My Christmas Wish List | #blogmas14

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I’ve been a naughty blogger. I have an excuse tho! SNOW STORM. Nor’ Easter Damon? Not sure why they even name them lol. Every time I hear it on the news tho, I think of DamIEn…

ANYWAYS, I’m back and ready to tell you all my wish list!


Holiday Wish List
1. A VACATION! To somewhere were there are beaches and margaritas for days
2.Kate Spade Sparkle Watch because why the heck not
3. Nike Roshe’s for hitting up the gym in style
4. Tiffany’s ring that I will never get because it’s a whopping 1,500 bucks. Ouch.
5. North Face Snow Boots to take on the winter weather here in the ‘Cuse
6. Starbucks gift card to fund my food & drink obessesions
7. DSLR camera so my iPhone doesn’t have 1,400 pics on a daily basis…
If he doesn’t, it’s okay. I know my mom checks out my posts :) HI MOTHER!
Tomorrow I’ll be chatting about winter activities. (cough there will be snow cough and dogs cough)

DIY Christmas Gift | #blogmas14

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I’m so bad. I fell off the face of the earth the end of the week with the Blogmas14 posts! EK! Well I’m back and ready to rumble.

However I am going to share a gift guide for men before I get into today’s prompt :)

Men. Hard to shop for. Hard to surprise. & Hard to know what they reallllly want. Nope I will not be making a naked calendar (at least this year lol). I’m not sending you on an elaborate vacay, as much as I’d love that #poorgirlprobs. So what is left?

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

1. Cole Haan LunarGrand Long Wingtip shoes – $268 – Um how freaking sweet are these bad boys? They come in a few other really cool colors. They are great for any guy who likes a sportier look but doesn’t want to wear sneakers.

2. Banana Republic Quilter Jacket – $240 (40% off NOW!) – I love the look of a quilted jacket on a guy. Over a nice sweater… meow. Great for the fall & spring & for out an about errands. Probs not durable for a Syracuse Winter tho…

3. LL Bean Slippers – $69 – LLBean has THE BEST SLIPPERS!! They have the best fur inside and the greatest bottoms so you can venture outside in them if need be. The best 70 bucks you’ll ever spend, I swear.
4. Chipotle – I don’t think my guy would be upset if he opened his stocking to a Chipotle gift card! Also a brilliant last minute gift if you throw a bottle of alcohol with it. Chipotle is my lyyyyyfe.
5. Arthur George Socks – $30 – I mean I’m obv a Kardashian fan so I gotta represent Rob. I will say his sock line is bad ass. Great gift for a suit wearer or a guy who knows how important the sock game is.
6. Ray Ban Club Masters – $ 150+ – These are a classic! They look really shnazzy on most guys. They come in a few different colors so it’ll fit your guys look. Also a fun pre-gift if you are gifting a vacay this year (hate you).
7. Panoramic Pic Pod Mount – $28 – How sick is this?! It’s like a tri pod for your phone camera! Perfect for a guy who loves to snap memories or a guy who loves photography on the go.


Yay! Go buy some gifts for your guyssss without any sweat :)
I cannot wait to give John his Christmas present this year!!!! He is going to love it! Will share pics later on.
Now onto todays prompt!
This Christmas I am allll about the DIY. I am not going to get into detail about them though because I want my gift receiver to still be surprised!!
I will say, my girlfriends will be getting some DIY & I know they are going to love them! Also, my family secret santa this year is going to get a fun DIY something too! :)
So, since I love being the best gift giver, I will have to show off those gifts after they receive them. I have done tonsss of Pinteresting recently so I will show some killer ideas if you are looking for one or two….


pinterest diy coasters


DIY Coasters!
These seem super fun and something you can really personalize! Again, I’m an alcohol… package with some Wine & BOOM!
Look here.
pinterst diy letter
DIY Sequent Letter!
Anything sparkle or sequence, sign me up!! Such a fun, quick project that you know will look great on your besties desk or dresser :)
Look here.
pinterst diy braclet
DIY Chevron Bracelet!
UM HOW CUTE IS THIS?? Brings you back to the boondoggle days. But this is way better!
Look here.
pinterst diy alcohol words
DIY Quote Art!
Okay, you can buy this off Etsy or you can make your own fun painted version! Use this as a template and get crafty :)
Look here.
pinterst DIY be yonce
DIY Beyonce Art
This list wouldn’t be complete without something Bey themed! Again, buy a canvas & get crafty ladies!!
Look here.


