Decor Inspo Monday

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Fixer Upper Chip gif

Ek, it’s been a few weeks since my last post. It’s been a bit busy between work and just living life. The weekends have been jammed packed the past few weeks, just like yours probably have. A good friend of mine got married Memorial Day weekend!!! It was nothing short of perfection. We had a grand ole time!! We had the Taste of Syracuse the following weekend. Wasn’t really planning on going this year but whatever, we always somehow end up there! Just Donuts stole my heart and my Instagram this year, for sure!

This past weekend we went down to Hershey Park and saw BEYONCEEE! First off, the park is amazing and I have NO IDEA how I’ve never been there. We WILL go back when so we have more time to do everyyyyything! I will do a Bey post showing her amazingness shortly :)

Onto the real task at hand, I have these spirts of SERIOUS decor envy and then get a few things done around the house. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow for a full reno on a random Thursday but I try to make baby steps towards the bigger picture. Last weekend I finally painted our hallway! It was repulsive before with just weird stains from moving stuff in and out and to be honest, we weren’t sure if it had been painted in the last 10+ years. I went with Armadillo from Behr Marquee’s collection. It’s number N230-3.

Armadillo Behr Paint

The Marquee guarantee’s one coat of paint gets it done and it sure did! Only had a few touch up spots due to my amateur paint rolling skills. It’s extremely close to my paint color in the living room. I can’t be too mad because I guess it means I just loooove the paint in the living room, right?!

My only debate now with the hallway (and everything else in the house) is painting the trim WHITE. And this would possibly include 2 built in closets in our hallway… They are definitely mid-century modern era since the house was built by John’s grandparents in the 50’s. I just love how the brownish color tones will look with beautiful, white, crisp trim, but I don’t want to paint over something that I could never get back. So, I’m just going to share some amazing decor inspiration of hallways in the mean time as John and I make a decision…

Hallway Inspiration 1

Love me an accent wall


Hallway Inspiration 2

These lights!!! And painted doors!

Hallway Inspiration 3

Hello beautiful white everything

Hallway Inspiration 4

Obsessed wif that wittle chair!

Hallway Inspiration 5

White & Gold & White & Gold

Hallway Inspiration 6


Hallway Inspiration 7

What’s this I see in the mirror :)

Hallway Inspiration 8

Hello handsome chair and rug and accent wall

Hallway Inspiration 9

My Lord, sign me up for it all

Hallway Inspiration 10

The character in this rug

By the end, I can only hope our hallway is up to par with the few above. Nothing beats a little decor inspiration on a chilly day, on a pay week :) I’ll keep ya up to date with any progress of the hallway. Hallways have the most character is people’s homes so it’s important to nail it!



All photo’s were taken from Pinterest.


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Black Friday Sales Guide

Here is the ultimate Black Friday Sales list:

Loft – 50% off almost everything

Urban Outfitters – 30% off SALE items

Target – 40% of clothing, accessories, shoes & TONS MORE

Express – 50% everything until NOON

Victoria Secret – Bras – Buy one get one 50% off,  VS boyfriend pant or hoodie are $30, PINK half zip or gym pant $30, Buy PJs get pair of free slippers

Kate Spade – 25% off purchase (code: MERCI) AND 75% off secret sale (requires email to log into sale)

Lulu & Georgia – 20% off $250+ (adorable home stuff!) (code: GIVEME20)

Michaels – 40% off reg. price (online) purchase from 4am-4pm (code: GIVE40W)

– 30% off ENTIRE (in store) purchase, sale included, from 4pm-2am (code: THXFRI305)

Sephora$10 deals (some brands included: mini sets from Tarte, Living Proof, Smashbox & Boscia)

Ulta – TONS of beauty deals (some brands included: Chi flatiron, Tarte set, Urban Decay primer set, Philosophy gift sets & much more)

Hollister – 50% off entire store & free shipping

Abercrombie – 50% off entire store & free shipping

Old Navy – 50% off entire store & 60%, 50%, 40% off online select styles

Lord & Taylor – TONS of sales, $20 off $150 ONLINE (code: BONUS) & free shipping

Macy’s – TONS of sale (just got a $190 vacuum for $79!!!)

Ann Taylor – 50% off everything

Forever 21 – up to 70% new arrivals, tons of deals starting at $4 & free shipping over $30

ASOS – 30% off everything

Gap – 50% off entire store (online code: BLKFRIDAY)

J.crew – 30% off entire purchase & 40% off sale items

NY & Company – up to 75%, extra 10% off with code: 5195, $10 doorbusters until midnight TONIGHT!

