10 Reasons I Hate This Winter

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snow Dec 2

Greetings from the tundra.

It hasn’t been over 32 DEGREES ONCE THIS MONTH. Do you know what that is like? It’s like sitting in your freezer with a towel on for weeks on end. I used to never wear gloves because it wasn’t cool… my gloves are my freaking best friend currently. I left them at home one day and literally almost cried.

Living in Syracuse is tough. We get all 4 season. The Frozen-esk season, the flooding season, the “it’s hotter than a grass skirt in a forrest fire” season, and the too many leaves on the ground season. BUT it’s fun.

Well, this winter has been the one from HELL. I guess I can’t say the entire winter.. the last month really. Since that damn hedgehog/groundhog thing saw it’s shadow. Here are 10 SOLID reasons why this winter sucks

10. You want to put everything you own on at once

friends gifI debate doing this every single morning. That’s after the hard core debate if it will be jeans or leggings that day…

9. No snow days

I swear there needs to be snow days for corporate america. New York & Maryland & every other freaking city SHUTS DOWN when there is snow in the forecast. In Syracuse we drive to work in real scenes from The Day After Tomorrow.

8. The chances of getting killed by falling ice increases by 4000%

Ice is a dangerous thing. You should see the built up ice on the side of John’s house! It looks like a 6 foot ice sculpture people pay hundreds of dollars for. Beware of falling ice, I would really hate to go out that way.

7. You’re pale as F**K

tanning gifI’m telling you right now, part of my skin has not seen sun since probably October. My eyeballs have forgot what the sun actually looks like. Debating about doing some self tan but that requires work.

6. Your skin looks like a shedding snow globe

they-make-lotion-for-that gif

Lotion is your best friend. Your skin get so dry it’s unreal. Thankfully I’m not the one where my skin legit breaks and bleeds or the one who has insane dandruff. I feel for those people.

5. Your car permanently has snow stuck everywhere

snowbrush-o gif

You have no idea what it is like to have to brush off your car when you’re late for work. The amount of snow we have gotten recently turns this decent task into a freaking olympic timed event.

4. People forget how to drive and park


Okay it’s snowing, it’s safe to take your time BUT MOVE TO THE RIGHT LANE THAN. Don’t even get me started on parking lots. Are we really all that freaking stupid that we can’t park our cars without out pre-drawn lines?!?! People.

3. ZERO motivation to workout or eat healthy

runner falling gif

No one wants to be this chick. When it’s 18 degrees out and you haven’t seen grass in months the last thing you want to eat is fruit or a salad. You want a juicy, fatting, make me feel warm burger or the most expensive U pick 2 meal from Panera. And working out just seems like a lost cause.

2. The brown mushy stuff

brown snow meme

There are 3 things in life I hate. 1. Ketchup 2. Zits 3. BROWN MUSHY SNOW. You could be driving a hum-vee and you’ll still spin out. Try shoveling it? NOPE 80% chance you’ll pull a muscle in your back or tear your rotator cuff. DIE BROWN SNOW DIE!

1. Your expensive boots are RUINED

jon snow gif

Jon Snow says it all. There are no words for the disgusting abuse your shoes have gone through. Uggs? somewhat wet forever. Boots? salt stained forever. Actually snow boots? wet forever and smell like death forever. Don’t even dare to try and wear your cute booties because you will either fall to your death or water log them. Oh, and if you want to get legit snow boots be ready to cough up 300 doll hairs.


Well, I hope you can all agree to my 10 complaints. I am mostly upset about the abuse to my shoes because that results in actual money. Everything else just effects my feelings (that matters too). The current snow total for the Cuse is 98 inches. That is 8 feet. Practically twice my height.


Stay safe out there people. They say spring is on the horizon.

Motivational Monday

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motivation pin

Ah. Monday. Also the day off for President’s Day.

HOLLA. (Thank you President’s… even you Fitzgerald Grant :) :) )

I have been (trying) to do Kayla Itsines Workout guide for the past few weeks. It is NOT EASY lol. Can’t say I have done every one or did all of them all the way thru… but I’m stickin to it!

Just please let me look like her.

Kayla I 1Kayla I 2


When it’s -30 Degress out and looks like this out…

…there is ZERO motivation to workout or even LOOK at a gosh dang salad.