Phew that was a long post. That’s what I get for being a slacker and not doing anything this past weekend. I have about 3 gifts already done and taken care of so far. THAT IS A FIRST! Trying to strategically price out gifts this year instead of going buckwild at the mall all in one day.
Tomorrow is the reveal of the Christmas Tree!
At my apt in college – our christmas tree stayed up until March… until all the needles happened to fall off

Nordstrom Sale Picks

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Howdy friends! Veterans Day sales are all over this weekend. I myself will most likely be wishing this weekend because I’m trying to hold off until Black Friday… (L&T got me for 2 shirts, only $33 total last night tho).  Nordstrom is having one of those killer sales on some pretty good stuff right now. Might be worth checking it out & getting some early Christmas shopping taken care of orrrrrrr hinting at family members to get ahead start on you :)


Nordstrom Sale Picks


I would love to add every single one of these to my closet tomorrow but ya knowww! Be sure to check out these sales too –
+ Gap F&F 40% off everything
+ BCBG MaxAzria F&F 25% off (Hellllooo)
+ Aldo 25% of sale handbags * acces.
+ Express up to 50% whole store ( & $25 off a &75 on top of it!)
+ Loft 50% off select style
+ Lord & Taylor extra 20% off with card (Plus special online deal!!!)


Happy Shopping & remember when in doubt – buy it

Splurge or Save?

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It is that time of year… the time to buy the most utterly cutest, just gotta have it, I will die without fall essentials.  For my ladies out their like me, you can’t always get what your little heart desires (maybe next year). So, this season I’m gonna cut costs where I can! Well, I’m going to try. Sometimes the diva in me just can’t have the knock off brand. Goldfish > Whales lol. This is the time of year I truly miss working at BCBG in L&T!! The extra 25% off discount doesn’t seem like much until you realize you just bought a $400 Michael Kors bag for 160 bucks. Yup, that happened & it was amazing.


Christmas is almost upon on us so keep in mind some splurge worth items might be worth noting to mom, dad, grandma, the boyfriend… :) This is the time of year for killer sales so keep checking your apps and your fav stores online! Here are a few of my favorite items I have my eye on right now –


Splurge or Save: Bags
Splurge or Save: Earrings
Splurge or Save: Fur Vest
Splurge or Save: Boots

Don’t forget Lord & Taylors F&F ends in 2 hours!

What are some items you have your eye on right now? 😉

Fall Sales This Weekend!

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L&T f&f

I went and did alittle shopping yesterday. Ended up at the mall for 3 hours, by myself, starving. I sometimes like to go shopping along and then sometimes don’t. Yesterday I couldn’t decide on anything for the life of me. I was sending people photos, asking my mom for comments, and talking the sales ladies ears off. (Side note – some of these new sales ladies are BITCHES. Like say hello and help me out. I worked retail my whole life and when someone was indecisive I wasn’t leaving their side. UGH!) Anyway, I got a few cute things on a great sale.

Lord & Taylors Friends & Family is going on from now until the 26th. MY FAV SALE. I coulda went to town and probably maxed out my card but I had to pump the breaks. Couldn’t find a bag I reallllly wanted. Couldn’t decide on boots. Couldn’t decide on a winter coat. Then found a SUPER cute pair of booties but was turned off because they had ZERO traction on the sole!! In a Syracuse winter you cannot be messing around with shoes with no traction. So then I ventured out into the mall. Dsw – nothing Saks off 5th – nothing Steve Madden outlet – EVERYTHING!

shopping ee card

I found sooo many awesome shoes/boots/flats there! The best part of the whole thing was my sales girl. I don’t think she said her name but she did tell me she loves potatoes. LOL I told her I was on the verge of becoming hangry and she said she was alright because she just had some potatoes she made with some seasoning. I wish someone was there to hear it because it was the funniest shit ever!!! She killed me, she was great though, and I will probably go back to her again. I ended up leaving with a pair of sale shoes I got for 30 BUCKS! STEAL! I do have my eye on these babies I will probably end up getting next weekend…

shoes (1)

shoes (2)

They are 100 bucks but hoping maybe next weekend they’ll have a sale…if not, they may be mine anyway :)

So, here are this weekend sales you cannot miss!!

+ Lord & Taylor Friends & Family – 25% off everything (Except Marc Jacobs and a few others)
+ Kate Spade Friends & Family – 30% off everything! (code – F14FFUS)
+ Victoria Secret – 20% off single item!
+ Loft – 40% of sweaters & tops
+ The Limited – 15% off Scandal collection (IN LOVE)


Enjoy and go get’em ladiessss!!

