An Emmy’s Review

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Let’s be real… every award show is all about the dresses. Do you agree? If you don’t, GO HOME! Just kidding but for real the red carpet is much more entertaining then award show half the time… This years Emmy’s were great! Everyone got the memo and wore salmon!

Emmys red

For starters, Giuliana Rancic is my betch. She is flawless!!

I mean it.

Love her blonde (it’s grown on me). She has such a great personality & freaking amazing bod. We should be friends.


Then there is my MAIN BETCH –

Emmys Kalyee Cuaco

She is amazing!!! She literally can pull off anything. I love this look from head to toe. Super fun and flirty but still fitting and sexy up top. #girlcrush



Emmy Sarah HylandEmmys sarah hyland 2


The bun = perfect

makeup = neutral and flawless

top = perfect length

mid drift = PERFECT AMOUNT


I need this look. I need to wear this whole thing to the next event I go to that allows me to wear a dress. #girlcrush2


Hayden looked ah-maz-ing. Pregnant and all, she looked like a freaking babe. So glad she didn’t wear a sack like all the other prego celebrities.

Emmys hayden


Literally how in God’s name does Julia Roberts still look this bangin??!!

Emmys Julia RobertsLook at those leg!! GOD.

Her dress is absolutely perfect for her. I love the semi high neck with the plunging neck… classy yet sexy.


Kerry Washington. Oliva Pope.

Emmys Kerry WI will admit, I am a bit disappointed in this dress. I loveee the color and the silhouette but the high slit & bedazzled edges just doesn’t do it for me.

Her hair looks freaking hot tho.

I’ll give her a hall pass on this since she just had a baby.



First off, I wish I could bundle Zac Posen up and put him in my purse. Such a cutie!

EMMYS klum-posenThen there is Heidi.


Again, she got the salmon memo so they all kinda blend together in my little head.



Emmys sophia vNope.

Everything looks goddamn amazing on her!! This is perfect in all perspectives.

Go ask a dude & I bet he’ll agree…


Favorite best dressed couple. They look hot (especially you Matthew :) )




Now I will share the dresses that made me want to cry & scream for help

Emmys Big bangI love you (alot) but this is not the renaissance festival.

Emmys Ugly 1WHY?  Your hips have wings & your dress if the color of your skin.

Emmys Ugly 2Self acclamatory…

Emmys ugly 3 sarah s

This looks like a prom dress from Macy’s. & I think she was on some sorta drugs when she was interviewed after her win


I am super pumped my Jim Parson won but found it kinda lame Breaking Bad won everything. Didn’t that show end over a year ago?? Blah.

Let me know what one of your favorite looks was!! :)

All images are from USA Today.

Liebster Award!

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liebster-award-bold Woo!! I was nominated for a Liebster Award from Interblog!! Such a cool chick so go check her out! Thanks for the nomination, girl. Being a beginnger blogger, this is an awesome way to go check out what other bloggers are up too.

Here are zee rules-

1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for them.

2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.

3.Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.

4. Go back to their blogs and tell about the nomination.

5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.

Here are my questions & answer-
1. Favourite clothing item your own?

I am obsessed with my BCBG blazer. Could probably wear it everyday
2. What would you tell your teenage self?

I’d tell myself I should have just drank beer and sucked it up
3. Three adjectives to describe yourself?

Funny, sassy, genuine
4. Favourite song at the moment?

Obsessed with Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana, and Nicki!
5. Drugstore or high end?

9 times outta 10 highend but I do normally use drugstore makeup.
6. Where would you like to travel to?

I’d love to travel to Europe!
7. Last concert you’ve been to?

LOL I saw Jason Derulo on friday for FREE. It was a blast. Prior to that i saw Bey and Jay Z and it was LIFE CHANGING
8. Skincare or makeup?

Makeup – I do love my Olay moisturizer. Can’t go a day without it.
9. Favourite childhood memory?

Playing Barbies and American Girl dolls with my sister and Kelcey.
10. Makeup staple in your routine?

Sephora liquid eyeliner
11. Favourite part of blogging?

My favorite part has to be being able to say and talk about whatever the heck I want! I also really enjoying reading about other peoples lives and ‘meeting’ new people!!

11 facts about moi-
1. I have 2 middle names – Christine Valeria (like malaria but with a V)
2. I have never broken a bone or had stitches
3. Derek Jeter is my idol/future husband
4. I have a ketchup PHOBIA (it’s a real issue)
5. I have a shopping addiction
6. I have a long white hair that grows out of the bottom of my ear and it always grows back!
7. My dog is my bestest friend
8. I went to catholic school until 6th grade
9. I love Scandal – Kerry Washington is amazing
10. I live with parents
11. I’ve been dating my BF since high school :)

Zee nominee’s-
+ Mermaids and Bandanas
+ ShenannigAnn
+ Tu Nuevo Look
+ Life As You Live It
+ Sparkling in Seattle
+ Andi Manzano
+ A Dash of South
+ Ember Grey
+ Champagne & Suitcases
+ Curls & Champagne
+ Notes From the Messy Middle

My Questions-
1. Who is your favorite celebrity?
2. DD or Starbucks?
3. Your favorite movie of all time?
4. What is your worst nightmare?
5. Name brand or knock off?
6. One Tv show you wish you could bring back
7. 3 words your best friend would describe you as
8. Beer or Vodka?
9. What/where was your favorite vacation?
10. If you could duet with 1 singer, who would it be and what song?
11. What is 1 thing you CANNOT live without?