Well, here are some delicious looking recipes that will 1. keep you warm! and 2. give you the flavor without all the crap.

pinterest recipes

 1. Chicken Tortilla Soup via

2. Spinach, Tomato, Garlic & Toretilli Soup via

3. Rosemary, Garlic, Butter Steak via

4. Cheesy Spinach Muffins via



Stay warm & remember that any workout is better than nothing!!

The Grammys | Wardrobe Review

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The Grammys. Something I seriously thought had something to do with my Grandma when I was little. Well, last night was the night where all the musicians get together and sing and fake clap for the winner in their category.


I mean wouldn’t you be pissed?


I’m not hear to congratulate Sam Smith on 7 Grammys, I’m here to give you my opinion on the fashion.

Tay Swift

Grammy tswift


PER.FECT.ION. This gown is tailored (pun intended) perfectly to her. The length, the shoes, basic hair… killed it.


grammy bey

grammy bey 2

For starters she can do no wrong! Her first looks is brilliant. The deep V is always great when you have perky boobs. Her second look is just precious. Glitzy, glam, and short. And the shoes… be mine?


57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals


Again, the deep V. Beys boobs looked better. BUT Gaga looks normal and it’s wonderful!! Great look for her even though I’d bet 500 bucks she’s trying so hard to suck in in this pic.


Chrissy Teigen

She needs to be my friend. Dress looks great on her. LITTLE bit of under boob going on but hey could be a lot worse. Also obsessed with her hair – nothing crazy.


grammy gwen

I freaking love a jumpsuit. She is totally working it. Well done Gwen, but not 100% sure if thats a nude underlay orrrr how’s that work…


grammy kat graham

I don’t really know who you are but DAMN. I love love love this look!! I haven’t been a fan of the leotard dress thing ever since Kris Jenner tried it out butttt this looks freaking phenomenal on her. #girlcrush


grammy G 2

I’m not sure. Like I said, mama loves a jumpsuit but I’m not sold on this one yet. She does have the figure so why not show it off.


grammy sia

What in God’s name. Patches was thrilled when I told him someone replicated his look at the Grammys…

Katy Perry

grammy kt perry

She’s looking goooood! Not in love with the length because it’s given a Cankle look but no one is perfect.

Big Sean & Arianna

grammy arianna big seanHer dress was beautiful. Would love for her to give up the pony tail. It’s been like 4 years. He looks good. Can’t go wrong with the all black suit.

Charlie XCX

grammy charli xcx

THIS IS TERRIFYING. Like someone let the psycho out of the circus. I also think my moms prom dress was that same material.

Rita Ora

grammy rita ora

Don’t understand peoples obsession with her. Looks like Liza Minnelli meet Miley Cyrus 2013. Dress is eh.


grammy miley

Speaking of Miley. Look at this chick getting her shit together!! Not bad Miley, not bad!


grammy nicki


Well those are some fake ta-ta’s. I can’t stop staring. Dress looks pretty good on her but kinda looks like the left overs from Bey’s dress #2. lol. Her hair does look AMAZING.

Pharrell & Guest

grammy pharrell


CAMEL TOE. Who thought someone would actually wear their BF’s Adidas sweats out of the house in the shoes from last night. And, a shorts suit? I’m confused.


grammy madonna


I SERIOUSLY CAN’T. I know Deb is closing but I expected something a little fancier from Madonna. The DIY looking hat does just add that jazzy feel no one was looking for.


grammy iggy2 words – White Chicks.


grammy rhi 2The dress everyone is talking about. I love pink & I love poofy BUT this is just way way way way too much. The top looks way to small & her hair is missing a few cans of hair spray. If I was her I would have most definitely wore Uggs underneath that though.

The West’s

grammy kim kanyeOkay. The dress robe has grown on me. The only thing I think went wrong was those bedazzled front pockets. Ripe those off and I might have enjoyed it more. BTW I wanted to cut my hair like this SO when I do, just know I didn’t do it to copy her. She was copying me 😛


Overall, Tswift takes the cake for me. Then Kat Graham. Then Bey.

What did you all think of the Kanye, Sir Paul & Rihanna’s performance?

(I think it was amazing!)