Fall Wish List

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Okay, here we go. It’s officially fall here in the wonderful upstate NY. It should be snowing in about 13.9 days. Just kiddinggg. But, if it does snow in 13 days everyone who reads this owes me 20 bucks LOL :) I know I never got to doing a summer recap part 2… maybe I’ll through some stuff into a TBT post soon to showcase a few more fun things that had happened! Moving on into fall, I would like to showcase all the things that I want that I will probably will never have :( Very sad I KNOW.


Fall Wish List
+ Steve Madden Boots. typical white girl necessity but COMMON they are needed.
+ Cranberry. I am alllll about the cranberry color this fall. From nail color to lip color it’s a great shade that adds alittle pop to any outfit.
+Flannels. Does there really need to be a comment for this one? PS I will probably be getting mine at F21 this year as I am poor.
+MK Orange Hamilton. This puppy is on sale at Lord & Taylor and is calling my name… Allie… Allieee.. bring me homeeee… See you heard it too!! Great color and can definitely be transferred between seasons.
+BCBG Gold Bracelet. Not many of you may know this but I worked at BCBG MaxAzria for about a year and therefor fell in love with everything outside my price range. I loveee this bracelet though and may have to go ham on it when L&T has the Friends & Family soon. Gold & silver pleaseeee.
+ Oliva Pope Trench for The Limited. This needs to be mine. I have never wanted a coat more in my life. Olivia has such amazing style on the show and it totally transcended into every Limited piece. I’m also a big fan of the regular length jacket, too.
+Kate Spade Earrings. You all know Kate Spade is my bitch and I love everything Kate Spade has. I currently have a yellow pair of these classics but I think I need a regular diamond-esk pair just because.
+Killin It Tee. I came across a killin it tee on a blog I found a few weeks ago (One in photo found here). I just don’t know if it’s my ego talking but I would wear this everyday if I could. Check out the site because they have some other really cool stuff!


Cannot wait to magically win the lotto so all of this can be mineee! hahah. Just remember coupons are your friend & always look online at other department stores because you never know what sale they are running. A great app I have that my girl Jhana over at Mermaids & Bandana’s showed me was Shopular!! #deals #deals #deals


Happy fall everyone and look out for my much anticipated Derek Jeter tribute post. Coming this week…

August Favorites!

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Cannot believe that August has come and gone! It’s crazy talk. Now it’s going to start snowing before you can even say I LOVE PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Because that’s what comes out every girls mouth from September 1st onward. Before we starting jumping the gun, lets reminisce on August.

August Favorites

+ Starbucks Teavana Shaken tea Blackberry Lemonade Mojito. This shit is the bomb diggity. Could drink it all day long. It was my go too all of August for treat receipt 😉 Super Duper Pooper refreshing.
+ Lady A. Okay, I was (graciously) given free tickets to their show and let me tell you it was one of the best moments of the summer for me! Pics will soon follow. If you get the chance – GO! They put on an amazing show. PS the place that held the concert had $10 bottles of wine… UM YES.
+Free people shorts – I LOVE free people short. I own 3 pairs and they rock! They are sort of a high rise but not too tight so you have tons of shirt options to go with them. I actually got these specific ones for $15.99 I SWEAR! Lord & Taylor had them on a crazy sale a few weeks back. #summerstaple + Yoga Mat. I recently started doing yoga with my girl Lindsay. Don’t get me wrong, it is relaxing but holy crap I felt like I was in a cross fit class! Planks after planks into downward dog then another plank. I was freaking dying. It is an awesome thing to take up so I highly suggest trying it. I’m suppose to be in class now but I had to get 2 cavities filled and my face was freaking numb till about 10 mins ago.
+ Sephora Liquid Eyeliner. This shit is the real deal. I will not buy any other eyeliner ever again. It is perfection. It was a bit hard to get my hand to not stab me in the eye but with time it got better… buy it!
+ Olay Moisturizer. This is not only my summer go-to but my daily go-to. I don’t believe in $30-$40 moisturizer! It is all the same to me. For now, I’ll stick to my 6 dolla no holla, walmart moisturizer and have skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.
+Express denim. I haven’t tried jeans on in Express in…hmm.. about 10 years! I swear 10 years lol. As many of you probably know, Express had all their jeans on sale for 40 bucks. Cool, sign me up. So I went in there thinking I wouldn’t find anything. I tried on like 8 pairs of jeans and loved almost all of them!!! These zipper hem, skinny jeans were the winners and I still haven’t taken them off.  

August was quite the month. My friend got engaged, I went to 3 concerts, I went cliff jumping, John quit his part time job so now I can bug him allll weekend longggg & I spent way to much money on the stupidest thing…per usual.

Was your August as quick and bad ass too? Fair hole in face