H&M – Deals from $5 (PS check out there home section…perfection) & 20% off $60 purchase (print coupon or code: 3231)

Nine West – 50% off boots, pumps, purses & more

Aldo – 50% off original boots, shoes, bags & accessories & free shipping

Bath & Body – buy 3 get 3 FREE entire store & $5 Wallflower 2-pack ONLINE ONLY till midnight

American Eagle – 40% off holiday collection, BOGO free PJ pants & 10 for $32 undies

Pottery Barn – 20% off one ONLINE item, 30% off almost all holiday esk items & 30% off all throw blankets

BCBG Max Azria– 40% off ENTIRE STORE (this doesn’t happen often)

Nordstrom – TONS of sales in every department

Steve Madden – 25% off everything until midnight with free shipping BUT check back tomorrow for a different deal

Banana Republic – 50% off sweaters & 40% off rest of your purchase

Bauble Bar – 30% off (code: THX)

Sole Society – 30% off SELECT items until midnight BUT check back tomorrow for different deal


GO GO GO! Enjoy the sales!!

10 Reasons I Hate This Winter

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snow Dec 2

Greetings from the tundra.

It hasn’t been over 32 DEGREES ONCE THIS MONTH. Do you know what that is like? It’s like sitting in your freezer with a towel on for weeks on end. I used to never wear gloves because it wasn’t cool… my gloves are my freaking best friend currently. I left them at home one day and literally almost cried.

Living in Syracuse is tough. We get all 4 season. The Frozen-esk season, the flooding season, the “it’s hotter than a grass skirt in a forrest fire” season, and the too many leaves on the ground season. BUT it’s fun.

Well, this winter has been the one from HELL. I guess I can’t say the entire winter.. the last month really. Since that damn hedgehog/groundhog thing saw it’s shadow. Here are 10 SOLID reasons why this winter sucks

10. You want to put everything you own on at once

friends gifI debate doing this every single morning. That’s after the hard core debate if it will be jeans or leggings that day…

9. No snow days

I swear there needs to be snow days for corporate america. New York & Maryland & every other freaking city SHUTS DOWN when there is snow in the forecast. In Syracuse we drive to work in real scenes from The Day After Tomorrow.

8. The chances of getting killed by falling ice increases by 4000%

Ice is a dangerous thing. You should see the built up ice on the side of John’s house! It looks like a 6 foot ice sculpture people pay hundreds of dollars for. Beware of falling ice, I would really hate to go out that way.

7. You’re pale as F**K

tanning gifI’m telling you right now, part of my skin has not seen sun since probably October. My eyeballs have forgot what the sun actually looks like. Debating about doing some self tan but that requires work.

6. Your skin looks like a shedding snow globe

they-make-lotion-for-that gif

Lotion is your best friend. Your skin get so dry it’s unreal. Thankfully I’m not the one where my skin legit breaks and bleeds or the one who has insane dandruff. I feel for those people.

5. Your car permanently has snow stuck everywhere

snowbrush-o gif

You have no idea what it is like to have to brush off your car when you’re late for work. The amount of snow we have gotten recently turns this decent task into a freaking olympic timed event.

4. People forget how to drive and park


Okay it’s snowing, it’s safe to take your time BUT MOVE TO THE RIGHT LANE THAN. Don’t even get me started on parking lots. Are we really all that freaking stupid that we can’t park our cars without out pre-drawn lines?!?! People.

3. ZERO motivation to workout or eat healthy

runner falling gif

No one wants to be this chick. When it’s 18 degrees out and you haven’t seen grass in months the last thing you want to eat is fruit or a salad. You want a juicy, fatting, make me feel warm burger or the most expensive U pick 2 meal from Panera. And working out just seems like a lost cause.

2. The brown mushy stuff

brown snow meme

There are 3 things in life I hate. 1. Ketchup 2. Zits 3. BROWN MUSHY SNOW. You could be driving a hum-vee and you’ll still spin out. Try shoveling it? NOPE 80% chance you’ll pull a muscle in your back or tear your rotator cuff. DIE BROWN SNOW DIE!

1. Your expensive boots are RUINED

jon snow gif

Jon Snow says it all. There are no words for the disgusting abuse your shoes have gone through. Uggs? somewhat wet forever. Boots? salt stained forever. Actually snow boots? wet forever and smell like death forever. Don’t even dare to try and wear your cute booties because you will either fall to your death or water log them. Oh, and if you want to get legit snow boots be ready to cough up 300 doll hairs.


