Splurge or Save?

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It is that time of year… the time to buy the most utterly cutest, just gotta have it, I will die without fall essentials.  For my ladies out their like me, you can’t always get what your little heart desires (maybe next year). So, this season I’m gonna cut costs where I can! Well, I’m going to try. Sometimes the diva in me just can’t have the knock off brand. Goldfish > Whales lol. This is the time of year I truly miss working at BCBG in L&T!! The extra 25% off discount doesn’t seem like much until you realize you just bought a $400 Michael Kors bag for 160 bucks. Yup, that happened & it was amazing.


Christmas is almost upon on us so keep in mind some splurge worth items might be worth noting to mom, dad, grandma, the boyfriend… :) This is the time of year for killer sales so keep checking your apps and your fav stores online! Here are a few of my favorite items I have my eye on right now –


Splurge or Save: Bags
Splurge or Save: Earrings
Splurge or Save: Fur Vest
Splurge or Save: Boots

Don’t forget Lord & Taylors F&F ends in 2 hours!

What are some items you have your eye on right now? 😉

Fall Sales This Weekend!

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L&T f&f

I went and did alittle shopping yesterday. Ended up at the mall for 3 hours, by myself, starving. I sometimes like to go shopping along and then sometimes don’t. Yesterday I couldn’t decide on anything for the life of me. I was sending people photos, asking my mom for comments, and talking the sales ladies ears off. (Side note – some of these new sales ladies are BITCHES. Like say hello and help me out. I worked retail my whole life and when someone was indecisive I wasn’t leaving their side. UGH!) Anyway, I got a few cute things on a great sale.

Lord & Taylors Friends & Family is going on from now until the 26th. MY FAV SALE. I coulda went to town and probably maxed out my card but I had to pump the breaks. Couldn’t find a bag I reallllly wanted. Couldn’t decide on boots. Couldn’t decide on a winter coat. Then found a SUPER cute pair of booties but was turned off because they had ZERO traction on the sole!! In a Syracuse winter you cannot be messing around with shoes with no traction. So then I ventured out into the mall. Dsw – nothing Saks off 5th – nothing Steve Madden outlet – EVERYTHING!

shopping ee card

I found sooo many awesome shoes/boots/flats there! The best part of the whole thing was my sales girl. I don’t think she said her name but she did tell me she loves potatoes. LOL I told her I was on the verge of becoming hangry and she said she was alright because she just had some potatoes she made with some seasoning. I wish someone was there to hear it because it was the funniest shit ever!!! She killed me, she was great though, and I will probably go back to her again. I ended up leaving with a pair of sale shoes I got for 30 BUCKS! STEAL! I do have my eye on these babies I will probably end up getting next weekend…

shoes (1)

shoes (2)

They are 100 bucks but hoping maybe next weekend they’ll have a sale…if not, they may be mine anyway :)

So, here are this weekend sales you cannot miss!!

+ Lord & Taylor Friends & Family – 25% off everything (Except Marc Jacobs and a few others)
+ Kate Spade Friends & Family – 30% off everything! (code – F14FFUS)
+ Victoria Secret – 20% off single item!
+ Loft – 40% of sweaters & tops
+ The Limited – 15% off Scandal collection (IN LOVE)


Enjoy and go get’em ladiessss!!

Homemade Mojitos

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Okay, I will say it, I HATE BEER! I do not like the taste or the smell, nothing! Yes I know they have lime flavored beer and pumpkin flavored beer blah blah blah but my heart is with the hard liquor. This past weekend John & I whipped up some homemade mojitos that totally hit the spot!

Mojito done edit

What you will need is :

+RUM! (white rum, we used Bacardi)
+Limes (or lime juice)
+Mint bushel
+Club Soda
+A Muddler
+Super cool glasses

mojito supplies

To start, cut up a lime into 4th’s and put in the bottom of a glass or bowl (Bowl may work better because there is more room). Then take about 7-10 mint leave and toss those in with the lime.

mojito limes

mojito mint

From here you will take your muddler and start smashing away at the lime and mint. I suggest getting as much lime juice as possible while trying to keep the mint leaves as whole as possible (ours became shredded – worked out okay tho).

mojito Collage

And this is what it’ll look like when your done muddling!

mojito muddled

Now, we added in the RUM! Add in anywhere from 1-2oz of your desired rum. Then throw in a few ice cubes! Now give your concoction a good stir. From here you will add in some sugaaa (1-2 spoonfuls depending on how you like it)! Side note: we decided on making a simple sugar for the next batch. That is just water and sugar mixed and then heated on the stove until it hits a syrup like state. Either way is totally fine.

mojito almost

SOO, you’re almost done. After you add in the sugar give it another good stir. From here you will finish off with some club soda. The amount all depends on how much ice you use. Finally, garnish with a fresh lime (lightly squeezed on the top of the liquid first), give it a good mixing and a take a nice swigggg!

mojito taste test

It was delicious!! Not too much alcohol, perfectly sweet, & easy to drink :) BTW, don’t mind the killer decor in Johns kitchen…

There are tons of recipes out there that allow you to be crazy and add in fruit and fun things. This time around we wanted the classic beverage. We will definitely be making this again this weekend:)

Derek Jeter.