What’s next? The Oscars? Bring it Leo :)


PS I’m about to start doing this every morning in the mirror. #FIERCE

giphy rihanna


 All pictures where taken from E Online, Daily News & US Magazine.

What to Get Him | Valentine’s Day

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firework 1

Ahhh. Valentine’s day. The most sketchy holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing the people I love a little more affection on that day but I (hope) I show enough affection to John everyday!!

Over the past few years, we have gotten each other some gifts, dinner dates, and chocolate goodies. If you can’t tell already, I love food. So anything that involves it, I’m 100% in. The only dilemma we have this year is that Valentine’s day lands on the SYRACUSE vs DUKE game. If you are not informed, this is A BIG TO DO. It will be the 2nd year the match up will happen. I will not go into details of last years game because I unfortunately remember very little of it…. #toomuchfireball but it’s a holiday in itself. I cannot wait!!


With all that being said I think Valentine’s day may have to fall on Feb. 13th this year. Well, I put together a fun gift guide that will help get the shopping done early, so you can focus on the big game!



Valentine's Day gift guide


+ Nike Roshe. I love these sneakers. They are sporty but can still be dressed up with the right outfit! John already has a pair of these (that I searched high and low for) and he looooves them.
+ Aldo Watch (similar style to one above). Aldo has some pretty decent accessories. I have their womens watch set with interchanging bands. freaking love it. Last winter I got a John a killer watch from there – 22 freaking dollars. It was a steal! Great gift that won’t break the bank.
+ Jack Daniels. Can’t go wrong here. No guy will turn down a bottle of alcohol. Spice up the gift with some fun shot glasses or a recipe!
+ Art of Shaving Carry On. This stuff is the real deal. If you are shopping for a cool guy that loves cool products, you have to check out Art of Shaving. And who doesn’t love that giant fluffy face brush :)
+ Truck Club Subscription. Okay this is seriously awesome. Didn’t know there were male clothing subscription services!! You do a style quiz and then they’ll send 10+ items picked out for your guy. Then your guy has 10 days to decide what they want and what they don’t! Super freaking cool. Might have to really look into this one 😉
+ Ray Ban Clubmaster’s. I am big believer in sunglasses as gifts. These have made a gift guide of mine before! Aviator’s for the ladies & Clubmaster’s for the men.
+ Laptop Bag (similar style). Have a business-y man to shop for? Try a super cool spring laptop bag. Men like accessories too ya know!


Woo! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I’ve gotta find some time to pick out a few goodies for John. We had a massive snow storm Sunday Night into Monday. And the temps this week are pretty much in the negatives! One thing that will make that feel better is… some shopping… heheh.
I think I’m going to try something new over the next few months when it comes to shopping. I’ll be updating!

Have a great Tuesday!

Last Minute Super Bowl Recipes

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The Super Bowl is hours away! Let’s be real – it’s all about the food. The chicken wing dip, the pizza, the greasy, fatty delicious foods I’ve been craving for weeks…

Chili dip 2

Here a few last minute, easy recipes to wow your guests

Chili Cheese dip:

1 can of pre-made chili (Hormel – I like the no beans kind)

1 8oz brick of cream cheese

1 can of medium salsa

2-3 cups of shredded cheese (cheddar or colby mix)


Spread softened cream cheese on bottom of a pie dish. Then layer on your fav kind of salsa. Add the canned chili on top of that. Finish off with as much cheese you like (I LOVE cheese).

Bake at 350 for 20-30 mins or until the cheese is bubbly and browning!


mini weenies

Pigs in a Blanket:

1 package of smoked little weenies

2 packages of crescent rolls

optional- small cube of cheese


Wash and pat dry the mini weenies. Unravel the package of crescent rolls. pinch together the pre-determined lines. When sheet of rolls is in a rectangle shape, take a knife and cut (width wise) strips about 2 finger lengths apart. One by one, wrap the mini weenies in the crescent rolls until it’s fully covered. Optional part – put a small cube of cheese between the weenie and the roll. Then put them on a baking sheet. Bake at the temp the crescent rolls packaging says.


Here are a few other recipes to check out!!

guac Pin

via The Girl Who Ate Everything


Via Yellow Bliss Road

Go Sports!! Enjoy the food  & the game :)

Other festive & delicious holidays I can’t wait for in the month of Feb… Valentine’s Day & Green Beer Sunday!