Well, I hope you can all agree to my 10 complaints. I am mostly upset about the abuse to my shoes because that results in actual money. Everything else just effects my feelings (that matters too). The current snow total for the Cuse is 98 inches. That is 8 feet. Practically twice my height.


Stay safe out there people. They say spring is on the horizon.

Hey, Hi, Hello 2015!

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Welcome to 2105! It has been about a month since I blogged last. Had to enjoy the holidays and run around the mall like a chicken with my head cut off. The usual. Well, I’m going to do a lovely recap of the past few months before I get into the “resolution” shenanigans. Hopefully you will begin to see a better quality in photos from now on becauseeeeeee my amazing boyfriend got me a DSLR for Christmas!! YAYAY!

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone camera is pretty decent but I want to actually tap back into my passion for photography! Isn’t he a doll? I practically cried when I opened it. I thought he just wrapped something else and used that box. NOPE. A camera that is all mine (and his when he wants to borrow it :)! SO, be on the look out for freaking Annie Leibovitz esk photos 😉

Does anyone follow A Beautiful Mess? If you do – they effin rock right? If you don’t – GO FOLLOW THEM NOW! Back in November they did this DIY clutch post that I absolutely fell in love with. I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and went buckwild picking out colors and fabrics. After a few trial and errors I did it! I gifted it to my friend for Christmas and she loved it!

DIY clutch 1 DIY clutch 2

Pretty cool right??! I couldn’t find any cool broaches/locks like they used but I will def search Amazon for something next time! Another DIY present I did this year was a canvas quote. I found a really cool wine quote on Pinterest and transformed it into something chic :)

DIY painting

DIY Christmas’ rock! I said I was doing some DIY stuff back in December but I didn’t want to give anything away at the time! Trying to get in touch with my crafty side this year too!

snow Dec

We had a decent snow storm but were really lucky to not get as much snow as Buffalo. They got 8 FEET OF SNOW. Thats like almost double my height. Needless to stay it was enough snow to work from home part of the day and then go into work and wipe out on the slippery snow covered sidewalk…

Funk N Waffles

Okay, now here is the real shit. If you have never been to Funk N Waffles you realllllyy need to. They just opened a new location is downtown ‘Cuse. SUPER CONVENIENTLY located right across the street from my office. I mean like max 30 steps.

outting 1

Had a few too many fun outings the past few months. Got a handful of decent pictures lol.

patches lights 1 patches likghts 2

If Patches wasn’t cute enough I obviously had to wrap him in some Christmas lights like he’s my 14 month old child. Such a ladies man :)


Classic ugly sweater partayyy. Lost my PERFECT ugly sweater so resorted to a sweater my sister actually wears occasionally lol. PS fantastic photobomb by my friend PJ…

new years 1 new years 2 new years 3

Ahh, then there was new years. All the pre meditated excitement all for a total of 3 hours at the bar because you drank to much to quick. Saved tons of money though!! The whole bottle of champagne I drank before midnight 100% caught up with me lol.

new years after

Had such a nutritious start to the new year on the 1st.

kayla workout

I made up for it!! Have you heard of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout? This is my 2,635 go at it BUT I am determined to make it work this time! I’m 2 weeks in and feeling good about it. Follow her on Insta for insane motivation to be fit!

taquitos 2 taquitos

Homemade Taquitoooooo’s! My first time trying this out and it was alright. Not 100% the healthiest thing but NO ONE IS PEFECT. lol. cream sauce pasta 1 cream sauce pasta 2

Hehe then there was this. Linguine with Cream Sauce & Garlic Tuscan Bread… yum yum yum.


cuse game 1 cuse game 3 cuse game 4

Enjoyed 2 Cuse Basketball wins in the new year (so far)!! Nothing beats Cuse basketball in the Dome. Less than 1 month till the Duke game! #cusenation

cuse game 2

Sorry for the photo dump but I’ve got a lot to share I guess! I’m excited for 2015! It has started out quite wonderfully so far :)
I’ll leave you with J Law because she is fanfreakingtastic

Christmas Tree Reveal! | #blogmas14

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xmas tree 8.2

I won’t lie here. I still live at my parents. Living that life until I have enough big girl money to move out. Probably not for another year – don’t tell my dad – he keeps thinking he’s going to charge me rent. He’s obviously kidding but I’m not trying to overstay my welcome :)

SO, that means my mom pretty much decorated the tree I am about to reveal to you. Our Christmas has DRASTICALLY changed over the year. There are only like 2 baby picture ornaments and then the rest is like out of a pottery barn magazine. I remember the days when we actually put candy canes on the tree & me and my sister would fight over what flavor candy cane we would get.