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As many of you know, Derek Jeter is my idol, my future husband, my hero. My love for baseball came about when I was about 10. My dad & my aunts were big time Yankee fans so I obviously followed suit. I don’t think anyone in my family would have known how obsessed I  would become with it. By obsessed I mean like I could literally live with only ESPN, YES Network, and Disney Channel (at the time lol) not obsessed as in let me wait outside your house and peer into your windows… As soon as I hit middle school I wanted on the softball team. And I wanted to play shortstop. I wanted to be number 2 and I wanted it to be known I was just like Derek Jeter. Well, my skill set obviously didn’t lead me anywhere near DJ status but my passion for the sport and my passion for the way he played the game gave me the best childhood hero to idolize.


I watched every game I could. I got the newspaper everyday so I could look at the standings and last nights game stats. I would cut out news clipping if Derek Jeter was in them or if he had a killer game. I eventually started a scrapbook in a 3 in binder that held all news clipping, photos, interviews & memorabilia from the early 2000’s. Okay, I won’t lie here but this was during my serious obsession phase lol. I remember for my 12th birthday I think it was, that my friend Kelcey bought me  a life size poster of Derek Jeter and I criedddd. I was so freaking excited. Who wouldn’t be?!?! I’m pretty sure I still have it kicking around somewhere.


I have everything from Yankeeography’s to homemade art from the streets of NY. Anything dedicated to Derek Jeter I wanted it. In middle school I got the name Mrs. Jeter put on my sleeve instead of my name lol. Again – obsessed. I wanted to be just like him.


My family & my close friends can tell you I knew everything there was to know about Derek Jeter and the Yankees. I told them that the day Derek retires I will be there. I need to be there.


It’s funny because it doesn’t seem like its been 20 years since Derek’s first Yankee game. It doesn’t feel like 3,465 hits have gone by. It doesn’t seem like 5 World Series Championships have been won.


But they have.


My entire childhood came to an end this year. Not in a bad way. In the best way possible actually.


Derek Jeter announced via his foundations Facebook in February that the Derek Jeter era will be coming to a close. I was at work when I read/saw the news. My whole childhood flashed right in front of me. Alot of people said they saw this coming… I did not. I never thought the day would come. But I trusted him that it was time…


For me, Derek was the most inspirational person I have every looked up to. It may sound stupid to some people but look at what he was done for the past 20 years. He has become one of the most clutch athletes that has walked this planet. The only time he was in the media was when he had a clutch play or went 4 for 4 the night before. You never saw him in the news for beating some girl up or for getting too drunk at a club. He is the true face of what an athlete and celebrity should stand for.


He wanted one thing – to win. And he wanted to do it for the fans. He didn’t do it to surpass so-n-so on the top whatever list. He played the game for the love of the game. He makes me think I can do anything. He told his parents that he would play baseball and he would play for the New York Yankees. He made his dream come true. He wasn’t given a spot on the team, he worked his ass off get exactly what he wanted.


September 25, 2014 will be a day I will never forget. A day I made my dream come true. I saw Derek Jeter’s last game as the shortstop of the New York Yankees.

Yankee Stat 1


One of my dreams came true. I got to share this moment with my 2 aunts and my dad. The people who kickstarted this passion of mine.



Just standing outside Yankee Stadium was a blessing in itself. The fact that 1. I could afford the ticket and 2. I got to enjoy the game with 49,000 die hard fans was enough make a girl cry. There were no angry people, no one was pushing and shoving. Everyone was there for the same reason. Derek Jeter. Due to a storm that came up the east coast, there was no batting practice because of rain. And just like I predicted the skies cleared and there was blue skies and sun for first pitch… God knew :)


None of us in the stands or at home knew what was in store for us. We didn’t know if there would be some announcement before hand or if he would give a speech. We had no clue. Before player introductions, Derek gladly accepted a check to his Turn 2 Foundation with some of his Jeter’s Leaders. Then it was game time. No dilly dailing. There was a game to play.


One last national anthem and we were on our way. Derek took the field one last time from the left side of the dugout to be greeted by 49,000 cheering fans. I will tell you, that is a sound I will never forget. It literally brought tears to eyes. Imagine that many people chanting your name! The entire stadium was electric.


