently. I left them at home one day and literally almost cried.

Living in Syracuse is tough. We get all 4 season. The Frozen-esk season, the flooding season, the “it’s hotter than a grass skirt in a forrest fire” season, and the too many leaves on the ground season. BUT it’s fun.

Well, this winter has been the one from HELL. I guess I can’t say the entire winter.. the last month really. Since that damn hedgehog/groundhog thing saw it’s shadow. Here are 10 SOLID reasons why this winter sucks

10. You want to put everything you own on at once

friends gifI debate doing this every single morning. That’s after the hard core debate if it will be jeans or leggings that day…

9. No snow days

I swear there needs to be snow days for corporate america. New York & Maryland & every other freaking city SHUTS DOWN when there is snow in the forecast. In Syracuse we drive to work in real scenes from The Day After Tomorrow.

8. The chances of getting killed by falling ice increases by 4000%

Ice is a dangerous thing. You should see the built up ice on the side of John’s house! It looks like a 6 foot ice sculpture people pay hundreds of dollars for. Beware of falling ice, I would really hate to go out that way.

7. You’re pale as F**K

tanning gifI’m telling you right now, part of my skin has not seen sun since probably October. My eyeballs have forgot what the sun actually looks like. Debating about doing some self tan but that requires work.

6. Your skin looks like a shedding snow globe

they-make-lotion-for-that gif

Lotion is your best friend. Your skin get so dry it’s unreal. Thankfully I’m not the one where my skin legit breaks and bleeds or the one who has insane dandruff. I feel for those people.

5. Your car permanently has snow stuck everywhere

snowbrush-o gif

You have no idea what it is like to have to brush off your car when you’re late for work. The amount of snow we have gotten recently turns this decent task into a freaking olympic timed event.

4. People forget how to drive and park


Okay it’s snowing, it’s safe to take your time BUT MOVE TO THE RIGHT LANE THAN. Don’t even get me started on parking lots. Are we really all that freaking stupid that we can’t park our cars without out pre-drawn lines?!?! People.

3. ZERO motivation to workout or eat healthy

runner falling gif

No one wants to be this chick. When it’s 18 degrees out and you haven’t seen grass in months the last thing you want to eat is fruit or a salad. You want a juicy, fatting, make me feel warm burger or the most expensive U pick 2 meal from Panera. And working out just seems like a lost cause.

2. The brown mushy stuff

brown snow meme

There are 3 things in life I hate. 1. Ketchup 2. Zits 3. BROWN MUSHY SNOW. You could be driving a hum-vee and you’ll still spin out. Try shoveling it? NOPE 80% chance you’ll pull a muscle in your back or tear your rotator cuff. DIE BROWN SNOW DIE!

1. Your expensive boots are RUINED

jon snow gif

Jon Snow says it all. There are no words for the disgusting abuse your shoes have gone through. Uggs? somewhat wet forever. Boots? salt stained forever. Actually snow boots? wet forever and smell like death forever. Don’t even dare to try and wear your cute booties because you will either fall to your death or water log them. Oh, and if you want to get legit snow boots be ready to cough up 300 doll hairs.


Well, I hope you can all agree to my 10 complaints. I am mostly upset about the abuse to my shoes because that results in actual money. Everything else just effects my feelings (that matters too). The current snow total for the Cuse is 98 inches. That is 8 feet. Practically twice my height.


Stay safe out there people. They say spring is on the horizon.

Motivational Monday

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motivation pin

Ah. Monday. Also the day off for President’s Day.

HOLLA. (Thank you President’s… even you Fitzgerald Grant :) :) )

I have been (trying) to do Kayla Itsines Workout guide for the past few weeks. It is NOT EASY lol. Can’t say I have done every one or did all of them all the way thru… but I’m stickin to it!

Just please let me look like her.

Kayla I 1Kayla I 2


When it’s -30 Degress out and looks like this out…

…there is ZERO motivation to workout or even LOOK at a gosh dang salad.

Well, here are some delicious looking recipes that will 1. keep you warm! and 2. give you the flavor without all the crap.

pinterest recipes

 1. Chicken Tortilla Soup via

2. Spinach, Tomato, Garlic & Toretilli Soup via

3. Rosemary, Garlic, Butter Steak via

4. Cheesy Spinach Muffins via



Stay warm & remember that any workout is better than nothing!!

What to Get Him | Valentine’s Day

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firework 1

Ahhh. Valentine’s day. The most sketchy holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing the people I love a little more affection on that day but I (hope) I show enough affection to John everyday!!

Over the past few years, we have gotten each other some gifts, dinner dates, and chocolate goodies. If you can’t tell already, I love food. So anything that involves it, I’m 100% in. The only dilemma we have this year is that Valentine’s day lands on the SYRACUSE vs DUKE game. If you are not informed, this is A BIG TO DO. It will be the 2nd year the match up will happen. I will not go into details of last years game because I unfortunately remember very little of it…. #toomuchfireball but it’s a holiday in itself. I cannot wait!!


With all that being said I think Valentine’s day may have to fall on Feb. 13th this year. Well, I put together a fun gift guide that will help get the shopping done early, so you can focus on the big game!



Valentine's Day gift guide


+ Nike Roshe. I love these sneakers. They are sporty but can still be dressed up with the right outfit! John already has a pair of these (that I searched high and low for) and he looooves them.
+ Aldo Watch (similar style to one above). Aldo has some pretty decent accessories. I have their womens watch set with interchanging bands. freaking love it. Last winter I got a John a killer watch from there – 22 freaking dollars. It was a steal! Great gift that won’t break the bank.
+ Jack Daniels. Can’t go wrong here. No guy will turn down a bottle of alcohol. Spice up the gift with some fun shot glasses or a recipe!
+ Art of Shaving Carry On. This stuff is the real deal. If you are shopping for a cool guy that loves cool products, you have to check out Art of Shaving. And who doesn’t love that giant fluffy face brush :)
+ Truck Club Subscription. Okay this is seriously awesome. Didn’t know there were male clothing subscription services!! You do a style quiz and then they’ll send 10+ items picked out for your guy. Then your guy has 10 days to decide what they want and what they don’t! Super freaking cool. Might have to really look into this one 😉
+ Ray Ban Clubmaster’s. I am big believer in sunglasses as gifts. These have made a gift guide of mine before! Aviator’s for the ladies & Clubmaster’s for the men.
+ Laptop Bag (similar style). Have a business-y man to shop for? Try a super cool spring laptop bag. Men like accessories too ya know!


Woo! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I’ve gotta find some time to pick out a few goodies for John. We had a massive snow storm Sunday Night into Monday. And the temps this week are pretty much in the negatives! One thing that will make that feel better is… some shopping… heheh.
I think I’m going to try something new over the next few months when it comes to shopping. I’ll be updating!

Have a great Tuesday!