Obv I would choose the fruity tutty ones with the multi color swirl. They da bombbb.

Without further ado the 2014 Christmas tree!

xmas tree 5

xmas tree 1

xmas tree 4

xmas tree 6

xmas tree 9

xmas tree 11

How does it look? Good job mom? I think so!

Tomorrow is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show so be ready to hate yourself (even though everyone is beautiful blah blah)



DIY Christmas Gift | #blogmas14

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I’m so bad. I fell off the face of the earth the end of the week with the Blogmas14 posts! EK! Well I’m back and ready to rumble.

However I am going to share a gift guide for men before I get into today’s prompt :)

Men. Hard to shop for. Hard to surprise. & Hard to know what they reallllly want. Nope I will not be making a naked calendar (at least this year lol). I’m not sending you on an elaborate vacay, as much as I’d love that #poorgirlprobs. So what is left?

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

1. Cole Haan LunarGrand Long Wingtip shoes – $268 – Um how freaking sweet are these bad boys? They come in a few other really cool colors. They are great for any guy who likes a sportier look but doesn’t want to wear sneakers.

2. Banana Republic Quilter Jacket – $240 (40% off NOW!) – I love the look of a quilted jacket on a guy. Over a nice sweater… meow. Great for the fall & spring & for out an about errands. Probs not durable for a Syracuse Winter tho…

3. LL Bean Slippers – $69 – LLBean has THE BEST SLIPPERS!! They have the best fur inside and the greatest bottoms so you can venture outside in them if need be. The best 70 bucks you’ll ever spend, I swear.
4. Chipotle – I don’t think my guy would be upset if he opened his stocking to a Chipotle gift card! Also a brilliant last minute gift if you throw a bottle of alcohol with it. Chipotle is my lyyyyyfe.
5. Arthur George Socks – $30 – I mean I’m obv a Kardashian fan so I gotta represent Rob. I will say his sock line is bad ass. Great gift for a suit wearer or a guy who knows how important the sock game is.
6. Ray Ban Club Masters – $ 150+ – These are a classic! They look really shnazzy on most guys. They come in a few different colors so it’ll fit your guys look. Also a fun pre-gift if you are gifting a vacay this year (hate you).
7. Panoramic Pic Pod Mount – $28 – How sick is this?! It’s like a tri pod for your phone camera! Perfect for a guy who loves to snap memories or a guy who loves photography on the go.


Yay! Go buy some gifts for your guyssss without any sweat :)
I cannot wait to give John his Christmas present this year!!!! He is going to love it! Will share pics later on.
Now onto todays prompt!
This Christmas I am allll about the DIY. I am not going to get into detail about them though because I want my gift receiver to still be surprised!!
I will say, my girlfriends will be getting some DIY & I know they are going to love them! Also, my family secret santa this year is going to get a fun DIY something too! :)
So, since I love being the best gift giver, I will have to show off those gifts after they receive them. I have done tonsss of Pinteresting recently so I will show some killer ideas if you are looking for one or two….


pinterest diy coasters


DIY Coasters!
These seem super fun and something you can really personalize! Again, I’m an alcohol… package with some Wine & BOOM!
Look here.
pinterst diy letter
DIY Sequent Letter!
Anything sparkle or sequence, sign me up!! Such a fun, quick project that you know will look great on your besties desk or dresser :)
Look here.
pinterst diy braclet
DIY Chevron Bracelet!
UM HOW CUTE IS THIS?? Brings you back to the boondoggle days. But this is way better!
Look here.
pinterst diy alcohol words
DIY Quote Art!
Okay, you can buy this off Etsy or you can make your own fun painted version! Use this as a template and get crafty :)
Look here.
pinterst DIY be yonce
DIY Beyonce Art
This list wouldn’t be complete without something Bey themed! Again, buy a canvas & get crafty ladies!!
Look here.