Number 2 batted in the No. 2 slot. And as soon as Bob Sheppard’s voice came over the sound system the place erupted.




Every chance we got the entire crowd was chanting DE-REK JE-TER!!! Never got old. Not once.


Many of you know the ending to this story but none of you could have ever thought something like this would actually happen. on his last game. ever. From the 2 hours before the game to the 2 hours after, every single baseball fan saw an era come to a storybook end.


It was kinda funny (but not really), I hadn’t realized that the bottom of the 7th might have been his last at bat. It wasn’t until the bottom of the 8th when I realized. Top of the 9th came along and we were up by 3. I turn to my dad and I was like Derek won’t get another at bat. And after a few seconds we laughed and were like well unless we blow this inning. Well, be careful what you say because it’ll happen. Looking back at it, I think we all were initially pissed but then started jumping for joy realizing Derek would have one more at bat.


You would have thought it was the bottom of the 9th, tie game, world series championship on the line.


Bottom of 9. Runner gets on base. Gardner lays the most perfect sac bunt ever. Runner is in scoring postion. Derek Jeter is up.


I wish I had a picture to put here but there was no way I was looking through my phone to watch this. I was ready to take a video of a just in case moment but then amazement happened. Derek Jeter sends the first pitch to right field. Holy crap my heart is literally racing as I type this. Runner scores and I completely lost it. Everything I have ever wished for in life just happened right in front of my own eyes. I cried my eyes out. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was literally so amazed, so happy, and so sad all at once. Derek freaking did it. He hit the game winning hit on his last game ever in Yankee Stadium. We were jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store. 49,000 people jumping, screaming, chanting, crying. Nothing compares. The team swarmed the field and hugged it out and then on the big screen they show the other 3/4th of the fab 4. At this point I was freaking bawling. It was INSANE! It couldn’t have been a more perfect 10 minutes.

Derek Jeter Game winner video – Watch!


Last hit crying

Derek took a solid lap around the bases waving to the fans thanking them for the 20 years of dedication. 20 years. 2 decades of fans.


He ended his lap at the place where that 20 years of baseball lived. Where the infield meets the grass – at shortstop.

at shortstop


Derek Jeter will go down as one of the most talented baseball players who ever lived. I am so blessed to have been apart of his legacy and have the memories of how truly amazing he was. I will remember September 25th 2014 for as long as I live. I will remember the breath taking silence before the game winning hit. I will remember Derek Jeter as my favorite Yankee player.


But most importantly, he will continue to be my hero.

me outside stat






Fall Wish List

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Okay, here we go. It’s officially fall here in the wonderful upstate NY. It should be snowing in about 13.9 days. Just kiddinggg. But, if it does snow in 13 days everyone who reads this owes me 20 bucks LOL :) I know I never got to doing a summer recap part 2… maybe I’ll through some stuff into a TBT post soon to showcase a few more fun things that had happened! Moving on into fall, I would like to showcase all the things that I want that I will probably will never have :( Very sad I KNOW.


Fall Wish List
+ Steve Madden Boots. typical white girl necessity but COMMON they are needed.
+ Cranberry. I am alllll about the cranberry color this fall. From nail color to lip color it’s a great shade that adds alittle pop to any outfit.
+Flannels. Does there really need to be a comment for this one? PS I will probably be getting mine at F21 this year as I am poor.
+MK Orange Hamilton. This puppy is on sale at Lord & Taylor and is calling my name… Allie… Allieee.. bring me homeeee… See you heard it too!! Great color and can definitely be transferred between seasons.
+BCBG Gold Bracelet. Not many of you may know this but I worked at BCBG MaxAzria for about a year and therefor fell in love with everything outside my price range. I loveee this bracelet though and may have to go ham on it when L&T has the Friends & Family soon. Gold & silver pleaseeee.
+ Oliva Pope Trench for The Limited. This needs to be mine. I have never wanted a coat more in my life. Olivia has such amazing style on the show and it totally transcended into every Limited piece. I’m also a big fan of the regular length jacket, too.
+Kate Spade Earrings. You all know Kate Spade is my bitch and I love everything Kate Spade has. I currently have a yellow pair of these classics but I think I need a regular diamond-esk pair just because.
+Killin It Tee. I came across a killin it tee on a blog I found a few weeks ago (One in photo found here). I just don’t know if it’s my ego talking but I would wear this everyday if I could. Check out the site because they have some other really cool stuff!


Cannot wait to magically win the lotto so all of this can be mineee! hahah. Just remember coupons are your friend & always look online at other department stores because you never know what sale they are running. A great app I have that my girl Jhana over at Mermaids & Bandana’s showed me was Shopular!! #deals #deals #deals


Happy fall everyone and look out for my much anticipated Derek Jeter tribute post. Coming this week…