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Some people have problems going to bed at night and some people have problems not buying something when there is a sale. That’s me – the sale part (I sleep at least 9 hours every night). I have been trying a lot more decently to hold back on purchasing as I’m attempting to pay down my L&T card – don’t worry it’s nothing outrageous. I am also try to save up for a few other things coming up :)


Well, like twice a year the yee ole Nordstroms (queue the britsh accent) has thy anniversary sale. A girl can’t resist looking or making a list of the things she wants/might need. First off, I have no freaking clue how some of these bloggers buy the things they do, and at scale. My lists are pretty much I-want-this lists but to some bloggers it’s a receipt. CRAZY. I wish that was me but it’s not. Womp Womp.


Anyway, I have been on the search for a new bag for months. I’m having one of those buyers guilt moments where I don’t wanna spend all that money but I reallllly, realllllyy want it, so I can’t stop talking about it kinda things. Enter the bucket bag. My dream bucket bag is actually on sale for $227 but after personalization and the shipping cost that must include 4 nearly naked men, dressed in Egyptian pharaoh outfits, carrying the purse to my house on a golden cushion covered with sheer majestic curtains raised above their heads, it ends up close to 300 bucks! That is a student loan payment or a car payment. SO that’s where my dilemma lays. Behold this lovely bag apart of the Nordstroms Sale! $32 bucks… it’s not exactly like the other one but for 32 bucks I think it’s worth trying out.  Check it out in black here!


Nordstrom Sale Picks


Everything else is a decent deal! The earrings are fantastic. I bought the multi color festive ones over the winter for Christmas & New Years – received tons of complements. The gold are classic and the perfect size to spice up an outfit. That Marc Jacobs is perfection…but again that buyers guilt lurks in the background.


I love bar carts! I got John his bar cart at Marshalls but let me tell you they are not cheap! Not even at Marshalls so this is definitely something you should invest in a little. This gold one though is great and classic – I have seen it on tons of other blogs.


Alright so you probably think I’m confused and crazy for including winter boots on this list. But do you remember last year how EVERY STORE WAS SOLD OUT OF ANYTHING THAT WAS REMOTELY CLOSE TO THESE BOOTS?! Yeah, I do. SO they are on sale now people!! And they are freaking adorable. Legit might be buying winter/fall boots in the middle of July.


The Sale doesn’t go live until Friday the 17th (for normal, non-card holder folk). So get your credit cards ready and have a quick hand cause shit will go fast. Luckily this chick gets paid on Friday so we shall see where the wind blows…
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Back at it FOLKS

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I’m here now. I know you missed me and my misspelled words. Well, I came back to a lovely 108 spam messages. No thanks to the Stephen Curry jersey, the Michael Kors discounted site, the seo plug-ins, the kidney transplant (for real), or anything in Russian. Pretty amazing how that is someones job… so sorry for them.

It has been a few months since I’ve been here. I have people asking me where I have been so I guess this is the first time in my life I can say I’M BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Feels great. So cool.

Anyhow, things have been swell. Just had a lovely 4th of July weekend (sunset photo’s coming soon). I got to see some family friends and their ADORABLE LITTLE BABIES. 3.5 to be exact. 1 is due in the fall!

A few weeks ago we went to Detroit for John’s birthday and for Father’s Day! I fought off a few thugs, took down a cocaine ring, and sold john’s car for a Chrysler with pink 18’s & a whole street block. TOTALLY KIDDING. That woulda been kinda cool but none of it happened. Not even close.

This is what actually happened –

It was so nice to get away for the weekend & just hang out! Took 8 hours to get there but most definitely well worth it! The weekend before that was my BFF’s bridal shower!!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL shower. Amazing food (I mean amazing) and fantastic cocktails. And obviously a beautiful bride to be!!

Alyssa Shower 3

Alyssa Shower 2

Alyssa shower 1

Alyssa Shower 4

The perfect occasion to wear my Lilly for Target dress that I fought off a 12 year old for :)

Her wedding is coming up in August so look out for amazing pictures from the wedding.

Other than that I’ve been looking online at far to many things. Almost gave in and bought my self a Gigi New York bag but it didn’t happen. Someday soon she will be mine. In other fantastic news my BIRTHDAY IS SUNDAY. The month long festivities can begin now.

Don’t have much planed for the big 2-4 but we shall see where the week brings us. Last year I saw BEY in concert soooo ya know…

I have some fun sh*t in store for this here ole blog so stay tuned! PS go check out my friends new blog!!! It’s about her new puppy she’s about to bring home – follow her:)