Phew that was a long post. That’s what I get for being a slacker and not doing anything this past weekend. I have about 3 gifts already done and taken care of so far. THAT IS A FIRST! Trying to strategically price out gifts this year instead of going buckwild at the mall all in one day.
Tomorrow is the reveal of the Christmas Tree!
At my apt in college – our christmas tree stayed up until March… until all the needles happened to fall off

October is Ova

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It’s November in Syracuse. Alls we people think about is when the f is the snow coming. We actually live in Game of Thrones. It’s filmed in my backyard. lol Just kidding. but if it was acceptable to wear what they wear in the Cuse I’d be more then okay with it.


Winter is coming and it’s not joke. Here is a Throw Back Sunday from last year I pulled out the archives

snow pic



























That is a comin folks.

Well back to the topic I wanted to blog about…

October! The month of:

1. finally getting to wear your boots

2. carrying around a starbucks cup is way way cooler

3. testing out my bad ass seat warmers in my new car

4. apples

5. pumpkins

6. doing 1 & 2 while doing 3 &4

7. breaking out the flannels

8. putting on my fleece sheets (high suggest those)


Obviously my iPhone didn’t sit the bench in all of Octobers festivities. Here is what my camera happened to catch-

October collage 1+ Went on a wine tour aka saw some chickens & drank some wine in a school bus…

+ Car ride with Ed the Dog to Franklin Square

john photo

+ Loveeee this picture I snapped for john working on a photo project!  :) (Ed for an attempted photobomb on the left)

October collage 2

+ Okay, no joke, you NEED to check out the Bacon Bandits. Its exactly what it looks like. Bacon Mac & Cheese. My middle name. Bacon everything

+ HOMEMADE breakfast at work by Muching Moose! (pumpkin scones, egg bakes, sausage in a blanket & apple french toast casserole)

+ Mia’s 47th birthday, that is literally what we put on the cake


October collage 3

+ Pumpkin picking & Corn Maze!! Check out what this places corn maze design was this year here


Halloween collage 1


+ Most of the clothes we got at out local Goodwill. Leggings & Leotard F21.

+ How freaking cool is my friend Lindsay’s make-up!!?

Halloween collage 2


+ Again, our local Goodwill freaking killed it

+ PS that is all Johns real hair. blow dried & straightened!!


Halloween collage 3+ My friend Rachel went as a Chola. Shit was the funniest thing everrrrrrrr! She completely nailed it. Tattoos, earrings, khaki’s

+ My sister went as Kelly from Saved By the Bell. Obv she got the boobs in the family.


I always get really into halloween. Gotta go big or go home. Can’t be predictable.

November is off to a dashing start.

Christmas is in 43 DAYS FOLKS

Saturday Breakfast

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Yesterday, I woke up and had 1 thought – pancakes. Pancakes, bacon, juice… the whole nine yards. So, I took it upon myself and made these delectable M&M pancakes with bacon! John 100% cheered this idea on from the get-go. He had a bunch of work to do so I catered the breakfast to him : )

Breakfast 10 2

To make these, I bought M&M mini’s and regular pancake mix. Super easy but slightly better then regular chocolate chips. Nothing beats a super unhealthy breakfast on a rainy morning!

Breakfast 1

Breakfast 3 2

Breakfast 2

Breakfast 4

Breakfast 5 2

Breakfast 6 2

Breakfast 9 2

Breakfast 7 2

Breakfast 8 2

Breakfast 12

Amazing breakfast indeed! Might try some with fruit in them next. Strawberries and maybe a little whipped cream??

Sign me up!

In The Navy

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I love to paint. Well, I love the idea of painting. This past weekend my lovely boyfriend moved into a new house and I got to help pick the color of his room!!! Guess what color I picked??  Navy! Navy walls, either it be every wall or an accent wall, I am totally loving on it right now. Thankfully, John trusts my interior skills so he pretty much let me pick the whole decor. We decided on 1 navy accent wall and 3 crisp, white side walls! Obviously I didn’t just pull this shit out of my butt, I searched all over Pinterest and other blogs for the right color. He/we have yet to pick out a new comforter and accent colors for the room but I am thinking a grey comforter that has a splash of orange and then find a white or navy throw for the bed. As for the carpet, I think a nice light tan, super shaggy rug would look great!! Cozy, yet still manly.

Here are some of my inspirations I found —

Navy room 1 Navy room 2 Navy room 3 Navy room 4 Navy room 5



I’m sorry, I really don’t remember where I found all these pictures!! I was in such a hurry to find good ones when I snap shotted some of these. Now here is the ideal room I’m going for…

In The Navy
I’ll be back to update ya on how it actually comes out!!
Happy hump dayyyyy!
ecard spiders