Weekly Links & Weekend Deals

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I really love how Running with Spoons does a weekly “link love”! I always find myself clicking away at some really cool shit. So, I’m gonna give it a whirl and showcase some really cool stuff I’ve found or saw throughout the week!

If you go over to Running with Spoons, you’ll see she has links for a few categories like fitness, food, and blogging. I’m going to pick a few fun topics every week. It will most likely change (because sometimes cool stuff doesn’t have a category) for the first few times as I get my shit in order.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 2.48.34 PM

-Food & Drink-

Strawberry Moscow Mule Recipe – Found the perfect recipe after drooling over the one I had at Gordon Biersch last weekend! Now I just need to ask where the F*#^ is spring?!?!

Slow Cooker Spin Dip – If you know me, you know I can pound a bowl of Spin Artichoke dip to my face, easily. This is perfect for some NCAA parties or a girls night.


Contouring for Beginners Tutorial – Such a great, easy tutorial! She uses some pricey make-up but I’m sure it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives at the drugstore or Ulta.


RocksBox – I have been seeing this all over the inter-webs!! I think I need to do it. I mean what bad could really happen…. :)

Mario & Luigi Coming to your Smart Phone – This is beyond exciting!! It will not be the original Mario (slightly disappointing) but I’m sure they will not let us down.

Only 273 of 11.57 Million Still Perfect – NO ONE, I mean no one in their right mind could have predicted the insane upsets on just the first day of the NCAA tourney. Those 273 had to have done it with their eyes closed.

Man Hacks the Entire Travel Industry – How in the world. Literally. Very interesting, crazy video on how he fly’s for free, gets his money back, and is a straight boss.


Best Time to Post a Photo on Instagram – Really great info on the perfect timing for optimal likes. The bottom chart lets you change stats by days of the week.

Spring Blogging Prompts – This will be really helpful for me as I’m still learning!!

A Few Tips to Stay Organized – Simple, to the point tips that will are really helpful to note. Hoping to get on a better blogging schedule this spring.

Now here are some sales I don’t think you can miss!

Kate Spade Saturday – 50% off EVERYTHING

H&M – 20% off purchase ONLINE

Lord & Taylor – 20% off reg & sale. & buy more save more (shoes & sportswear)

Victoria Secret – 7 for 27 pantieeeesss

Gap – sign up for emails get 35% off purchase

All About the Leather

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You wish that was the leather I was talking about.

I’m on the search for a new spring bag. I’ve done some searching but cannot decide what I want!!

Do I wanna go bright or neutral? Tote size or satchel? Do I splurge a little or save (that is the real question)?


Spring Bags 2015

top: GigiNewYork | Kate Spade | DailyLook

Middle : Kate Spade Saturday | Marc By Marc Jacobs | Kate Spade Saturday

Bottom: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Coach | J Crew

All of them are pretty perfect. Picking a new bag is like picking out a car… it takes time & if there is no sale, what is the rush? I have really been itching to add a Marc Jacobs to my closet but there is NEVER a sale so I have such a hard time swiping my life away. BUT, it’s tax season and depending on the results, I may deserve it :)

Kate Spade Saturday is STILL having a 40% off everything sale. So $105 ish seems worth it!!

I’m also waiting for the Lord & Taylor friends & family sale for a hopeful 25% off a few of the bags above.

Everything ranges from $50-$400 so check them out if you’re in the same I-need-a-new-bag-this-winter-has-sucked-bag situation!


Little help here. What one do I need?

DailyLook Elite Box Review

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Have you all heard of DailyLook? If you haven’t you should go check them out and sign up for the Elite box!

If you are like me and love shopping this may be a bad decision LOL. Just kidding. It is so freaking fun to get a GIANT box of clothes set to our house (every month) to try on. The first 3 months are FO FREE. Normally it costs $20 a month to be sent but they do a free 3 month trial. There is nothing to lose folks… expect for your money hehe.

I unfortunately didn’t document the first box because I tore the shit open like a 5 year old on Christmas. Second time around, I took my time and had to show off the amazing things the stylist sent moiiii.


DailyLook elite review


1. Zipper Detail Cigarette Pants $55 (almost sold out)

2. DailyLook Twisted High Low Skirt $25

3. J.O.A. Two Tone Chunky Sweater $70 (almost sold out)

4. DailyLook Sydney Shirt $50

5. J.O.A. Classic Plaid Collar Coat $140

6. DailyLook Dolman Sleeve Knit Top $27

7. Stash Away Skinny Jeans $60

8. (not pictured) DailyLook Single Bar Necklace $19 (sold out but can pre order)


This time around I kept 2 items (cause this chick isn’t made of money). I pretty much LOVED everything I was sent. I loved the cigarette pants but I couldn’t get them past my thighs… ouch. “My hips don’t lie”

The high low skirt was really cute & I tried to make it work on my body but it showed off the booty a bit too much (watch out Kim K) lol.

The chunky sweater was to die forrrrr. It was softer than a baby’s bottom. In reality, I probably should have splurged and got it.

The Sydney shirt is the perfect classic blouse. Again, I should have got this but I recently bought a similar shirt. There’s an 80% chance I’ll end up buying this in the spring, though.

This plaid coat was so cool. It was a killer mix of a classic cut blazer & menswear-ish.

The Dolan Sleeve top is what I kept! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m currently debating about getting one in every color…..

The skinny jeans fit amazing except for the 6 inches of extra material at the bottom lol. #ShortPeopleProblems!

I’m obsessed with this Bar necklace! As soon as I opened the box it was a done deal. I highly suggest getting on the pre-order list. It is going to be a staple in my spring/summer tank top wardrobe.

bar necklace DL


So, if I haven’t sold you on the idea yet, go check them out!! There is nothing better then rushing home from work to a plethora of brand new clothes waiting for you to try on. It could be better than coming home to a man (sometimes lol). You can suggest what you want to see in your boxes, too! Anything from dressesshirtsaccessories or skirts. Needless to say, I’m in love with it.

PS It is still bloody cold in the Cuse.