Morning & Night Routine Buys

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Not going to lie, when it comes to a morning or night routine I’m not that great. Not until college did I start using face moisturizer, I only owned a straightener and looking back at it, my poor eye brows were failing at everything. So much changes in the makeup and skincare scene that I just can’t keep up. And to be honest, I don’t really care that much. Until I’m making a pretty penny and I can fit in a “makeup” budget, then what’s up Walmart!!!! Kind of kidding, I get some stuff at Ulta or Target… tiny bit classier.

I’ve tried new things here and there (rashes or something terrible happen on occasion) but I’ve finally nailed down a pretty good routine that I’ve been enjoying. Here is my advice (take it for what it’s worth) on my morning & evening routine buys:

Morning & Night Routines


1. Find a good makeup remover

The blue package Neutrogena make-up towelettes are the greatest things since sliced bread. I’ve tried a few variations of generic brand versions and they As much as you want to think the 2 buck cheaper version is worth it, it’s not. Neutrogena’s are the softest on my face. They leave a slightly wet feeling at first and then dry out… best feeling ever! Other variations will leave my under eyes DRIER THEN A SLICE OF PEPPERONI IN THE DESERT. And these are the best for any lazy girl out there… there’s a little bit in all of us so don’t roll your eyes. I’ve also tried out Clinique’s remover as well. A tad more ‘greasy’ but also a nice option if you want to switch things up.

2. Moisturizer will be your next best friend

That is, if it’s not already. My friend Bri used moisturizer in college after every shower and then again every morning. I finally was like what are you putting on your face? Can I try some? Cue the singing angels. I didn’t know your face wasn’t suppose to feel tight.. like all the time. She used Olay so therefor I used Olay. Ever since I have not deviated from this plan, if anything I’ve changed to a different option within the brand. Also, highly suggest one that has SPF in it! Not fun looking like a leather purse face in 15 years. I use the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer: Normal and it has SPF 15. I don’t use anything fancy, I use what works for me.

3. Eye shadow is the cheap girls guide to killer brows

Naked Palette

I’m obsessed with Elvis Duran in the morning show! And about a year ago now, Bobbi Brown was on there giving advice and accepting callers. She said that if you have light eye brows or are just getting into brow shading, try using a light brown eye shadow and brow brush. I literally was like PEOPLE WILL KNOW, THEY WILL JUST KNOW. But I said f*ck it and and gave it a go anyway. I started out with some light shading because I get way to nervous with any big change. But now I’ve gotten a bit more daring and actually shape and color in my brows EVERYDAY NOW. Never thought I could committed to something/anything everyday!! Lol. But in reality it completely makes me look my age and it gives my face so much more umfph! I use the color ‘Tease’ in my Naked 2 Palette. It’s perfect for me and my hair color! Might venture out soon and try an actual brow pencil/gel but we’ll see.

4. Don’t forget your Face Masks

When Face Masks

On the cheap girl theme, face masks are so great if actual facials are not in your financial future (fingers crossed for one day!). I recently tried out When Face Masks and they are so awesome! Not only is the packaging enough to sell me, but they are in my budget! At $7 each they are perfect for a girls night or something super easy to add to your week or monthly routine. When uses all natural bio-cellulose sheets that just lay on your face (with the funny eye and mouth holes). They are SO soft and and gentle enough that they can be used on burn patience. So, anyone who has SUPER sensitive skin you’ve gotta give them a try! They are at Sephora, Ulta, Anthropologie, BirchBox and more… all the places you frequently visit :) These masks are no joke the softest and most delightful things I’ve put on my face. They are SO much better then any type of cream or face gel I’ve ever tried.

When Face Masks 2

5. Don’t pay over $100 for any hair tool

If you think that a nice hair tool is only available at a high price point, you are incredibly wrong. I use a 1990’s curling iron and a straightener from Walmart. My lovely beachy waves are created by a cheap curling iron that gets wicked hot and is a normal shape. No need for these INSANELY shaped wands or whatever, just go basic and go middle of the road price wise. I do my beachy waves in about 15-20 mins in the morning and I hold them in for no longer than 8 seconds each. There are tons of Youtube videos out there to help, but the more you think about it the more you’ll look like Shirley Temple. I don’t think I will ever pay over $100 for any of my hair tools unless it somehow wins me a date with Derek Jeter


Like I said in the beginning, I’m no professional when it comes to any of this. But no one has said I look that ugly so I must know kind of what I’m talking about! Everyone has their own go-to’s but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for $20 mascara so knowing what else is out there can be helpful! I just cannot wait for the sun to finally come out so I can get a tan and get darker foundation…

Funny Mascara Gif

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Dry Skin? Derma e Review!

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Derma e review 1

The winter months can be so hard on our skin, especially living up here in the tundra Upstate, NY. I actually have terrible skin problems in the changing months… aka right about now. This includes but is not limited to elbows so dry they are actually a cut, dry feet to the point where my sock get stuck on, and lastly confetti in my hair: dandruff. I have been battling the worst dandruff the past few months but THANKFULLY it’s just getting better now.


