My name is Allie

Here's what I'm all about

Hello, I don’t really know how I got here. I guess I can tell ya I’m a 25 years old gal living in Syracuse,NY. I am obssesed with my dog. He’s a Prince. His name is Sir Patches, just like Elton John. I spend way to much money on things that I probably shouldn’t. I enjoy it. Shopping is an addiction for me – my mother once suggest therapy. Why not live your life in the clothes you really want?    

I sure don’t want to be remembered for that mediocre top. I have a younger sister who looks like me. She may be taller but I am older. I love my job. I love the people I work with. Our office is filled with puppies some days and I freaking love it. I have only been on an airplane 4 times. One of those times was to go to Disney World for my first at the age of 21. Best day of life none the less. I want to travel more and see all the places weeks at a time. My dream is to one day meet Derek Jeter (I did see his last game though *tears*).

I’ll warn you now, I grew up in Catholic school so pardon the language. I was always grounded for swearing. Most recently we introduced a new member to our family: Mila, the Australian Shepherd. She is already way cooler then John or myself have ever been. Thanks for coming to visit me and my randomness. I hope you enjoy it!

My Skills

I am an amateur blogger with some average photography skills. I think laughing and joking are a way of life. Who ever said you needed skills to live?


Dog Obsessed