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I’ve been a naughty blogger. I have an excuse tho! SNOW STORM. Nor’ Easter Damon? Not sure why they even name them lol. Every time I hear it on the news tho, I think of DamIEn…

ANYWAYS, I’m back and ready to tell you all my wish list!


Holiday Wish List
1. A VACATION! To somewhere were there are beaches and margaritas for days
2.Kate Spade Sparkle Watch because why the heck not
3. Nike Roshe’s for hitting up the gym in style
4. Tiffany’s ring that I will never get because it’s a whopping 1,500 bucks. Ouch.
5. North Face Snow Boots to take on the winter weather here in the ‘Cuse
6. Starbucks gift card to fund my food & drink obessesions
7. DSLR camera so my iPhone doesn’t have 1,400 pics on a daily basis…
If he doesn’t, it’s okay. I know my mom checks out my posts :) HI MOTHER!
Tomorrow I’ll be chatting about winter activities. (cough there will be snow cough and dogs cough)

Christmas Tree Reveal! | #blogmas14

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xmas tree 8.2

I won’t lie here. I still live at my parents. Living that life until I have enough big girl money to move out. Probably not for another year – don’t tell my dad – he keeps thinking he’s going to charge me rent. He’s obviously kidding but I’m not trying to overstay my welcome :)

SO, that means my mom pretty much decorated the tree I am about to reveal to you. Our Christmas has DRASTICALLY changed over the year. There are only like 2 baby picture ornaments and then the rest is like out of a pottery barn magazine. I remember the days when we actually put candy canes on the tree & me and my sister would fight over what flavor candy cane we would get.

Obv I would choose the fruity tutty ones with the multi color swirl. They da bombbb.

Without further ado the 2014 Christmas tree!

xmas tree 5

xmas tree 1

xmas tree 4

xmas tree 6

xmas tree 9

xmas tree 11

How does it look? Good job mom? I think so!

Tomorrow is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show so be ready to hate yourself (even though everyone is beautiful blah blah)



DIY Christmas Gift | #blogmas14

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I’m so bad. I fell off the face of the earth the end of the week with the Blogmas14 posts! EK! Well I’m back and ready to rumble.

However I am going to share a gift guide for men before I get into today’s prompt :)

Men. Hard to shop for. Hard to surprise. & Hard to know what they reallllly want. Nope I will not be making a naked calendar (at least this year lol). I’m not sending you on an elaborate vacay, as much as I’d love that #poorgirlprobs. So what is left?

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

1. Cole Haan LunarGrand Long Wingtip shoes – $268 – Um how freaking sweet are these bad boys? They come in a few other really cool colors. They are great for any guy who likes a sportier look but doesn’t want to wear sneakers.

2. Banana Republic Quilter Jacket – $240 (40% off NOW!) – I love the look of a quilted jacket on a guy. Over a nice sweater… meow. Great for the fall & spring & for out an about errands. Probs not durable for a Syracuse Winter tho…

3. LL Bean Slippers – $69 – LLBean has THE BEST SLIPPERS!! They have the best fur inside and the greatest bottoms so you can venture outside in them if need be. The best 70 bucks you’ll ever spend, I swear.
4. Chipotle – I don’t think my guy would be upset if he opened his stocking to a Chipotle gift card! Also a brilliant last minute gift if you throw a bottle of alcohol with it. Chipotle is my lyyyyyfe.
5. Arthur George Socks – $30 – I mean I’m obv a Kardashian fan so I gotta represent Rob. I will say his sock line is bad ass. Great gift for a suit wearer or a guy who knows how important the sock game is.
6. Ray Ban Club Masters – $ 150+ – These are a classic! They look really shnazzy on most guys. They come in a few different colors so it’ll fit your guys look. Also a fun pre-gift if you are gifting a vacay this year (hate you).
7. Panoramic Pic Pod Mount – $28 – How sick is this?! It’s like a tri pod for your phone camera! Perfect for a guy who loves to snap memories or a guy who loves photography on the go.