A few year ago John was having some skin problems so after a handful of doctor visits he found out he had Eczema. He had wicked dry skin patches on his eye lids, chest and inner arm. It was so irritating for him itchy, flacking and, the worst, the redness. I don’t think it would have bothered him as much if it wasn’t on his face. Strange enough, it was just the eye lids. He was prescribed some sort of steroid cream that he still has to this day for when anything gets dry. Some people will have this so bad their entire life while others will have it seasonally or randomly. Psoriasis is kind of the same way but something a bit different. A friend of mine has Psoriasis and she did SO much to try and treat it but it’s just something you have to live with. We all probably remember the episode Kim K found out she had Psoriasis (the world ended) but it’s a real thing that effects so many people!

Kim K psoriasis

After talking to a friend at work about this new brand I was trying out, she told me that it’s one of the only brands she has switched to and liked! So I knew I was in for something good. The brand is called derma e, a vitamin-rich, high performance antioxidant skincare product line. Always being aware, derma e also adheres to the highest ethical standards when it comes to animal welfare and our impact on the planet (woohoo!!).

Derma e review 2

I obviously tried out the Shampoo and Conditioner first,  and it was an interesting experience compared to other “dandruff shampoos”. I have to say this shampoo smelled like Listerine for your hair!! In a good way!  It was a cool and refreshing smell that felt great when washed in – same for the condition. I used about the same amount I would with any other shampoo and conditioner. I have had dandruff shampoos leave a terrible grease feeling at the top of my head after washing. Not with derma e. It was soooo nice to dry my hair and see it voluptuous at the end, not flat!

Derma e review 3

Next was the Psorzema Cremé. The Creme is perfect for dry skin, eczema or psoriasis problems! I have THE WORST dry elbows no matter how much I moisturize but after putting on the Creme the visible dryness was gone (the ugliest part) and they felt quite clean and fresh. The Creme is a bit thicker then your normal lotion or hydrating lotion. Which if it’s think, then I know it’s gotta be doing something! I will say the smell of the Creme is a bit “dull”. Not much pretty fragrance to it but if you live with or know anyone with eczema you know you can’t have fragrance filled ANYTHING. Dry sheets included (and no it doesn’t make me mad……..). To learn more about the product check out a helpful video here!


Overall reviewing derma e was just a great experience. When you have dandruff/dry skin & eczema in the same household it’s hard to find something that works for both of you. I look forward to adding these products into our routine! So, since derma e rocks they are letting me give the first 10 of my readers and friends 3 FREE foil packs of the Psorzema Creme! Go thru this link and sign up :) It can be for you or someone you know how suffers from dry skin. How awesome is that!?

Derma e review 4

Everyone have a lovely week! The nice weather is finally coming, I hope!!

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Something New – PCA Skin Revitalizing Eye Gel!

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When it comes to makeup, I wont lie, I don’t know much. It took me quite some time to figure out what I was doing and what looked good on me (I’m still learning)! When it comes to skincare, I still don’t know much either but, I know how much more important skincare is then makeup.

PCA Skin


I was never good about taking my makeup off until college (have to get that party girl makeup off somehow!). I luckily found make-up remover clothes (because anything more then that is too time consuming and I’d fall off the wagon). Well, I was looking to expand my current skincare routine and step it up as I’m about to be 25! I recently tried out a product from PCA Skin © and have to tell everyone about it! I thought when my mom used eye cream it meant that she had too many wrinkles (sorry mom, I didn’t know) but in actuality she was taking precaution and helping PREVENT wrinkles! PCA Skin Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel is a super easy step to add to any morning or night face routine. I first used it in the morning after putting on my daily moisturizer. I actually think that may have been a not-so-great move because my eyes were a tad irritated as the area around my eyes, I have found, is extremely sensitive.  It recommends to use it with a clean face after washing, so I would follow that directly.

PCA Skin

The gel is a whitish, clear color that goes on ever so smoothly. You don’t need anything more then two small drops! A lot goes along way and along way saves you money :) I applied it to my entire eye area – under eyes, sides, and eye lid. I was very careful not to get too close to my lashes and under eye because of my known sensitivity. I was really impressed with the smoothness and lightweight feel of the gel when applied. We all know some products go on and they just feel tacky or don’t feel blended enough, and that just sucks. This was not the case for the Revitalizing Eye Gel.


After a week the gel is said to strengthen, firm and lift all areas around the eye. Sign me up right?! The product is recommended for all skin types and uses the latest science in formulation. It can be scary to steer from your normal products but it’s fun to see what other products can do for you! PCA Skin has so many other products from anti aging serums to men’s skin products. Not until looking at their site did I know how professional their products are. They have a really great blog that explains a lot of skincare problems I don’t understand that I should learn more about. Check that out here because I know I can’t be the only one!

PCA Skin

Overall, I’m glad I tried something new. The slight irritation I had is a bit worrisome but it very well could have been the moisturizer or the new pup too! I’m actually allergic to dogs that shed but nothing an allergy pill can’t fix :) Anyway, you can take a look at PCA Skin products online or you can look and see if they are available near you. Very impressed to see doctor locations on the locator list, definitely added more professionalism to their products.


They are offering something special for my friends and readers! PCA Skin is proving FREE shipping on any order with the code “BRANDBACKER”. Who doesn’t love that :)

PCA Skin

Enjoy this beautiful month of May!!


++This post was sponsored by BrandBacker but the above opinion is my own.++