Alrightyyyy, GO! That was fun. Good luck everyone & don’t forget to pass it on!

Saturday Breakfast

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Yesterday, I woke up and had 1 thought – pancakes. Pancakes, bacon, juice… the whole nine yards. So, I took it upon myself and made these delectable M&M pancakes with bacon! John 100% cheered this idea on from the get-go. He had a bunch of work to do so I catered the breakfast to him : )

Breakfast 10 2

To make these, I bought M&M mini’s and regular pancake mix. Super easy but slightly better then regular chocolate chips. Nothing beats a super unhealthy breakfast on a rainy morning!

Breakfast 1

Breakfast 3 2

Breakfast 2

Breakfast 4

Breakfast 5 2

Breakfast 6 2

Breakfast 9 2

Breakfast 7 2

Breakfast 8 2

Breakfast 12

Amazing breakfast indeed! Might try some with fruit in them next. Strawberries and maybe a little whipped cream??

Sign me up!

Weekend Recap!

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I have not nearly spent as much time out in the sun this summer as I would like. AKA I’M PALE. I am not tan. My tan lines are sucky. I haven’t been to a beach. Now I’m sad.

This weekend was one to remember… or not remember if ya know what I mean (white girl wasted). Friends from work had a killer pool party. It was a perfeccccct day for pool party! Not only did they have a pool, they had an octagon shaped pool. HOW COOL. The day /night was filled with margaritas, friends, sparklers, and more margaritas. Needless to say I took advantage of my friend Natalie’s home made margarita goodness. Here are the awesome pics from the party –

friends 2
friends 1
Party pool
Party pool 2
party pool 3
party pool 4
Party sparkler
+my fav pic of the night!! ^^ Sheer excitement

What better way to follow up a drunken night? TGI Fridays for sunday dinner!!
PS. 10 dollar all you can eat appetizers… only applies to ONE appetizer. Talk about disappointment

Had such a fun weekend with friends and the BF! Here’s to a great week!

In The Navy

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I love to paint. Well, I love the idea of painting. This past weekend my lovely boyfriend moved into a new house and I got to help pick the color of his room!!! Guess what color I picked??  Navy! Navy walls, either it be every wall or an accent wall, I am totally loving on it right now. Thankfully, John trusts my interior skills so he pretty much let me pick the whole decor. We decided on 1 navy accent wall and 3 crisp, white side walls! Obviously I didn’t just pull this shit out of my butt, I searched all over Pinterest and other blogs for the right color. He/we have yet to pick out a new comforter and accent colors for the room but I am thinking a grey comforter that has a splash of orange and then find a white or navy throw for the bed. As for the carpet, I think a nice light tan, super shaggy rug would look great!! Cozy, yet still manly.

Here are some of my inspirations I found —

Navy room 1 Navy room 2 Navy room 3 Navy room 4 Navy room 5



I’m sorry, I really don’t remember where I found all these pictures!! I was in such a hurry to find good ones when I snap shotted some of these. Now here is the ideal room I’m going for…

In The Navy
I’ll be back to update ya on how it actually comes out!!
Happy hump dayyyyy!
ecard spiders

July Favorites!

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July Favorites @ PInts of Life dot Com

+ Free People Dress. Obsessed with this maxi! I found it on sale at Lord and Taylor for you wouldn’t believe… $23!! It was on sale and I had 2 coupons to use. The dress was originally $108. Talk about a great freaking deal!

+ Michael Kors Hamilton. I am normally not one for camo but sweet baby Jesus I love this bag! I have a woven camel colored Hamilton from 2 years ago that I am still in love with. It is such a classic bag that you can break out every season. But this camo is perfect for this fall. Goes with the deeper shades of the season but still gives an outfit a punch of style & pattern.

+MacBook Air. Well I finally gave in and bought myself a computer!! Second big girl purchase of the summer. Everyone always brags about the amazingness of MacBook’s and now I COMPLETELY understand why. In love…

+Victoria Secret Nail Polish. Who ever thought VS would have decent nail polish?!? Well, the nail polish I bought at the semi annual sale ROCKS! Obviously I got the hot pink that’s sparkled to the max. It dries so fast and doesn’t bubble or create imprints when you get into bed even though you painted your nails 5 hours ago…

+Staw-Ber-Ritas. I LOVE THESE! For 1, there are a ONE DOLL HAIR at Wegmans and Walmart. And 2, they are the perfect size to fit in you satchel and sneak into the bar… not like I have done it… okay I have… like 10 time! It hasn’t failed me yet!! They are the perfect poor girl, white girl wasted, delicious summer bev.

+BEY. My birthday was July 12th and I fucking spent it with BEYONCE & JAY Z!!! I saw them at Metlife in The Meadowlands and it reassured me that dreams really do come true!! Everyone knows she is Queen but until you actually see her in person (cough like a mile away) you will completely be in awe and want to become a lesbian for her. I swear.


July was a great month! It was filled with good finds and amazing memories! I turned the wonderful age of 23 and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 holds!

Beyonce online