Yay! Go buy some gifts for your guyssss without any sweat :)
I cannot wait to give John his Christmas present this year!!!! He is going to love it! Will share pics later on.
Now onto todays prompt!
This Christmas I am allll about the DIY. I am not going to get into detail about them though because I want my gift receiver to still be surprised!!
I will say, my girlfriends will be getting some DIY & I know they are going to love them! Also, my family secret santa this year is going to get a fun DIY something too! :)
So, since I love being the best gift giver, I will have to show off those gifts after they receive them. I have done tonsss of Pinteresting recently so I will show some killer ideas if you are looking for one or two….


pinterest diy coasters


DIY Coasters!
These seem super fun and something you can really personalize! Again, I’m an alcohol… package with some Wine & BOOM!
Look here.
pinterst diy letter
DIY Sequent Letter!
Anything sparkle or sequence, sign me up!! Such a fun, quick project that you know will look great on your besties desk or dresser :)
Look here.
pinterst diy braclet
DIY Chevron Bracelet!
UM HOW CUTE IS THIS?? Brings you back to the boondoggle days. But this is way better!
Look here.
pinterst diy alcohol words
DIY Quote Art!
Okay, you can buy this off Etsy or you can make your own fun painted version! Use this as a template and get crafty :)
Look here.
pinterst DIY be yonce
DIY Beyonce Art
This list wouldn’t be complete without something Bey themed! Again, buy a canvas & get crafty ladies!!
Look here.


Phew that was a long post. That’s what I get for being a slacker and not doing anything this past weekend. I have about 3 gifts already done and taken care of so far. THAT IS A FIRST! Trying to strategically price out gifts this year instead of going buckwild at the mall all in one day.
Tomorrow is the reveal of the Christmas Tree!
At my apt in college – our christmas tree stayed up until March… until all the needles happened to fall off

Gift Guide: for her | #blogmas14

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Who is ready for Christmas?!?!

Ladies, it is so easy to gift us. I know I will 100% enjoy a gift card to one of my fav spots & be able to pick out exactly what I like. Some females make take offense to it but look, they want you to get what YOU want! If it is not a gift card, I love fun gifts that I will talk about for months to come. So, I put together a gift guide that I think is a safe bet to get any gal and will hopefully make you a fabulous gift giver. It can be great for your sister, your friend, your co – worker or even your momma.

Just remember ALWAYS get a gift receipt!!! It’s the polite thing to do & it helps out the cashier in the store if they do return it. 7 years of working retail talking here – GET A GIFT RECEIPT PLEASE.

Okay, start your shopping :)


Gift Guide For Her
NARS lip gloss set – $39 – everyone loves tinted lipgloss this year. Throw a bottle of vino with it & you have the best. gift. ever.
Kate Spade Sparkle Earrings – $38 – Okay, I gave in and bought the multi colored ones myself on Black Friday.
H&M Home Blanky – $80 – just look at it. Anyone would drool over being able to wrap themselves in that Sunday morning.
VS Jammie Set – current sale for $39 – I am all about the matching pj sets this year! Again, throw in some wine… winner.
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda – $34 – every girl is trying to get her life organized. Designer planner? why not!
Mackenzie-Childs Mug – $38 – I know I would love anything from there. That’s the stuff you hand down to your kids :)


As always, keep your eyes out for good sales! Weekends will normally be the time for extra % offs or free shipping!
Look out, tomorrow I will have a gift guide for guys!!
#blogmas14 with Ash & Tay

Favorite Fam Christmas Photo | #blogmas14

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It’s kinda funny. I went looking thru pictures for this post and found myself sitting there dying laughing look at tons of old photos!! It is so funny how 1. cameras have changed and 2. how good people look now adays in front of a camera. After about an hour of looking thru photos I realized our fam never did Christmas photos. I actually never sent out my thank you notes for my graduation party either. So don’t count on getting anything on time/ever from us lol.


I did however come across some stellar Christmas-esk pics that are perfect for this.

This one was the closet holiday photo I could find but… my dad isn’t in it lol. 20 bucks he took the pic


X mas - Mom & Us

And now I will embarrass myself and my sister pretty good…

xmas - me & steph

Remember how you’d always hang the Christmas cards and photos on the window cil or back of the door?!? Oh, and remember how tucking everything in was a thing… ouch.

xmas - sweater tree

possibly the MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO EVER. My gramma or my great aunt or someone sent us these lovely Chirstmas (fleece) sweaters. So we had to take some photos by my grammas fake tree and send them to someone. Great aunt I’m assuming? As you can tell, this was a fabulous tomboy phase I was going thru at the time. wind pants and all. Also, sorry steph. LOL.

xmas - panda

I reallllyyy loved that panda bear. They are my favorite animal. And those PJ, they were my fav PJ’s. Oh, notice on the right – I got mall madness that year!!! I am literally laughing at the fact we actually put candy canes on the tree too

xmas - roller coaster tycoon

THEN THIS HAPPENED!!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!! This is 100% sheer excitement captured in 1 photo. This was no act folks. I remember almost crying I was so happy 😀

xmas - snowman 2

My favorite part of this picture is that Steph & the snowman are wearing the same hat, different color!!! DYING! And it looks like our swing set had seen better days… woof.

xmas snowman 1

here is one more. Poor frosty – a head and then a large body. No 3 tired body parts this time.

