Peace Out Summer Part 1

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As I type this, my phone is telling me its 55 degrees outside. 55 DEGREES. So in typical white-girl fashion I am in leggings and Uggs debating on spending a solid hundred bucks online on fall sweaters. Do I need them? ehhh, probably. Do I need them now? ehhh, probably not. Well maybe. Gotta account for shipping time lol.

Before I get into the joys and sorrows of winter, I need to reminisce on fun things that happened this summmmaaa (in Olaf voice)! I previous shared my amazing birthday gift to myself – BEYONCE CONCERT. But don’t worry, I’m sharing all my pics in this post 😉  The summer was filled with friends, new & old, and alot – I ALOT – of alcohol. That’s the definition of summer right??

With further ado – BEY (PS Pic overload coming your way)

We stayed with my friends Jen & Rachel in Hoboken for the day/night. Freaking love it there!!

rach & jen


nyc skyline


Bey 1

Bey 2

bey 4

bey 5

bey 6

bey 9

bey 10

bey group pic


She is AH MA ZINGGG! & Jay was crazy good live! Couldn’t believe it. All around it was so much effing fun. Next time she tours I promise you, I will not hold back and I WILL spend the 500 bucks on good seats lol.

That’s not the only thing I did all summer. So here are moments of the rest –

We went rope jumping.

Well I didn’t. I watched from the boat lol

john rope swing

rope swing 2

rope swing 3

rope swing 4

rope swing 5

funks camp


Then there was the GREAT NEW YORK STATE FAIR. Everything a fat person dreams about…

fair fried pickles

fair john onion

fair bloomin onion

fair milk

fair john rachel milk

fair me and rach

fair i got it

fair jason derulo


Then there is Ed the dog! We all literally call him “ed the dog”. Such a goofy dog with a hilarious personality!!

ed the dog 1

ed the dog 2

& a few drunken randoms…

me and john 2

me and steph 2


There will be more to come of what else happened this summer!

What was your fav moment? Are you ready to see summer go?


August Favorites!

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Cannot believe that August has come and gone! It’s crazy talk. Now it’s going to start snowing before you can even say I LOVE PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Because that’s what comes out every girls mouth from September 1st onward. Before we starting jumping the gun, lets reminisce on August.

August Favorites

+ Starbucks Teavana Shaken tea Blackberry Lemonade Mojito. This shit is the bomb diggity. Could drink it all day long. It was my go too all of August for treat receipt 😉 Super Duper Pooper refreshing.
+ Lady A. Okay, I was (graciously) given free tickets to their show and let me tell you it was one of the best moments of the summer for me! Pics will soon follow. If you get the chance – GO! They put on an amazing show. PS the place that held the concert had $10 bottles of wine… UM YES.
+Free people shorts – I LOVE free people short. I own 3 pairs and they rock! They are sort of a high rise but not too tight so you have tons of shirt options to go with them. I actually got these specific ones for $15.99 I SWEAR! Lord & Taylor had them on a crazy sale a few weeks back. #summerstaple + Yoga Mat. I recently started doing yoga with my girl Lindsay. Don’t get me wrong, it is relaxing but holy crap I felt like I was in a cross fit class! Planks after planks into downward dog then another plank. I was freaking dying. It is an awesome thing to take up so I highly suggest trying it. I’m suppose to be in class now but I had to get 2 cavities filled and my face was freaking numb till about 10 mins ago.
+ Sephora Liquid Eyeliner. This shit is the real deal. I will not buy any other eyeliner ever again. It is perfection. It was a bit hard to get my hand to not stab me in the eye but with time it got better… buy it!
+ Olay Moisturizer. This is not only my summer go-to but my daily go-to. I don’t believe in $30-$40 moisturizer! It is all the same to me. For now, I’ll stick to my 6 dolla no holla, walmart moisturizer and have skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.
+Express denim. I haven’t tried jeans on in Express in…hmm.. about 10 years! I swear 10 years lol. As many of you probably know, Express had all their jeans on sale for 40 bucks. Cool, sign me up. So I went in there thinking I wouldn’t find anything. I tried on like 8 pairs of jeans and loved almost all of them!!! These zipper hem, skinny jeans were the winners and I still haven’t taken them off.  

August was quite the month. My friend got engaged, I went to 3 concerts, I went cliff jumping, John quit his part time job so now I can bug him allll weekend longggg & I spent way to much money on the stupidest thing…per usual.

Was your August as quick and bad ass too? Fair hole in face