xmas - santa 4

I will tell you, I was TERRIFIED of Santa. I loved the idea of him coming but when it came to him talking, looking or holding me, I practically peed my pants. My Power Ranger pillow was way more appealing at the time…

xmas - santa 3

Then it happened.

xmas - santa 5

I was terrified and not enthused. And Steph got caught in the act – NOSE PICKER

xmas - us  santa 1

Take 87 – a winner! Look at those smilesssss!

xmas - santa 2

Then there were the store Santa photos. KILLER wind suit mom & dad.

xmas - snata 2

Deer in headlights. Would have loved a 3-2-1 countdown

Now I will share with you my favorite Christmas photo. All late 90s kids will understand –

xmas - walkman

DAMN STRAIGHT! THAT IS A BRAND NEW WALKMAN!!!! I’m wearing my other favorite Barbie Pjs that obv look a tad small. ALSO notice I got Parent Trap on VHS TOO?! MOM & DAD WENT HAM THAT CHRISTMAS!


I apologize for not having a family holiday photo but I think I made up for it :)

I encourage everyone to go look thru old photos. It was a freaking riot!

I have a few gift guides coming to you tomorrow & Thursday. hollllaaa





Dear Santa | #Blogmas14

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This is my first time every taking part in a blog hop sort of thing! I am excited and ready to post everyday… hopefully lol. The 2 lovely ladies at The Grits Blog & Tay Meets World are putting this extravaganza on! We will see how it goes!


Day 1 – Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How old are you? Just kidding – it is so rude to ask someones age. Well, I would love to get your input on a very pressing subject that bothers me every year. What cookies do you ACTUALLY like?! Like there is no way you are eating gluten free, soy free, lactose free, dairy free, flavor free cookies because lets be real here, you are a hefty guy. I know you shouldn’t be picky when people give you stuff for free but if I had to eat that tasteless concoction I would 100% be dry heaving in peoples sinks.

It’s true! A cookie needs butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate, something unhealthy… I’m justing looking out for you! I know my favorite is a nice warm, melty chocolate chip cookie. CLASSIC. Now if I want to get crazy, I enjoy an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, a nice sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting, and any kind of Italian cookie really. I just thought I would let you know.

Now I have a slightly less pressing question – milk. I hope that people aren’t serving you Organic, almond, coconut, whatever milk. KEEP TO THE BASICS! A safe bet would be a 1% or a 2% right? Gah, sometimes your job seems so hard.

I hope you are still reading, if you’re not I completely get it. But I would like to ask ever so kindly for a few things this year. I know there is about a 90% chance I landed on the naughty list this year but hey it’s worth a shot –

+ matching flannel pajama sets

+ a new purse (kate spade, marc jacobs, louis vitton, chanel.. you know)

+ a DSLR camera set

+ a vacation (cough caribbean cough)

+ a delta sonic membership (if they have those)

+ a personal trainer & chef 

That is all I got! And if you have any hookups in the lottery circuit – hook a sister up. OH and if somehow all my student loans would disappear, that would make my life. I really should write to you more then once a year, to keep in touch and see how things up North are going. Give Mrs. Claus my best & tell the reindeer to be careful at my BF’s house this year. Ed the dog loves visitors so just make sure Rudolph and him can play for a few minutes (or Ed will be upset). Well, I look forward to your arrival! Fly safe Santa.






Breakfast Quesadilla

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I love food. I love to make food. I love to eat food. Alot.

It’s a problem! But hey, you only live once right? 😉

This past weekend I whipped up some pretty cool breakfast dilla’s for me and the bf. I originally got the idea off of Pinterest but tweaked it a tad to my likings. I hit the local Wegmans for a few ingredients and boom I was ready to scarf face.

John has an unexplainable love for bacon. Like it is pretty intense. So to get my dilla’s started, I cut up some bacon, thru it in a pan and yelled for John to come finish everything. JUST KIDDING. I wish that happened tho – so romantic.

Step 1- Bacon

Quesadilla 1

Step 2- get them scramble eggs going!

quesadilla 2

Step 3- After bacon is done, cook them eggs!

quesadilla 3

Step 4- if you know me even alittle bit, you know I love cheese. So, butter the skillet, grab your tortilla and then add CHEESE

quesadilla 4

Step 5- slap some eggs on top, then grab a handful of bacon

quesadilla 5

Step 6- Obviously add some more cheese for the top. Add a few scoops of salsa to the top (my fav part) then close the tortilla.

Step 7- very carefully watch and flip the dilla so it doesn’t burn. burnt dilla’s are the WORST (especially when they do it at Taco Bell. Pet peeve)

quesadilla 7

After a few flips & the tortilla is cooked to a brownish color, you can enjoy! Be sure to make sure the tortilla edges are a bit crunchy before taking off the skillet though.

And there you have it folks… Breakfast Dilla’s for all

quesadilla 8

YUMMMM! These were a hit. Serve them with a small dish of salsa on the side incase the indulger wants to dip.



PS black friday is right around the corner. Stop back for the list of sales for this spectacular weekend :)

October is Ova

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It’s November in Syracuse. Alls we people think about is when the f is the snow coming. We actually live in Game of Thrones. It’s filmed in my backyard. lol Just kidding. but if it was acceptable to wear what they wear in the Cuse I’d be more then okay with it.


Winter is coming and it’s not joke. Here is a Throw Back Sunday from last year I pulled out the archives

snow pic



























That is a comin folks.

Well back to the topic I wanted to blog about…

October! The month of:

1. finally getting to wear your boots

2. carrying around a starbucks cup is way way cooler

3. testing out my bad ass seat warmers in my new car

4. apples

5. pumpkins

6. doing 1 & 2 while doing 3 &4

7. breaking out the flannels

8. putting on my fleece sheets (high suggest those)


Obviously my iPhone didn’t sit the bench in all of Octobers festivities. Here is what my camera happened to catch-

October collage 1+ Went on a wine tour aka saw some chickens & drank some wine in a school bus…

+ Car ride with Ed the Dog to Franklin Square

john photo

+ Loveeee this picture I snapped for john working on a photo project!  :) (Ed for an attempted photobomb on the left)

October collage 2

+ Okay, no joke, you NEED to check out the Bacon Bandits. Its exactly what it looks like. Bacon Mac & Cheese. My middle name. Bacon everything

+ HOMEMADE breakfast at work by Muching Moose! (pumpkin scones, egg bakes, sausage in a blanket & apple french toast casserole)

+ Mia’s 47th birthday, that is literally what we put on the cake


October collage 3

+ Pumpkin picking & Corn Maze!! Check out what this places corn maze design was this year here


Halloween collage 1


+ Most of the clothes we got at out local Goodwill. Leggings & Leotard F21.

+ How freaking cool is my friend Lindsay’s make-up!!?

Halloween collage 2


+ Again, our local Goodwill freaking killed it

+ PS that is all Johns real hair. blow dried & straightened!!


Halloween collage 3+ My friend Rachel went as a Chola. Shit was the funniest thing everrrrrrrr! She completely nailed it. Tattoos, earrings, khaki’s

+ My sister went as Kelly from Saved By the Bell. Obv she got the boobs in the family.


I always get really into halloween. Gotta go big or go home. Can’t be predictable.

November is off to a dashing start.

Christmas is in 43 DAYS FOLKS

Nordstrom Sale Picks

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Howdy friends! Veterans Day sales are all over this weekend. I myself will most likely be wishing this weekend because I’m trying to hold off until Black Friday… (L&T got me for 2 shirts, only $33 total last night tho).  Nordstrom is having one of those killer sales on some pretty good stuff right now. Might be worth checking it out & getting some early Christmas shopping taken care of orrrrrrr hinting at family members to get ahead start on you :)


Nordstrom Sale Picks


I would love to add every single one of these to my closet tomorrow but ya knowww! Be sure to check out these sales too –
+ Gap F&F 40% off everything
+ BCBG MaxAzria F&F 25% off (Hellllooo)
+ Aldo 25% of sale handbags * acces.
+ Express up to 50% whole store ( & $25 off a &75 on top of it!)
+ Loft 50% off select style
+ Lord & Taylor extra 20% off with card (Plus special online deal!!!)


Happy Shopping & remember when in doubt – buy it

Splurge or Save?

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It is that time of year… the time to buy the most utterly cutest, just gotta have it, I will die without fall essentials.  For my ladies out their like me, you can’t always get what your little heart desires (maybe next year). So, this season I’m gonna cut costs where I can! Well, I’m going to try. Sometimes the diva in me just can’t have the knock off brand. Goldfish > Whales lol. This is the time of year I truly miss working at BCBG in L&T!! The extra 25% off discount doesn’t seem like much until you realize you just bought a $400 Michael Kors bag for 160 bucks. Yup, that happened & it was amazing.


Christmas is almost upon on us so keep in mind some splurge worth items might be worth noting to mom, dad, grandma, the boyfriend… :) This is the time of year for killer sales so keep checking your apps and your fav stores online! Here are a few of my favorite items I have my eye on right now –


Splurge or Save: Bags
Splurge or Save: Earrings
Splurge or Save: Fur Vest
Splurge or Save: Boots

Don’t forget Lord & Taylors F&F ends in 2 hours!

What are some items you have your eye on right now? 😉